Ami tells her to be quiet because she can’t sleep. Ran and the others were unable to answer the question, and soon arrived at the sports field. Serial Experiments Lain s 13 videos. A Dark Rabbit has Seven Lives s 13 videos. Dance in the Vampire Bund s 13 videos. Hakuoki Reimeiroku s 12 videos. One egg is close to cracking but Rikka leaps towards the egg, stopping it from breaking.

Romeo X Juliet s 24 videos. Jing King of Bandits: Spring Thunder Chronicle s 2 videos. Hikaru tells her that she can be the leader from behind the scenes, and still have her baby character. My Egg got an X on it? Naruto s videos. Archived from the original on December 26, Fist of the North Star TV s videos.

Usagi Drop s 12 videos. Dragon Ball Z s 10 videos.

Episode ” Party 19 – Saion Wavering Heart ” Eden of the East s 11 videos. Badlands Rumble d 2 videos. Blassreiter s 24 videos.

Ami puts her hand over Amu’s and calls her mom. Episode ” Party 12 – I’m Beat! SKET Dance s 78 videos. Signalez les liens morts dans les commentaires des videos, merci. Monster Rancher d, US edit 73 videos. Glass Mask TVs sasion videos. Familiar of Zero F s 12 videos. The next morning, Amu and Yaya find Rikka picking up more trash. Amu tries to reason with Rikka, but she misunderstands and runs off.


She starts to say that the egg isn’t needed. Pretty Cure s 49 videos. Heroic Age s 26 videos. Rikka and X Eggs? Zexal S1 d 25 videos. Episode episode episoxe episode episode episode episode episode episode episode episode 1 episode episode episode episode episode episode episode episode episode episode.

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Last Exile d 26 videos. Aquarion d 26 videos. Rideback s 12 videos. Bamboo Blade d 26 videos. Naruto s videos. He trips, but Rikka’s desperate facial expression makes him get up and keep running. The others, including the Guardian Characters, that’s what becomes of an Egg.

Squid Girl s 16 videos. This third installment introduces a new anime-only character, Rikka Hiiragi, a transfer student who can understand X Eggs. Thank You For Everything!

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Sergeant Frog s 78 videos. Dokki Doki segment is “Watashi no Tamago” lit. Legend of Daiku-maryu s 39 videos. The Resonance s 26 videos. Gun X Sword d 26 videos.

Ghost Hunt s 4 videos. Mongolian Chop Squad d 26 videos. Ergo Proxy d 22 videos. Whugo accidentally says the word “prince” in front of Tadase, and unwittingly triggers his Character Change.


Tadase-kun ni Suki na Hito!? Rikka loses her special treasure, a necklace that her dad gave her when she entered elementary school, and is desperately retracing her steps in order to find it. They notice Rikka hunched over crying as she explains that she was hiding X Eggs in her room. Retrieved March 22, Episode ” Party 13 – Who I want to be!

Claymore d 26 videos. Armitage III d 6 videos. Chu-Bra s 12 videos.

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Views Features chronological archives Hikaru then starts to roll around, laughing. Honey and Clover II s 12 videos. Demonbane s 12 videos. Trinity Blood d 4 videos. Tsukasa is watching him perform, and Lulu is sipping tea. Cosplay Complex OVA s 3 videos.