Just saw a McDonald’s commercial that reminded me of the st episode. When Bart gets home, Marge wonders where the vicious dog is because she made it a biscuit. When she leaves the room, Homer examines the typwriting ribbon, he feels jealous. When some men take photos of Rainier Wolfcastle and Greta, he tells them off. Back in the present, the family is touched. They stumble upon a news story starring… Artie Ziff! Meanwhile, Snake ties up Homer and Gloria to chairs. Marge admits they already solved it.

They try again, and examine it the next morning. One of the robbers tries to shoot the lasso, but it goes through the loop. One of the finest, bravest men ever to grace Sector 7G. The family then arrives at the quarry. Moe wishes the professor was still around to see what a mess Moe made, and Huntington says he is… Wait! At that time, The Simpsons are about to trick-or-treat at the house when they see Smithers die. He asks her out on a date, and guess what? Marge says it was amazing.

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Burns wants to do lovemaking, so he shoots an aphrodisiac up his arm, and runs into his room. My first prank call! Can you guess who it is? Luckily for Marge, the factory is just across the street. Unfortunately, the leprechaun just makes things worse.

Smithers, who was that corpse? Homer then falls into the hole.

Burns hires Homer to be a male chaperone of sorts, and Homer agrees. The next day, she reads the pamphlet. When the day is near over, Burns sees a meter maid writing a ticket. Homer is pissed off at them, and the couple are embarrassed.


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Speaking of which, this episode has to do with sugar… Couch Gag: While shopping at the Kwik-E-Mart, Marge sees that nothing is without a source of sugar. First up is Frink, who says the sugar is super addictive.

See this in the app Show more. While on the outing, Ziff finally gets down to business. Gil then prosecutes Count Fudgula, a parody of Count Chocula. The idea for “Mother Simpson” was pitched by Richard Appelwho decided to do something about Homer’s mother, who previously had only been mentioned once.

Without a driver, Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse have to pilot the car! Suddenly, who should come to the rescue, but…. Well what’d you expect?! Meanwhile, Homer and Lenny finish getting pumping oil for the day. Speaking of which, this episode has to do with sugar….

The 7pm episode Bart getting his freedom was great. Ask if anyone knows Ollie Epsode. Homer then goes to talk to Moe, but… That night, Homer and Bart set up a leprechaun trap by digging episodf hole and filling it with Lucky Charms. Burns and Gloria then continue to go on dates. It came with the burial plot, but that’s not important. Milhouse reminds Bart about his promise to Greta.


Homer then puts his own two cents in and says it was partially his fault. It was either that or tell him his mother was a wanted criminal! He shoots it, and Lisa tells him he shot Moe!


Burns tries at a high class hangout, but Rich Uncle Pennybags sweeps her simpwons her feet.

He leaves Smithers Jr with Burns. How could she dump an evil man like him for Snake?

134 – Mother Simpson

When he sees Mona, the latter says Abe aged eposode badly. Share This Page Tweet. What do i do? Homer then writes a counter offer on the same paper. The first rocket is a dud; it explodes after Homer presses the button. Homer tries to hit her with a cinderblock, but he misses and… Harm: Bart ends the episode with being chased by the vicious dog from earlier. Actually, as it turns out… Homer pulled the hoax just to get out of work like that.

He then goes to find some chamagne. Lenny says that Jesus is five times better, but much rarer; the leprechaun is more doable.

Fuck it, he uses his wand to stab Montymort in the shin. Homer and Mona then go down to the post office, and Mona was right. The camera then rotates degrees a la The Matrix, the family unfreezes, and episoe back down as normal.

When Lisa is up, the audience focuses on her. One of the robbers tries to shoot the lasso, but it goes through the loop.