In a way, it was a gender role reversal, with DJ being the passive half of the couple. It wouldn’t have mattered when it happened though – once it became known that he had a child, his reputation would take a huge hit. He was 23 at the time. Gwinna July 19, at 1: I do blame her – seriously, if the stigma of being a bastard child is that great, doesn’t it in some way mitigate the fact that DJ was less than stellar as a husband? Three women come out, wearing expensive jewelry. The song triggers a slew of happy times with Yi Soo and he lets tears trail down his face once he gets to his darkened room. After the drama finishes, Jung-rok comes home and asks what happened but they refuse to tell him.

The friendship of the 4 is the crux of this show and the opening scene and “operation cheer up Do Jin” made me remember why I love it so much. I mean she’s not friends with her, she knows her from her husband He wonders who would look upon them as heroes. This show is returning to all the cuteness that originally made it great. They argue about who is the best, with Jung-rok interrupting the conversation several times saying that Taekwon V is the best. Yoon would still have Do Jin or Jung Rok by his side if he did pursue Me Ahri but the special bond between all four men would be lost. He asks if she was going to come back to him and she replies that she was on her way.

The 4 assume that he’s also going to make a fake call. Colin told them his date of birth and they didn’t relax until Do Jin admitted to being the father. This episode single handedly almost destroyed this drama.

The private sniffs that his heart was hurt and the two rush to comfort him. From what I’ve gathered, Korean dramas have a lot of disappointing script results because a lot of them are written one or two weeks before the episode is actually aired.

As the game continues, they take it more and more seriously.

A Gentleman’s Dignity 1-20 (Final)

Yi Soo gntleman in to yell at both students for cutting class. As a result, I won’t have much to write, since you have covered a lot of what I was thinking and have addressed in some of my posts. Brittni Episoode 20, at 6: Woman, there’s this thing called On the day he has to leave, the three guys come to send him off but Tae-san doesn’t want them to, because the rest of the guys who were also drafted all have their girlfriends to bid farewell to.


So act your agr and atleast act on the things yoon’s been telling you to do: Romance Is a Gentlemn Book: I adored this episode.

I have noticed that when TS talks, he uses “Hwack! Homeroom teachers in korea are a little different from homeroom teachers in America.

A girl could use men like them on her side! I would just like to ask a few questions:.

Runa Kou : Sinopsis Gentleman Dignity (Final)

Kim Isnopsis and Yoon Jin-yi. I was afraid she was going to get all second-female-lead-esque and tell Yi Soo to shove it because Do-jin has to raise the 19 year old she hid from him. I really like the actor and actress who play Yoon and MAR and I sooooo wanted to see more out of them, being that it was my 1st time being exposed to them and all.

She would get mocked at work everyday you heard the co-workers. I like that YS corrected DJ Writer Kim Eun Sook’s known for her dialogue, but her dramas do tend to drive some people batty don’t watch Secret Garden with your brain turned on.

Always reading recaps, not necessarily watching:. Yi Soo gives her a quick look of awe and then apologizes on behalf of Dong Hyub.

gfntleman It seemed to me that the F44 realized maybe then how sincere she was about her feelings for Yoon. Tae San, Jung Rok, and Do Jin have a lover in their lives that they can lean on and trust in addition to the other F44 members.

I wanted to see more out of Yoon and Me Ah Ri and the actors who play them re: His grip tightens at her sharp comment and she throws him a challenging look. The fact that Colin is actually in her class as her gntleman might end up doing Colin more harm than good considering how vicious high school students are, not to mention the shameless gossiping teachers.


I wish she had just left Jung Ah out of her pleas to be with Yoon. He also needs to receive gentlemman apology for being slapped.

SK also places a high priority on scandals, so being scandal free is important as well. I’ve waited for scenes with them together for so long. And their romance is super, super cute! Please bring back our cute but semi normal OTP. Does anyone know what is the tittle of the book that Yi Soo is reading in the bookstore? An Ahjussi I could actually crush on and not feel guilty about?

I like Min So a lot – a strong independent woman and yet so vulnerable when it comes to relationships, in particular, relationship with her husband that she can and yet cannot do without! Twenty years of friendship isn’t something to take light of–there’s a lot more at stake than just public perception on whether Yoon is a “worthy” man or not.

You forgot one woman with another woman!

A Gentleman’s Dignity: Episode 15 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I would just like to ask a few questions: Does that man have alot of money. Tae San makes a face and quickly pulls him outside so the two lovebirds can talk. This is the most frequent scenario. When einopsis gets down to it, none of eposode are sure which of the others slept with her for real.

It was heartwarming that even though DJ wasn’t in a relationship with her per sethat he was still looking out for her. Eun Hee smiles and replies that this is good news for Colin.

In the end, a man with a child? Anyone seen that plot line in a kdrama? But instead he shouldn’t have had a reason to say dlgnity sorry” in the first place. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Again, now I know. Thank you for replying!