I also dropped this, but did read this recap. I just want to add, as a particular bit comes to mind from episode six, towards the end when she called Seungjo and she told him the first obstacle was love, looking back at Seungjo then, I felt her dilemma, and fear also that she knows what is about to do to Sec Kim that time Not to mention funny at times. It better make sense I’d get the hell out of there. Si Hoo should lead the kiss since MGY is inexperienced in kissing scenes although she can act so well

Han Se-kyung runs out, crying, and writes down what she must do in the future in order to marry a rich man. Insightful reading of the different characters, thanks. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee – are we having fun yet??? In fact, I’d say that dichotomy between “good girl” and “bad girl” per Cheongdam-dong standards falls within the lines of “rich girl” “poor girl”. Man is vulnerable to being hurt by other people, whether intentionally or not. They may not understand each other quite perfectly yet, but they are certainly willing to try. She probably misinterpreted the character, putting on a sour face the whole time.

It made him want to rely on her. He warns her not to say another word, as nothing has changed between them. She enlists Yoon-joo’s help and embarks on the project to become a “Cheongdam-dong daughter in-law,” a term referring to stylish young married women of the upper crust living in that wealthy neighborhood.

As he gets on line to go through the gate, Se-kyung and Tommy arrive looking for him. Dominique January 28, at Totally agree – this would have been a much stronger story if they had focused on SJ – a much more interesting character, and acted with much more of a dynamic range. Cha Seung-jo sees Han Se-kyung leaving unhappily when he is about to go home.


Thank you for the recep. Like everyone diligently using hands-free methods to talk on their cell-phones. He goes through her phone and finds out that she okrea somewhat using Cha Seung-jo. That Tommy guy is especially slimy in this. Thanks very much for the recaps, Kaedejun! And his natural instinct is to run away from reality. If she stands there and defends her ‘ugly love’ and SJ thinks back over the sincere care she has shown him So how does American tv get around ij

Kim – lacked any spark of passion whatsoever. Now he has changed cyeongdamdong as it were, and his still strong but perhaps shaky ground it showing through.

Forget the table, we’ll need to rent a whole room!

So we get a happy ending. I do not know why, but the ending, instead of leaving me with a sense of doom, it left me with a sense of hope. That inconsistency of character is a real flaw in the writing.

That the world doesn’t end when someone makes a mistake. But then again, fear also makes people irrational and they often lash out at whoever comes to mind. VS January 21, at 8: Right off the bat, her interviewers give her a B for her fashion choices and appearance.

I can hardly find better words A,ice turmoil was internal, and for me at least, was palpable. But I meant dra,a social commentary I should have used that word to begin with — didn’t think of it yesterday where the production actively tackles a social issue or problem and builds their story around it.

If he sticks to Dallas, he might meet Larry Hagman. However if there is character I can’t fathom, it is Min hyuk.

I honestly believe in her character. Despite everything she’s done so far to part of this world of the rich people, I’m sure she would be by his side ’cause she doesn’t see him as a pile of money.


Thank you for your recap and your thoughts. But Yoon-joo has no doubt that Se-kyung did the wrong thing in challenging her sister-in-law. Sonopsis only hope her husband decides to become a White Knight or would it be White King? Thank you for the recaps! epiwode

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Her happy and relieved attitude in the last episode was so delightful to see. Finally, for past two weeks I’ve been wandering how sincere Se kyung was.

I loved reading your recaps though! Shin tells his deama to shut up — yay!

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It was difficult for her too. I’ve enjoyed your weekly recaps of this drama. Tha problem IS the rom-com label and that terrible terrible promo stuff. You’re that person to me. To him, he feels like his morea against his father failed because he wanted to do everything on his own. Se-kyung delivers a box to the sniopsis messenger man at the lobby, and finds Seung-jo standing there. And if anything goods comes out of this twisted love, then it’s the fixing of the father-son-relationship.

On the good side at least. As for YJ’s situation, I must admit I have epsiode through the episode to see what will happen to her and then watched the episode completely. I understood heroine’s struggles and she became way more agreeable to watch.

To an outsider, he is a man of poise, of confidence, of success.

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