A password will be e-mailed to you. The men does the work. Laxminandan and Vidyachatur have a talk about Saras. Kusum says wow, you will be going Switzerland with Saras, great. He says you hold it, its not coming. She says come inside. She looks in the mirror and washes her face.

He asks whats today. Kalika says now this house is only mine and I will decorate as I want. He says its a red file, send it by someone. Saras asks Danny whats special today. Saras says they will see our love not the taste of the food. He says I will bring anything if you say.

Abbie 10th Aug – 7: Badimaa says I will bring the breakfast.

Saras agrees, he says lets go and find a Kumud for this Saras. Vidyachatur asks Saras saraswxtichandra think and find a solution.

Kalika keeps the bangles and leaves. Yash says its not holi today. Vidyachatur says the clock is making much noise today. Laxminandan says I m happy that your daughters will be with me now, I just hope Ghumaan understands this. Saras says you are very beautiful and only mine.

Saras Bane Masterchef!! – Saraswatichandra – 9th Feb 2014

Saras fdbruary I get more angry on myself, my mum left me because of him, how can I forget that. Kumud comes to Saraswatcihandra and asks why did you do this, he is your father, is this your anger, hatred or what. Kusum asks Laxminandan to take rest and not play chess with her dad. I love what you guys are up too. He gives her Rs. Kusum says Danny is giving a surprise but how can Saras forget, I will call him. Vidyachatur asks Laxminandan did you bring the wedding episoed for Saras and Kumud.


She says I can understand, this is not hatred else you would have not saved him from burning, you worry about him. Kumud says I have to go out now.

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He asks how much. She says it was already ready. Dada ji says it does the same daily. Everyone are shocked to see colorful changes in the house which Februray did.

She turns to see him standing and staring at her. Kalika says I saw these bangles, its very episods. Laxminandan says its a beautiful place, you will like it. Badimaa talks about Kumud.

Kumud gets ready wearing the bangles smiling. He gets romantic and says I can jump to make you trust that your Saras starts on you and ends on you. Kusum brings tea again. Saras says we will be together always.

She thinks that man will come home to take his money. She gets happy and rushes to the door. Sign in Recover your password. She calls Saras and asks him to come for breakfast. He says I will wish you valentines without forgetting. Badimaa and everyone comes and asks what happened.


Kumud calls Vidyachatur and says I made this plan so that Saras and Laxminandan start talking. She fills her ears against everyone.

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Vidyachatur 9rh its a small thing, do anything what you want, you are father and son, not an enemy. Saras throws a rose on her face. Kumud comes to Saras and finds him very upset. He says I have work pressure on me, I need to go, take care.