I almost gave up watching the drama after Episode 3 since I found the pacing too fast and left me bored at some point but due to good reviews of the next few episodes in the drama’s Soompi thread, I decided to jump back in and I’m currently at Episode 14, where Yongshik is starting to fall for Tae-hee. I’m waiting for subs for the last two episodes. Korean drama your lady , korean drama your lady eng sub ep 1, korean drama your lady , korean drama your lady eng sub ep More then the main romance, I practically almost watched it for the bromance. He has loads of charm and that is what made me like him in Princess Prosecuter, not much of his character I also know, having watched Reversals , that I much prefer the reversal to the straight story. Yupppp, Park Shi Ho is the bigger reason why I keep watching this

Queen of Reversals Hangul: And in turn the fear that she confesses to Yong-shik: I’m so happy you wrote about this drama! Please enter your username or email address. Drama korea terbaik, drama korea terbaik , drama korea terbaik , drama korea terbaik sepanjang masa, drama korea terbaik , drama Damn, PSH has skills! I love that Tae-hee actually ends up bonding with her rival Yeo-jin in their cautiously wary Cold War way.

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I loved this drama, and was so thrilled when PSH got the girl. So PSH gets the girl? I like the actors ,but still Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Such a long time for me seeing again “classical” kdrama that’s very close to reality. What I really liked about reverals series initially was how fo things moved. Goddess of Wardrama ratingsQueen of Reversals.


At first, he thought Tae-hee would make the perfect wife and their marriage would be great but five years into their marriage, he deeply regrets marrying her.

New photos are out featuring the two leads that would be Kim Nam-joo and Park Shi-hoo in full romance mode. I watched the first four episodes before i found it boring, where is the best place to pick it up from i.

Its a great drama! I loved this drama In QoR they gave you a little business but the heart of the piece is in all of the many relationships between the employees.

MiMi February 6, at MBC has finally come to qusen decision regarding the fate of Queen of Reversals: I hope I never see another ” total bitch monster from hell” K drama again I have had my fill. This isn’t a surprise, but more of a relief: I enjoyed it tremendously though I had picked it up as an easy watch after my meals in between my studying time.

I think this drama wins in the area that it has realistic life elements, but incorporated enough of things we might now see in real life to make it entertaining. More then the main romance, I practically almost watched it for the bromance. Thanks for the summary. Retrieved March 24, All in all, I’m glad the Park Shi Hoo effect led me to a great drama.

The only similarity between the 2 Queen dramas is that the heroine tried her best to help her husband become the best even if she needs to do something that might affect her life as well and aside from that factor the 2 dramas are really different story wise. Kim Nam-joo has pretty much always played leading ladies, but I sort of love that her character Hwang Tae-hee began this drama as a total bitch-monster from hell, who rules her team with an iron fist.


Thank einopsis again for your time, thoughts and excellent sense of humour. quesn

P I downloaded all the episode to look at the scenes with him on it. If the drama had ended earlier, then Tae-hee and her ex-husband would have probably gotten together again, but because the drama was extended, Tae-hee’s and Yong-shik’s relationship got to develop enough for them to be together at the end. His rwversals looks make him popular with the girls!

What we come to find is that theirs is a marriage wracked with problems, but it stems from this reversed-dynamic of beta male and alpha female. Sort of makes you want to know how QOH could have been if kirea did the same. Hello GF, I just have to say a big “thank you” for taking the time to write this.

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But thankfully, you did it!! Truthfully, I don’t think Yong-shik would have won the girl over if this drama was only 16 episodes long. I watched it straightly because of PSH but I found that overall the cast were great.

Rose T October 8, at oof He develops a renegade attitude and creates problems due to his rebellious behavior.