He hopes the changes he makes which include him finding religion and eventual spirituality will make him suitable for Imaan to her father. Will he reunite with his mother? Ghayal – Episode 18 A Plus 1 years ago. Full domain analysis available by request. Imaan meanwhile is engaged to her cousin Abdullah. COM statistics and information.

He emerges as billionaire; a plutocrat and an underworld don who a social activist for world but a game changer from the back. Ghayal – Episode 28 Last Aplus 1 years ago. Be Aib – Episode 15 Urdu1 2 years ago. Ghayal – Episode 14 A Plus 1 years ago. Innocent Shiza is caught between her dreams and cruelty victimized by the unethical acts of her own father who sacrafised her precious life just to feed his evil appetite. For Rayan his friendship means the world to him which is why he chooses Zoya over Aania and marries her.

Ghayal – Episode 24 A Plus 1 years ago.

Shehr E Yaran Episode 90 – Part 1

Khan appears in police station and accepts the crime of murder without knowing he is s accepting rape of his love interest. Ghayal – Episode 12 A Plus 2 years ago. Ghayal – Episode 9 APlus 2 years ago.

Watch Shiza every Saturday at 9: Furthermore when Aania marries another and Rayan is married to Zoya the turn of events lead them to cross paths. The play has tremendously illustrates the awareness of the bitter customs of selling their daughters.

Insecurities of the very strong bond of Rayan and his best friend Zoya pfomo two are inseparable. Hashim Nadeem Directed by: Syed Ramish Rizvi Writer: Now one-eighty degree opposite Khan releases from Jail whose main mission is to gather unparalleled power top-secrets of government officials and cutting the throats of opponents.


The love of Ghaziyan.

Hareem Mawra Hocane is wealthy and carries shehrr personality while Rimsha Sonya Hussain is underprivileged and living as an orphan pgomo her sister. Ghayal – Episode 8 A Plus 2 years ago. The pair is as confused as any regular couple would be. Meanwhile Mashal also receives marriage proposal from Haisam Shehzad Sheikh and Basil starts plotting diabolic schemes against this union.

Prromo – Episode 17 Urdu1 2 years ago. A man like Ghaziyan who is ready to accept Zubairia against all odds who not just madly loves her but fights with everyone to make her his own. She uses him as her subject for an assignment which is on cars. This devastated statement aggravates Rimsha and she vows to take revenge.

A resourceful person in jail helps the Khan to be free yaarn custody while taking oath from Khan to work for underworld. Ghayal – Episode 21 A Plus 1 years ago. Ghayal – Episode 17 A Plus 1 years ago. The two tie the knot but the twist comes in when Parisa confesses to Armaan that the cause of her marriage with him was a man who raped her back when she was young. Video watch Ghayal episode 15 Loading Khan has opened his eyes in a village living parents where they served in a feudal family.

Samra Bukhari Production House: After going through intense struggles Kashan finally finds his mother but she is unable to reciprocate the same feeling because Roshan does not want any association from her previous marriage.

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For Rayan his friendship means the world to him which is why he chooses Zoya over Aania and marries her. Episkde Mashal ever get enough encouragement to unmask real face of Basil in front of everyone? Ghayal – Episode 14 A Plus 1 years ago. Syed Atif Hussain Writer: Syed Atif Ali Directed by: COM statistics and information.


Loyalty is all that she has to offer besides so much love. He lives with his family members in a gigantic villa apparently as a social worker loving father and a noble person of society.

She makes an effort to fulfill her promise and excel in every relationship. Ghayal – Episode 16 A Plus 1 r ago. Will they ever get over each other? The story is about a couple who are surprised by the arrival of a transgender baby. He promises his wife that he will never leave her no matter what and yaraj by her side in all the ups and downs.

She lives under the shadow of her domineering father whom she dare not disobey.

Shehr-e-Yaran By Ary Digital Episode 35 – video dailymotion

Farah Not all parents can provide their children with everything but attention is one of the most important thing that they can at least try and give to them. Ghayal – Episode 11 APlus 2 years ago. Syed Atif Ali Cast: Like every other woman Zubairia had a dream to be a princess and yaan gave her something more than she dreamt of.

Wajahat Hussain Produced by: Found 60 result s for: The two of the lovebirds were emotionally attached in a string of loyalty adoration and merriment.