Ryuubi is enraged at the peace being broken, and swears to defeat the invaders. While dueling, Kan-u recaps episode The episode begins with a recap of Sousou’s plan to invade Keishuu, as well as Koumei joining Ryuubi. Just then, Chouhi breaks through, calling them to retreat out of Joshuu. However Enjyutsu Zssa, the second-in-command of the Alliance, is not pleased. Ryuubi wants to meet Enshou, and inform him of Enjyutsu’s recent deeds. A wakening of the Trailblazer. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Blinded and choking on the smoke, Kirei leads his troops back to their warships, only to see that Sonsaku and the Son Army have already commandeered all of them. The villagers welcomed them into the village and fed them up. Chouryou give Sekitoba to Kan-u and tells him that Ryuubi is making his way to Keishuu. Over at the Gyou Castle, Ryuubi informs Enshou of Enjyutsu’s invasion of Joshuu, as well as all his evil deeds after proclaiming himself as Emperor, and begs Enshou to stop him. Battlogue Gundam Build Fighters: Sousou seems unfazed, saying that he can continue via land, and unleashes a new finishing technique upon Shuuyu. Back at Koutou, Kougai is mad, yet relieved at Sonshoukou’s return. The TV Series —

At the Biujiyou, Riju prepares the ballistic arrow cannons. The 4 understands the situation, but insists on rushing over to save Kan-pei. The Gravity Front — Urusei Yatsura: Shiba-i is very pleased that the Tengyokugai has descended upon Sousou, cementing Asngokuden as a descendant of the Three Sovereigns. Sonsaku accepts, and a fierce duel commences. A small squabble between Chouhi and Enjyutsu starts, until Enshou Bawoo, the commander of the Alliance steps in.


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Enshou soon arrives with a huge bang, and challenges Sousou. Sonshoukou steps in, to which the Pirates shrug off. However, there two ending theme songs.

The following are the main characters that appear in the anime. Back at the Chouhankyou, Chouryou steps up against the visibly tired Chouhi.

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Sousou does not, and Ryuubi swears to never serve Sousou. The 3 arrive at a cliff overlooking Ekikyourou, to see it in flames. As Chou-sen dies in Ryofu’s arms, Ryofu comments on how he has finally realises his own spirit, and the two are devoured by the Enhou spirit. Koumei comments that perhaps a large wareiors has eaten the smaller fish, and Ryuubi states that if he catches that fish, the river will be at warriord again. When Kirei leaves, Enjyutsu proclaims that only he is allowed to be Emperor, to which the Gyokuji glows with a dark aura again.

Chouhi comments on tilling fields again, to which Koumei comments it’s not the time. Pailsen Files — Code Geass: Shiba-i suggests to dispose of them, but Sousou has other plans. Chouhi joins in, and barges into the btave chamber.

Retrieved from ” https: Soon, there is commotion at the back of the Sousou troops. Ryuubi strongly disagrees, but hestitates to reply. However, Shiba-i rebutes that the three forms of the Tengyokuyai, the Souryuu, Enhou, and Douko, each represents a successor, to which Ryofu’s summoned form isn’t. Just then, Chouhi blasts through the nearby bushes, along with Ryuubi and 551. The episode recaps Sousou setting up a water fortress at Sekiheki, and the Alliance between Ryuubi and Sonken preparing their assault.


And they now serve under someone that wants Sousou dead. Ryuubi, Chouhi and Kan-u steps up to help ward off the army. However, the villagers are tired from the running, and Enjyutsu catches up with them.

Gundam metaseries production order As the two generals duel it out, Denpou and Soju release an arrow shower upon the battlefield from the flanks, resulting in heavy casualties on both sides. Both Ryuubi and Kousonsan arrive at the scene to see a heated battle between Roshoku and Bagengi Zaku, however Roshoku is defeated in battle. When Chouhi searches for Ryuubi, Koumei mysteriously disappears. Enjyutsu doesn’t want that to happen, and orders his general, Kirei Hamma Hamma, to attack the Son army.

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The 3 sworn brothers stay behind to better defend Ekikyourou as Kousonsan leaves. The arrow volley continues and more are killed. The Yuushu archers dd to repel most of the Ugan, but some managed to stack up the sandbags.

Kousonsan warmly welcomes the 3 sworn brothers.