Clare’s semi-yoma form wasn’t that likable, her face seemed hideous. Maybe ecchi too, I’m not saying this because you watched Asu no Yoichi but because of Highschool of the Dead. The some people that may reply are in downright minority. Well, there are the “Picture Dramas” but there were only 2 seasons. Incest is the main theme of discussion in the Yosuga no Sora thread, that is what I think so. Hidden gems, go find them, you’ll find many! Especially, Serial Experiments Lain and most of the other ones, I unfortunately haven’t watched them yet! Although it is a bit slow, it makes up for it by the story.

So, I just went to Thora’s homepage and looked up on Rahxephon’s release. I’ll burn those threads or close them, so that people watch other things. Believe me US You won’t enjoy this show. I’ll sure give them a try after finishing my remaining anime list: Finished watching High School Of the dead http: I’ll see if I would make logs or close the the thread.

It was interesting to see how Matsumaru could not sometimes stop himself from getting on top of Aka. Otherwise, I forget the animultima and it is not good.

Watch Seitokai no Ichizon Episode 3 English Subbedat Gogoanime

Yes they should be given credit for creativity as they keep coming up with more and more mangas and episodes, but then again I doubt they’ll end it. Story gets complicated at some moments so it is better that one plays the UBW route in the FSN visual novel, it’s up to the watcher to do so afterwards or before.

What we have here is a truly mysterious, charming, enchanting and altogether high quality anime series.

Look,i have benn seeitokai this for a looong time and i download movies,t. SAC” I can watch one series at a time.

If so any reviews? Just watched the excellent intro of Ergo Proxy. Small notions from myself are more than enough for an anime etc. Geass with zero expectations The young Lelouch, a Brittannian student living in Japan, accidentally gets caught up in a local terrorist attack against Brittannia, reuniting with his childhood friend Suzaku as well as meeting the mysterious girl C.


Finished Ookami-san to Shichinin Nakamatachi too, a while ago. It seems like a much more dark and mysterious type of anime to me. Another anime with Psychological, Drama, Mystery and Supernatural elements.

Look at this thread, other anime-specific threads and the anime soundtracks thread. The mangaka has definitely run out of ideas and so many people have dropped it.

That HOTD theme is bloody awesome! I loved this anime because I was tired of watching bleach and Naruto and thought why not watch a completed series A girl carrying twin caliber bring down army of bad guys just sultan rahi with AK In short, Movies have a different storyline but the overall story is not changed. Good that you mentioned Eden of the East, it’s another one of those shows I left in the middle, gotta get back to it.

If you guys have anything else more comedy animeultiam than this one do recommend me. Seitkai am however more excited in watching Ergo Proxy on the basis of its animation quality, and its Ani,eultima Scifi Gothic themes Thanyou Dude,GTO is kinda funny but love hina doesnt fall in the category ‘funny’.

Maybe ecchi too, I’m not saying this because you watched Asu no Yoichi but because of Highschool of the Dead. Whats the point of the pic?

Yay for only 1 sex friend.

Gray Man in a little less than 80 hours: Main character was brilliant imo. Yoshitoshi ABe does not disappoint; he continues to bring new concepts to the table, and so far, they have been executed flawlessly.

Ending was just ok Adding a little bit of story after years where most of our supporting young heroes are married or something like that would’ve been the best way to end it. At times depressing and at times gently uplifting and feather-soft, Haibane Renmei is unparalleled in beauty, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call it my favorite anime of all time. Old series, are still one of the best ones ever.


Watch Seitokai no Ichizon episode 3 Online

I have just finished watching the first episode and they were just ok Did not appeal to me much and the character development was not as expected. Yaar this was one awesome anime. I don’t post often here, but I regularly check some of the threads. If nno seek them that is. Actually it won’t as most of you will be concentrating at the compromising position Saber is being held in rather than what is or may happen.

In short, avg stuff. And then he goes into the bathroom and starts moving his fingers at Re-L’s lips and Monad becomes jealous and she is stalking Ergo and then they fight, right? Though the soundtracks were good. So there might be some questions you might have too. Sometimes it was hard to me to understand what they were making fun of.

OK then which one out of the three?? I didn’t expect such a low score, for an anime that is highly honoured on the internet. The anime has badass action and adorable zombies! Okay so seriously, Saber is really hot without her armor on. Yes Naruto and Bleach are good, but they’re like Saas Bahu Dramas which never end and ppl keep watching them.

The protagonist pisses me off sometimes by his typical lines, “It’s epizode because of you. Besure to check out: That said, this series is certainly not for everyone. Why not have a thread, and just discuss how it’s going on, rather than completing the whole series and then posting about it Nope havent watched it, ever!!

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