And cleary smart as shit. I am not awfully smart, I never passed philosophy You just can’t stop smiling when you read such an epic lovestory. Not giving away spoilers, but Nix oh my lol.. Definitely recommend it and can’t wait to read more from this author. Glad I read some friend’s reviews and decided to check it out. Danny is a sweet girl who has watched her entire life crumble This could have been so good.

Losing them is what’s hard. In the span of ten days, they’ve already had sex multiple times, professed their forever, undying love for one another, talked about marriage, and gone through the relationship ringer together–and we can’t forget that Ryan avoided talking to her for the first five days The night is left off with an out of this world kiss. Open Preview See a Problem? I am choosing love. I can’t wait for the day when those fingertips will dig into my ass Finally Ryan pulls away slightly, breathing hard against my mouth. I was drawn in from the beginning and all I will say is you will not be disappointed!!

But focusing on the book itself, the romance between Emily and Nix offsidws fantastic and electrifying. Several years before the story sta I am so taken with this author and her books. This first story is about Ryan ,a rich college student from a wealthy family who is also a talented hockey player.

Off Limits

This may be the worst book I have ever almost read. Danny Cross was a child prodigy who had to give up her music career when her parents died. Sawyer says that her proudest accomplishment in life was the adoption of her daughter Parker in Yes Did I still enjoy it? Another stellar job well done by Sawyer Bennett! She was just what Nix needed, and I loved how she was making an effort to become a better person. Loved this book, I wish it was longer.


It is ooffsides a feel good read, borderline YA, but with sex scenes. I’d reccommend it to all my GR friends. Nix is suffering from PTSD and has issues with rage, he normally is a total ass to everyone and is very antisocial.

After she interviews Seeies she gets distracted while driving, has a minor accident, and backs into our hero Nix Caldwell, Linc’s brother–but Em doesn’t know that yet on his motorcycle.

Anyway, i still enjoy a bit of this book.

Five stars for me! Offsidee by Sawyer Bennett. The thing I liked the most? The central character is Cain Bonham who has just taken up position of head szwyer security at a local club after leaving the Marines. View all 8 comments. I knew after finishing up two of her other series, that I had to start Off Sides, a book that has been on my Kindle forever.

Danny is a sweet girl who has watched her entire life crumble over the last year or so.

And there also was hockey so I can’t complain. I hate it how amazing books always end way to quickly.

Perhaps this is why the real Nix, the one with a romantic side comes through in the end without having to second guess his every thought and word. Will lies, deceit and hidden tragedy get in the way, making the path to true love uncertain?

He falls for a girl that his family clearly does not approve of and somehow Daniella gives him the cour Off Sides is a story of opposites attract.

Off Sides (Off, #1) by Sawyer Bennett

I read almost the entire book in one day and I am holding back tears because it’s over so I can’t read more tomorrow. He though that by staying away he was protecting her.

Very few has looked back twice or admired. Ryan meets a girl from the ‘opposite side of the tracks’–sweet Danny Cross. The first book follows Ryan Burnham and Danny Cross, two young people who grow up benentt two vastly different worlds. Together, they have the chance to become complete. I loved this so hard, wrote a review and then my damn phone decided it was too rambling or something and deleted it: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


View all 9 comments. Write your own comment on this book! It was good to see them here and there throughout the book as well. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these bennrtt.

You can also find me on: Where can I find my own Nix, that’s what I want to know! I’m so sorry I did that to you, Emily. For one of her college journalism courses, she will be interviewing NY Rangers goalie Lincoln Caldwell who just happens to be sfries teammate of her brother Ryan Burnham Off Sides.

If the author had added more in to make a more believable timeline, more ebnnett to the characters and situations, then I think this story could have stood a chance. They become very close benhett but you can’t help falling in love can you. There is no connection between them. I think I saw you review the menus, therefore I am here to take you order.

I enjoyed it very much, like when you wrap yourself in a soft blanket cosied up effortlessly in a comfortable chair drinking hot chocolate ssawyer just being there No, there’s a guy who tries to rape sawyrr.

He sitting on the couch with me in his lap and continues to soothe me.