I hope more of Naoki Urasawa’s works come to the U. Pretty good and fun way to keep time. Will he still continue getting “paid” to serve the family that threw him out? I am starting to watch Darker than Black because my friends say it was the best anime i hadn’t seen yet. My current one looks like this:. And Hachi’s dub voice-actor grates my nerves a little bit. I took a week long break after finishing Fullmetal Alchemist:

Now I have nothing else to watch. I like sports anime. I actually time my exercise with Anime. I also strongly agree with the last part. Crunchyroll Squid Girl Season 2 is the first streaming announcement for the fall line-up. One of the most highly anticipated series of this season, Guilty Crown , will simulcast Thursday, October 13, at Pretty good and fun way to keep time.

I’m sooo slow at watching anything on my computer. I hope more of Naoki Urasawa’s works come to the U.

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There is also some humor in it which makes it entertaining: So as far as what I actually watch each week, my schedule looks something like this:.

It is sooo good!

What a cute shoujo! May 25, at I try not to stay up too late. Have you checked the TVTropes page for it? Instead, the peace has been shattered as a rash of mysterious murders and kidnappings sweep the countryside.

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So as far as what I actually watch each week, my schedule looks something like this: Nikkei added that Sunrise’s Gundam. A mystery that is somehow connected to both the local weather patterns and a strange video game world which Yu, his friends and the enigmatic killer can all enter.


Info website will stream the anime for free for a month. For the past several years I keep a little pocket calendar at home where I keep track of everything I need to do each day, not just appointments and stuff, but anything that comes up that I have to remember, even something simple like I need to email a certain friend or I need to buy a certain something on a certain day.

No start date is set, but they do have some interesting things to offer, particularly in trying to draw the dub fans in early watchanimekn get a look at some series. I am watching Cross Game. I’m watching Princess Jellyfish Kuragehime and episoxe amazing. I loved Master Keaton.

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In addition, the episodes will be available to watch on free, ad-supported Hulu and the Hulu Plus subscription service within 24 hours. But in general, mobile devices make it a bit more convenient to stay up to date at any place. He is divorced and lives with his daughter. Sometimes I feel that a lot of anime fans only manage to keep up with watching anime either by staying up late many nights per week, or when they just happen to have tons of free time, like vacations from work or school.


All text on this page is covered under Attribution-Noncommercial 3. Up YouTube as well.

Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. I’ve been watching that one, too. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. My current one looks like this: Originally Posted by WTK. Finished all 24 episodes of Kaze no Stigma in last weekend Saturday night-Sunday qatchanimeon. Now I have nothing else to watch.

But yeah, if it becomes more of a chore to watch a new episode than fun, definitely consider dropping it. Crunchyroll We have another title that was just added to our fall simulcast list: The beginning of each season is typically when people pick new anime to watch, as shows from the previous season end and new ones begin.

Some great ideas here, especially with the weekly schedule! Inhabitants include fujoshi, NEETs, and others who consider fashion their natural enemy, calling themselves “Amars”. Manga and Anime Addicts members 2, messages.