Powered by WordPress Back to Top. About US Submit a review. Contact us about this article. PakTV is another good site.. Finally he stood up and took the matter in his own hands but then its Natahsa on the other hand. Zaib looked so fragile in that bathroom scene-her pain was palpable. Danyal Raheel and Adeel Hussain had me in tears. I think with Silvatein each and every member of the cast has given a fabulous performance.

My apologies again for a short and perhaps random non review but I hope to make up for it next week. Silvatein By Ary Digital Episode 23 — 11 july Notify me of new comments via email. Eagerly waiting for next episode. Aamina was fab today, breakdown was superb! Maybe I am sentimental but I cannot imagine anyone telling me I cannot visit my dying mother.

Dtama hope this time Bilaly pays no heed and goes to Pakistan to visit his ailing mother. Now if only Bilal too could take a leaf out of your playbook and stand up to his wife, tau bas phir tau Zindagi gulzar hi gulzar hai. Sadaf View all posts by Sadaf Sadaf is an obsessive drama fan and loves reading books. Thank you Samira for bringing us a male character who is truly a hero, not just because he happens to be the male lead, but because he is truly deserving of the title.

Way to go Rayaan! Kia cheez hai yeh natasha her baat ko negative le jaati hai. I am absolutely in love with these complex characters because if you put yourself in any of their shoes, you can relate to a certain extent with them and how they are feeling.

Silvatein (Episode ~ 16) May ~ 23 ~ 2013!

Zaib looked so fragile in that bathroom scene-her pain was palpable. Daniyal plays Bilal with a languorous ease that is so much fun to watch, and Mira Sethi is fabulous as a woman with a dfama foot-in-the-mouth problem.


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Silvatein *HQ* (Episode ~ 18) June ~ 06 ~ ! – video dailymotion

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You are commenting using your WordPress. Silvatein episode 7 in High quality by ARY digital — 21th march Silwatein Episode 9 4th March Tune.

Silvatein is one of those. Do I even need to say that Adeel Husain rocks as Rayaan?!

Silvatein episode 6 in High quality by ARY digital — 14th march Actually Aamina crying in the bathroom with the water running, while Adeel banged on door reminded me of a very similar sequence in Mora Piya. And Rayaan is definitely a different male character, and yes thank-you Samira for writing one like him. Silvatein episode 4 in High quality by ARY digital — 28 february Looking forward to next week.

Silwatein Episode 12 by Ary Digital 25 april Tune.

Silvatein *HQ* (Episode ~ 22) July ~ 04 ~ ! – video dailymotion

Shukar Alhamdulillah koi to kuch bola is larki ko! Silvatein Episode 16 Sadaf. I was not episdoe to write a review because I was busy but after watching such a great episode I just could not resist saying something.

However, even as she is silvxtein about her sister and trying to help her see things without the me-myself-I filter, she is losing track of the priorities in her life. Epixode never expected this performance from a new comer but Meera Sethi and Dainyal Raheel they both have matched Adeel and Aamina Perfectly.

The scholars and books on religion may tell us to be patient and treat them with love like Zaib or should we draw a line in the sand like Rayaan and let these people learn the hard way?


The first one when Zaib is crying alone in the bathroom while running the tap water trying to hide her pain from Rayaan. Adeel was awesome as Rayaan too — loved him putting Natasha in her place and I completely understand his point, he has no reason to tiptoe around Natasha, she lives in his house and he has put up with enough.

Silwatein Episode 12 by Ary Digital 25 april Silvatein Episode 15 in High Quality 16 May I loved Adeel Hussain as Rayyan. Looking forward to silvafein Zaib and Rayaan back in Episodd, must say loving the role of Muneezeh and the mother too. My apologies again for a short and perhaps random non review but I hope to make up for it next week.

This is why Amina is such a great actressshe brought home all the pain and patience of trying to obtain some kind of redemption from the past that Zaib is feeling. Kab se patar patar boley hi jaa rahi thino periods, no commas, no left epiaode right, bas full speed ahead apni hi haanke jaa rahi thi — so glad ke for once she got a real daant and was rendered speechless.

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