Good luck to you. The Simpsons S7E24 – Homerpalooza. Lisa and the 8th Commandment. Homer becomes an instant celebrity when he bowls a perfect game. I came with my film music class to a scoring session for a Simpsons episode last year and fell in love with what you do. Homer expects a generous gift in return when he donates Bart’s blood to an ailing Mr.

Lisa seeks to end a local holiday in which snakes are chased into town and beaten with sticks. Bart is believed to be a genius after he switches I. Lisa’s popularity soars after her family buys a swimming pool during a heat wave. Season 7 25 Episodes This season is available in 4: Season 9 25 Episodes This season is available in 4: Lisa fears she is genetically predisposed to lose her intelligence. Hi, Chris, what was the name of the music played during the end credits of Bart of Darkness?

Thanks for your help and time.

The Spy Who Learned Me

Do you happen to know offhand? Krabappel, has placed a “personals” ad in the local newspaper, he decides to create fake correspondence. Edna Krabappel voice Chris Edgerly The Simpsons S18E5 – G.

Bart fears the worst when Subtiles Bob wins release from prison by claiming he is a reformed man and is hired by his brother to work on a construction project. After being expelled from an investment club, Marge starts her own pretzel franchise.

Moe undergoes plastic surgery and becomes a hot new soap opera star. Bart attempts to upstage Lisa when the pair co-host a children’s news program. Homer creates his own religion as a s223e20 of escaping church services on Sundays.


I remember s23ee20 the theme in chapter 13, season All the cues for the quick trip around the radio dial are named the same as the radio stations. Burns chooses Bart as the heir to his vast fortune. Bart tires of Homer’s lack of interest in him and chooses another father from the Bigger Brother program.

Yes No Report this. Marge renews her interest in becoming an artist after Homer finds an old painting of Ringo Starr in the attic. I love to have found this page, thank you so much!

Bart ingests a piece of jagged metal while eating Krusty-O cereal. The Simpsons S6E10 – Grampa vs. Season 9 25 Episodes This season is available in 4: The Simpsons S22E21 smipsons Keys. A carnival worker and his son move in with the Simpsons after Homer costs them their jobs.

Share this Rating Title: Bart purchases a worthless Itchy and Scratchy animation cell. Lisa’s popularity soars after her family buys a swimming pool during a heat wave. Good luck to you.

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Its played at about Apu faces deportation when suubtitles referendum on illegal immigrants is placed on the Springfield ballot. Alf arranged and recorded the version heard in the episode in the style of the Herb Alpert arrangement. I need more detail about the scene or how many minutes into the episode is this cue. Lisa becomes jealous when she meets a new student who is even more intelligent than herself.


Bart believes he witnessed Ned Flanders murder his wife. Start your free trial. The Simpsons S6E17 – Homer vs. Marge Simpson subtitless Nancy Cartwright The Simpsons S15E8 – Marge vs. Season 23 Episode When Homer positively simpskns Krusty the Clown as an armed robber, Bart attempts to clear his idol’s name.

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I appreciate the question! It was a pleasure for me. The Simpsons S29E8 – Mr. Bart adheres novelties to his face only to discover they cannot be removed. I would love to know the name of a certain piano theme that plays in various episodes. Homer’s life changes dramatically when he purchases a miracle hair growth formula.

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Fired from his job at the Nuclear Power Plant, Homer decides to embark on a campaign to make simpzons of Springfield safer. The Simpsons S7E24 – Homerpalooza. Notify me of new comments via email. Bart fraternizes with a gang of mobsters and becomes the prime suspect when Principal Skinner mysteriously disappears.

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