Simply enter your name and email address into the box below and be sure to click on the links in the confirmation emails that will arrive in your e-mail shortly after to complete the registration. Its also modular as well. Do note that there’s a graphics card width restriction. We have to admit to being a bit concerned as to how well the GPU mounting bracket approach would work, being more than a little concerned with regards to its robustness as it required the PCI connection on the bottom of your GPU to first be attached to the extender before being engaged with the PCI socket on the motherboard. On top of the power supply bay is a single 3. Regarding cooler compatibility, the chassis only allows coolers 83mm in height which is pretty much just low-profile SFX coolers. It lays flat and is very sturdy, certainly up to par with the premium case inside it. There’s an included rubber matting that will hold the graphics card firmly and avoid the sagging.

Started by Icaraeus May 23, Replies: We always come away from these small form factor reviews wishing many things were different, but not this time. Newbie To Be Used For: I won’t be using multiple displays and I will be sticking with p for the foreseeable future. But for the most part as long as airflow is setup correctly that should be a moot point. Move on to the next page for the graphics card installation.

Removing them from the metal chassis is a bit of a challenge too. The RVZ01 comes in a colored box. At the rear, you can secure the power supply with four screws.

I have always been a notebook user but I can no longer justify the price premium for having a portable powerhouse. It was long enough to hide it along the edge of the silveestone. There are ventilation holes all over the panel cut in a very artistic design which goes well with the other RAVEN cases.

Silverstone Raven Z RVZ01 Mini-ITX Case Review

It would be hard to route cables around the hard drive unless you don’t have one installed. Final Built and Installation Look Interior Here’s the overview of the interiors with all the hardware installed. The Corsair H60 perhaps? Opening and dismantling the parts of the Silverstone RVZ01 is far from a typical computer chassis. Now let’s wrap up this review on the next page.


Silverstone Raven RVZ01 Review

I won’t be using multiple displays and I will be sticking with p for the foreseeable future. Review Categories Computer Case Reviews. To answer your questions: The overall structure of the RVZ01 is very sturdy thanks to the excellent layout and structuring combined with high-quality materials.

On the left-face of the chassis, there are 2 x mm fans near the top. Originally Posted by barnsley.

Sadly I don’t have one for this purpose so let’s just stick with the stock cooler. Even the stylish mesh on the ventilation holes, which tends to be the weakest structure in the chassis and is likely flimsy, is very sturdy. There’s not a lot of variance in factory overclocks from one GPU to the next, for the most part it’s all about the same, the only real differences lie in the coolers being used.

This is the reason why you need to have the motherboard installed first and the other removable parts out of the chassis first. But glad to hear it s a moot point silverstome will not become an issue.

RAVEN by SilverStone – RVZE

See the installation page on how these are installed. Near the top portion of the front panel is the RAVEN logo design which comes in horizontal and vertical positions. So let us start first with silverstonr motherboard installation. I have no interest in the as an overclocked provides almost the same performance but for much cheaper.

New posts Trending Search forums. I think Silverstone overkilled the length of these cables. On the upper-right portion is the motherboard tray area, lower-right is the power supply bay area. Milk crate PC case. This might be true but i want to get some life out of my purchase and not be back here in a yr looking to upgrade. Behind the fans is the slot for the graphics card.

Originally Posted by barnsley I’ve got a build log of one of these to do. Here’s the overview of the interiors with all the hardware installed. Motherboard Installation Motherboard installation is very straightforward.


Move on to the next page for the power supply installation. I really like the orientation options of the RVZ01 and the long graphics card support.

RAVEN by SilverStone – RVZ02

Log in to post comments. Already have an account? The RVZ01 is indeed a very unique case sjlverstone the layout explains that a lot. Apparently, only Silverstone’s slim optical drives can fit this slot or other slim internal optical drives that is.

You will not be able to access it when you place it back. Later we will show you some size comparison images. Notice that the card it sagging on the left.

Is SilverStone psu good enough raveb my power? The build quality of the chassis is superb! Add your ravsn to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Applying the same style and elegance into something smaller and thinner, the RVZ01 was born. The following is the hardware I have selected for my first build: Moving on to building a system with RVZ01, I can’t deny building with this chassis is a bit harder than rqven.

Confusing design but the manual helps. Adding the magnetic fan filters would be a little visible where you can see the slightly brownish color of the fan filter’s edges. Overall, I would give the build quality and appeal of the RVZ01 a perfect score of 10 in my opinion.

On the front of the graphics card bay module are two slots for a 2. Final Thoughts Silverstone’s Raven lineup has always impressed and while the RVZ01 takes the series in a different direction it maintains the essence of serids a Raven case is all about to us: We always come away from these small form factor reviews wishing many things were different, but not this time.