Rhumball March 14, at 8: Mo-yeon erases the text of her admission, not sending it after all. Thanks for the recap: Everyone tries to run to safer areas outside, as the earthquake just goes on and on. I am not saying that this drama is gosh darn perfect. He’s in my head all the time now.

There’s other reasons why she’s so opposed to dating SJ for one thing. GB Unni, after reading your comment, I too rewatched the end of ep. I know its not a popular opinion but the chemistry between the two male leads is more fun to watch than the main relationship. Made a lot of sense even before she had vocalised in in this ep. Chardonnay May 17, at 4: Adore Kang Mo Yoen. I am very curious about that. I love you already!

Hi Ivoire Still using the same name “growingbeautifully” They both take charge of the situation, are But I like that they could admit to themselves that suffering as they were, they could also be seen as fools. We have seen that SJ has a dad and lost his mom, I wonder if we will have the background story of MJ, regarding her family, for example. I really felt the keen reality of a doctor losing his very first patient, yet not having the luxury of time to really come to grips with what that means, and having to just get one with it.

The power duo of writer Choi Wan-kyu and PD Yoo Chul-yong are back with a third drama, and given the successes preceding them—’s mega-hit All In and ‘s Swallow I do think though as you mentioned earlier that he was just being a gentleman who respected her wishes. Everyone tries to run to safer areas outside, as the earthquake just goes on and on. Big Boss really knows how to make an entrance and exit doesn’t he??

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I meant to do that, but then after having taken some ibuprofen for my headache, I went to bed for a few mns, with the hope of getting back up 30mns later, and continuing to write. Thanks for the recap: Oh god, I agree exactly on your words! Peisode am soooo glad you saw my message, thank you so much for responding quickly. That short montage in response to Shi Jin’s question who should really be nicknamed Korean McDreamy at this point really highlighted the problems in their relationship, differences in their occupations and her hesitance.


Dae-young puts his newest crop of trainees through hell, where Shi-jin joins them by riding the zipline. They haven’t been even dating. They probably are his other family. Watching her character be honest with herself about SJ feelings, I mean the true extent of them, is nice.

Seoul Broadcasting System television dramas South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings Korean-language television programs South Korean action television series South Korean romance television series Television programs based on South Korean novels Screenplays by Choi Wan-kyu. I have to say that Moyeon character krea wonderful and incredibly rare in the k-dramaland.

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That means a thousand words for me. Notice they really treated nobody but some emergencies.

Chandler March 12, at Laraaaa March 11, at 8: There is a lot of danger and a lot of secrecy that come with you. Taking over the tying of the shoes I like that she was honest, because she admits she likes him, but she’s not gonna tell him to stop doing his job and she can’t tell him not to go. Ivoire March 11, at Ivoire March 14, at 4: I dgama that we missed the love triangle completely. Did anyone notice that SJ and DY held their breath while the soldiers were morea for them, and were really close to their positions?

I have not gone back to that yet. I can see why but he is very McDreamy to me with the charming things he says especially the “he’s suh dreamy but he is not the sun, you are” line that comes up to me every time he says something impressionable and charmingly sweet. There was no reason for him to stay longer there.


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It was the episods part of him that I liked. Ah yes agree with the replies here. And in my opinion i dra,a they already know how great their feelings for each other are, like they know it’s not something that will easily fade, so she’s already thinking how the relationship between them will be, ergo he will always abruptly leave for who knows how long, she will have to constantly worry about him,what if he dies etc.

I can’t say his decision is stupid either. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: A soldier through and through and he had decided that her father was right, it was better for her future if it wasn’t him, and the senior officer ought to be obeyed. And that level of gratitude sniopsis sort of embarrassing for him since he doesn’t know what to do with it.

Mo-yeon erases the text of her admission, not sending it after all. A meeting between the Special Forces and the Haesung bigwigs grows emotional, as they try to decide if sending the relief team would be a smart move. And I deplore the lack of right footwear in a ‘war zone’! Not sure why you would wear heels on a long-distance flight.

I take those moments to let me know where the characters are at emotionally, and what they are feeling at the time.