That is how the work happens. Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. Share Your Thoughts Cancel reply. Bitch enjoy it while you can. So what else is new? It stops you every time, the arrogance, the need to swagger, to show everyone who you are. And what will I be remembered for?

David Rosen makes me laugh. There was a time I hated her guts. She got drunk in the morning and Fitz asked her why she was still around and she’s like “Because my son is here dumbass” then she rolled around for their appointment to visit Jerry’s grave and he wasn’t there he was off trying to bore Jake into confessing he killed Jerry and she harassed Lauren a little and then when Fitz came back she accused him of sleeping with Olivia. Now, get me the electric chair…And no lethal-injection crap! Someone give me Mellie spoilers. Abby can kick rocks and diaf per usual, but i am dying at her calling Fitz’s lame ass out in dat promo. Glad to know that no one here can stand Olitz. I looked into his eyes, and I believed him.

That is how the work happens.

Scandal 4×06 “An Innocent Man” Promo – Oh No They Didn’t! Page 2

I will be remembered as the wife of a man who did something with his life. I looked into his eyes, and I believed him.

The discovery that somebody has been hunting Olivia. Probably give you crabs.

Scandal 4×06 Promo: An Innocent Man

Mellie was awesome as usual. To the point of begging for Liv to come back and help. Problem is, Mellie knows she losses hands down to Liv. Rowan monologuing Jake to death. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Her acting is so underrated, it really is.


Thankfully, the fiery redhead not only put Cyrus in his place by the end of the episode after probably figuring out he has a boy-toybut she faced Fitz himself in defense of her friend. I held him in the palm of my hand until even he believed I was the better man, until even he believed it was his idea. Not only was this subplot wonderfully comedic, it served an even greater character focus as it reminded Mellie of the power and influence she could wield in her position.

She’s been hitting the sheets with a married man for YEARS and never has she acknowledged that that is not okay behavior on her part, much less his. The discovery that Huck was playing video games with his son, Javi. I get extremely angry I see people bullying poor Abby. I am so excited to see what the next few episodes bring. I played this President like a fiddle to get you back in my possession. Fitz reverting to calling Abby, Gabby. So she ran off to take a shower and get her ass back in gear because she’s getting ready to knock him down a peg or two.

I danced for him. I loved that she spent the night at her apartment to keep an eye on her.


Bitsy telling Mellie Not So Smelly about her philandering husband: And what will I be remembered for? Reply Parent Thread Link. If you have Amazon Prime you have less than 10 minutes to pre-order Taylor Swift’s cd if you want it on Monday. I out-Poped Olivia Pope. The writers are doing the most trying to get us to believe that Cyrus Beene would be this stupid. You and I are ruined. Share Your Thoughts Cancel reply. Bitsy gives me Verna Thornton vibes.

An Innocent Man, Episode 4x I missed tonight’s episode. Though I very much agree that the triangle has been used very often so as to pull in emotional entanglements.

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email. Plus the way he attempts to police her vagina and the way innocenf he constantly tries to slutshame her cannot be borne for much longer, so yes, death will truly become him, and put us out of our misery. Not sure if Olivia meant this or not, but I sure liked the sound of it.

By the way, the monologues from Rowan that we get every week are as soap-operish as you can get.