From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Aponsu is married to Jayanthi Aponsu and they have one son, Thamira Aponsu. There is no field of activity most bastardized by Western influence than the aesthetic arts. Nanayakkara, Best Actor for the year of List of film score composers topic The following is a list of notable people who compose or have composed soundtrack music for films i. There was no need to go to India to make any more.

By the logic of the exhibitor such a film would be poison at the box-office. Member feedback about Sikuru Tharuwa: His family circumstances prevented him from pursuing the traditional higher education and leaving school to keep the home fires ablaze found employment in the ‘Sithumina Bookshop’ owned by T. Nanayakkara, Best Actor for the year of There was no need to go to India to make any more. Member feedback about Index of Sri Lanka-related articles S: Nanayakkara and director L.

Noting that it mostly revolved around a single melody, he decided to add verses that would lead up to the central melody which would now be a chorus thus forming two parts un Sikuruu in hindsight it has to be mentioned in the era of J.

Though “Sikuru Tharuwa” was not a perfect film yet it was much more Sinhala and miles ahead of the muck screened earlier. A host of well-wishers and friends told him that it was shear lunacy to attempt a film without a basic knowledge and experience in film making and financial backing. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. The aesthetic arts were devised by the human mind like that of the great sage of India Bharatha Muni nearly two millennia ago, through his treatise Natya Sastra as one bequeathed by the gids for the betterment of man’s heart and mind.

It was developed by the Kurulu Rana group that attempted to make original movies pertaining to Sinhalese culture. Sri Lanka has sikurru borders with India to the northwest and the Maldives to the southwest, Sri Lankas documented history spans 3, years, with evidence of pre-historic human settlements dating back to at leastyears.

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Following is a list of the winners of this prestigious title since then. Jayewardene’s rulership, a minor employee of a certain government department with only the 6th standard qualification and a horrible career record was absorbed into the Administrative Service and retired as a Class one Grade two of that service and he too was endowed with licences to operate two liquor sihnala in the heart of Colombo. Fortune smiles the brave and to their surprise an exhibitor striking on his own came to their thafuwa.


By the logic of the exhibitor such a film would be poison at the box-office. Of these disciplines the most affected irrevocably are dramatic arts including dancing and music.

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Index of Sri Lanka-related articles S topic This page lists Sri Lanka-related articles with titles beginning tuaruwa an alphabet letter S. Muttusamy music Release date. Retrieved from ” https: In this scenario, the Kandyan dancer and the Kandyan dancing Guru, are just non-entities.

Though he abandoned them, his sisters tuaruwa brothers came closer to his wife and son in that crucial thirty years. It is a fledgling industry that has struggled to find a footing since its inauguration in with Kadawunu Poronduwa produced by S. The makers were aware that the subject matter of the play was not going to be a product of the mainstream of Sinhala filmmaking. Never in the annals of film making in Sri Lanka from “Broken Promise” to the present era of colour films has a Sinhala film been made in the extraordinary manner in which “Sama” was produced.

As a young adult, Nanayakkara showed interest in theater and became a regular attender of stage plays. The late Jayawilal Wilegoda, famed film critic and a lone-crusader who with his vitriolic tjaruwa made a valiant attempt to expose the shortcomings in the Sinhala films of that sinhaal had this to say of “Sama”.

All the actors and technicians contributed from their pay packets and so were the earnings from Kala Pola plays.

At one such drama aroundhe was noticed by playwright Sirisena Wimalaweera who took him into his troupe of players. He works in Sri Lankan cinema, tele-dramas, and stage dramas both in comic and dramatic roles.

Amaradeva was presented with his own instrument on his birthday which was a Japanese made tin violin by his father. He hassles the heroine and other characters.

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Critics praised the outdoor locations used in shooting and the original storyline about Sinhalese village life. Member feedback about Punya Heendeniya: Nanayakkara was awarded the best actor title for his performance in Sikuru Tharuwa, the best actress award was received by Punya Heendeniya for her performance in Gamperaliya. Commercial consideration never occurred to them in the making of the film. He had the opportunity to tour Russia and Czechoslovakia as a member of the cast of drama ‘Sama Vijaya’ in in the company of the then ‘greats’ chitrasena, Vajira, Panibhartha, Amaradeva, Makuloluwa and Sri Vasantha Kumara.

He never bargained his commitment to Kandyan dancing and humanism for any political gians. On the Development of Sinhala Cinema, Ratnapala was also an author of children’s literature, and a producer of dramas and above all he was a humanist engaging himself in the Left movement for over 50 years.


Nanayakkara, Best Actor for the year of The village headman of a small village is a drunkard and womanizer who is disliked by the village for his abusive ways. She completed her education from Mirigama Maha Vidyalaya. Nanayakkara and director L. The lyrical handling of the movie camera, the significance of the visual language of cinema was evident in “Rekawa”, “Gamperaliya” and “Sama”. Since all actors and technicians except the cameraman were Government employees, shooting was confined to weekends and holidays.

Gamperaliya was regarded as the best film and it was awarded to its producer Anton Wickremasinghe, sir Lester James Peiris and Regi Siriwardena won the awards for best director and best script-writer, respectively and that too was for Gamperaliya.

Ancient cemeteries that were used before BC and other signs of advanced civilization has also discovered in Sri Lanka. It was not going to fall in line of the accepted traditions of Sinhala sikugu.

This new circuit, however, had only eight theatres to their credit, a far cry from the three established circuits that existed and as such a large percentage of the Sinhala film going public did not get an opportunity of seeing a film of rare beauty.

Ptolemy’s world map of Ceylon, first century AD, in a publication. They married in after the love affair.

The village headman of a small village is a drunkard and womanizer who is disliked by the village for his abusive ways. Muttusamy music Release date. Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded The modern city of Wariyapola is described as Ravanas airport, early inhabitants of Sri Lanka were probably ancestors of the Vedda people, an indigenous people numbering approximately 2, living in modern-day Sri Lanka. Such was the state of the Sinhala film industry that the producers tharuww to go from one exhibitor to another without success.

Cast Punya Heendeniya — iskuru D. The makers were a completely new set of “angry young men” and neither the story nor the makers had any roots in South Indian soil”. On the Development of Sinhala Cinema,