Stars Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri. Like Samsooki pointed out, Heejin went begging to 3 persons and failed on all 3 accounts. Hee-jin had suddenly left Korea years ago, right after a car accident that had killed Jin-heon’s older brother, his sister-in-law and a motorcyclist, and left Jin-heon who was driving seriously injured. Thank you samsooki for recapping this awesome drama!! Sam Soon will understand. There are so many things to say. What a great, heart-felt recap of a great drama. Boy, that was great.

Hi Samsooki, Thank you so much for doing this entire run of recaps. Woman B suddenly does everything she can to destroy Woman A and get them to divorce. Also on her age Search for ” Nae ireumeun Kim Sam-soon ” on Amazon. All seems to be forgiven! Hee Jin notices that Sam Soon is encouraging Henry but not teaching him everything the analogy would be if Sam Soon were teaching poker hands to Henry but not telling him in advance which hand beats which hand.

What if her business fails? And, Jin Heon says, Hee Jin is and will always be etched into his heart. I want to poke it! Sam Soon chases Ki Bang around the restaurant and finally corners him in the bathroom, where Ki Bang had locked himself in.

Jin Heon has to come over and formally meet her mom. The recaps made me feel as if I watched it all over again –except with a friend. The Lonely and Great God Stranger Henry Kim in tow They are merely names.

Mostly because anorexia is poor appetiteand anorexia nervosa is a more serious long term illness.

Sam Soon shows her empty ring finger to Jin Heon but then shows the ring, explaining that she took it off because she had such anger toward him but still kept the ring since she still loved him. I used to lovelyy the name of the cake shop was Sam and euni since it was both Sam soon and yi young’s business. Spisode Binnie sure got a lot of abuse in this episode.


But I keep watching and hoping. I remember watching this for the first time and pretty much raging at the ending.

Some Korean names have no foreign root words at all. My2Girls September 23, at The voice-over ruined it for me though. I was so proud of her when she tore that paper and walked on the street. Particularly, sniopsis heroine’s chubby physical appearance and frank, flawed yet lovable personality broke long-held Korean drama stereotypesgreatly increasing its popularity due to its resonance with many Koreans.

SINOPSIS My Lovely Sam Soon Episode 1 – 16 Lengkap – SINOPSIS TAMURA

Great recaps–I learned so much from them. Hee Jin did everything that she thought she was the right thing to do. Jin Heon had taken a red-eye flight down to Jeju and then raced to beat Sam Soon up the mountain on a bad leg, so that he could be there when she arrived sinopsjs the top.

I have endured everything I can endure. Episodes by LollyPip. I feel the same way as you.

She goes from store to store, picking up sundries for her pastry shop and scouting the wares. Moving on for her will be difficult if she took all of it calmly and just faded away. Yessie September 22, at 6: I am still shaking my head in wonder that this happened. And aside from the piano playing, Sam Soon goes about her life and her living. Yi Young says no. Reading the recaps through your epiosde is an eyes opening. I thought it was a great ending right away – it actually spoiled me for epidode rest of k-dramas.

Jin-heon had spent the episofe months traveling and inspecting hotels all over America; in his desire to be a man worthy of Sam-soon, he is finally ready to take up the reins as his mother’s heir. Jin Heon gives her a long hug for a thank you, and Sam Soon hugs him back. Wamsoon Mrs Samsooki too for lending us your wonderful insightful funny husband! Thanks Samsooki, you surely have a knack for this recapping thing that you do so well.


My Lovely Sam-Soon

After a difficult break-up with Hee-jin, Loely proves to Sam-soon’s mother and sister that he’s serious about her and the couple begin dating happily. Aphrodite September 22, at 9: The fact that she is planning for tomorrow with LJW is the perfect ending.

But then I remembered that there’s a toddler in the samsooki household who may have had a hand in this: I think I have read Pride and Prejudice from a man’s point of view Take a selca with boyfriend, for her cell.

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You also need to llovely JavaScript enabled in your browser. Sam Soon is concentrating on keeping the maracas beat and Yi Young has the tambourine. Sam Soon heads outside and brings Jin Heon in.

Is that really necessary? In case 1, you put an “ah” at the end of Sam Soon. And what do you know, but Hee Jin is in the elevator too…. The name is spelled, “Sam Soo Ni” which is totally different.

Jin Heon immediately understands, but then Hee Jin asks him for a favor: