Black is smitten with Swan and watches her while she sleeps, and meanwhile she has a bizarre dream about being a prisoner somewhere… in the French Revolution, maybe? I’ve read that it’s been receiving lots of love? Well, tbh I would be happier to see sad ending than this fairy-tales happy ending. Then the next week I saw episode 17 and was relieved once again that GMB would end. They talked about it! Actually I’m one of those viewers who are purely watching to see Ryu Sun Yeol end up with someone. Oh, GirlFriday – you made me chuckle all the way through your final comments!!!

It’s a pity that he got such bad dramas lately. Bersambung ke Sinopsis Nice Guy Episode 16 – 2. Seperti sebuah keajaiban, dan dengan banyak keberuntungan dia menerima jantung baru. He challenges her to prove that he killed anyone, declaring triumphantly that money will save him in the end. You wont be missed. Episodes by odilettante.

Then I realized, wait nope Ji-ryun opens it, and inside he finds a mircro-SD card. The lead actress always has the same acting. I watch them hoping that the characters will live and then being dissatisfied and annoyed when they illogically do, or getting angry and upset if they kill them off.

Hilariously, the thing that Sung-min is up in arms about is not getting the chance to explain all this to Black spisode he vanished.

Daydee May 20, at 9: So I came to read the recaps on the final episode to see how things ended up. Very picaresque, lots of good characters, and lots of Fateful Coincidences. Now, THAT’s a show worth epiode. The same script could feel like horror or comedy depending on how the director films it.


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I would be happier if he or she died. Episode 6 by Helcat. Bersambung ke Sinopsis Nice Guy Episode 16 – 2. I have watched some of his older dramas in the early years and I find him a decent actor with good looks.

kutudtama Another thing we can blame on the writer: Marriage Contact with a gem to watch, from start to finish. And then May runs up and says that Swan has disappeared, and the housekeeper thinks she ran off with Woo-jin.

You have to make them happen! But the writing was just as elementary, and took a classic Count of Monte Cristo revenge tale and found ways to strip it of tension and narrative surprise.

sinopsis nice guy episode 16-2

It’s hard for me to think of examples off hand, since no one wants to watch shows with poor directing! In the case of Goodbye Mr. When Walter gets into a fender bender, he goes to the hospital and meets a nice little girl named Olivia who is in need of a heart transplant. On the prison bus, Sun-jae notices Teacher Baek sneak something from another prisoner. But it surely was one major disappointment. The ring falls out of her hand and she sits there, stunned and in denial.


Black to die at the end, it will be very tragic, but surely will make this drama more loved and popular: Black’s sleeve were most of the times so random for someone who was supposed to have calculated everything carefully for such a long time Because the director has so much power, there’s a lot of overlap between poor writing and poor directing.

Sinopsis Nice Guy Episode 19 [Bagian 2]. Video and film is visual. It gives Black pause, though he points out that it was Teacher Baek who told him to kill the person who took his father. It wasn’t a drama I particularly looked forward to but I have been surprised in other dramas.

Oftentimes, I can’t tell which, since we’re not privy to the stuff that happens behind the scenes. Mssfra May 19, at I don’t know if the reader you are saying is me, since I gave up marriage contract.

Sinopsis Nice Guy Episode 15 Bagian 2. This is like a miracle.