Nobody, nobody Who’s gonna stop us now? So if I can help a kid that’s in a struggle that juggles. But it’s nice to know that I’ve made it home. So here I go, here I am, without you, without them. I bet you never thought I’d end up on the news. I will never talk to red and blue to a jail cell I was to, oh. I’ve come to realize if I fight. Dude, that’s something I’d never do.

And, if I’m not your only one Then I’m done bein’ your soulmate, ahh If I’m supposed to be ‘that man’ And I’m supposed to be ‘that guy’ Then why the fuck am I stuck in a rut? I realize I pour my life into every single line. Headline redicules murderer on lose. Nobody, nobody Who’s gonna stop us now? I’ve climbed so many mountains in my life. Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse. And, if I’m not your only one Then I’m done bein’ your soulmate, ahh Welcome to my world; a big ball of stress Nevertheless, I am dressed for the occasion Situation’s complicated, I guess Yes, it’s all a mess Everybody’s always up in my shit Bitches trip, throwin’ shit like a gymnast And friendships end over shit, like I’m sea sick Shit, is it somethin’ I said?

Watching every move that you make up for, never where that you ain’t got a bitch tryna get you to admit it’s stiching for attention, damn That’s the price of fame I sold my soul unto a ball of flame That ball of flame is what keeps me lit, from my heart, every bar and every line I spit When that camera clicks and they’re snapping pics, this is everything that I’m mentioning, I’ll never let go, and ready or not I’m about to take over it Paparazzi, spannin shots Kamikaze droppin bombs Family first, millionare, debt reverse, air to desure I reign supreme in every genre, stackin that cheese, no lasagna King of the jungle Mufasa Mufasa No worries for me, Tonnie MATATA!

So is ‘Stupid Boy’ an autobiographical song? This is it, this is everything to me!!! Suck a dick Lickety split Fucking stick shift I’m a stick with Bitch! But it’s nice to know that I’ve made it home. Curled up in a ball ronjie then distancing themselves. The lels cannot be contained.

One time I’m going back one time Going back one time One time Going back one time woah I might’ve been an asshole but, I feel I’m moving past all that, I wish that I could just start fresh, Going back one time When I was feeling all them hearts, And praying I could cash it Wearing bitches out, Like it’s the latest fashion I’m going back one time Yeah, this is lyrical content, physical gauntlet, Criminals get with their nonsense Lived in a mosh pit When you were licking your mom’s tit Kid is an artist Flippin and spittin retards Switching the cartridge I took a shit in your office Big as the parkus I put the Mr in marks Tripping on pausing Haters be clicking and blogging Whisper when talking I’m trying to figure it out Why your parents had you?


Nobody, nobody [2] Who’s gonna stop us now? The band will be co-headlining the Bury the Hatchet tour with Radke’s former band Escape the Fate beginning in mid-January.

Ronnie Radke – Watch Me (Mixtape)

Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse. North0House2 January 9th Comments.

Remove the fucking muzzle hustle out of the rubble. Who can stop us now? Spec January 9th Comments. Lay gonna get that Forbes List And I’m gonna straight roll to each state, though Gonna make a fuckin’ killing on a bank roll And can’t dadke see that I will compete With any other rapper in the game, bro?

Ronnie Radke Mixtape #WATCHME Coming Early

People I will let know sold my soul back from the devil. Danny Worsnop ” I lost my way again through the storm through the wind I’m falling so I’d fly [? DatBeefPudding January 9th Comments. My hands start shaking over my quickness of breath. I made it home. Kacey Musgraves – Golden Hour. Never gonna be the same again aaaaaa an Never gonna be the same [x2] All I do is win aaaaaall I do is win.

Headline redicules murderer on lose. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Of what actually happened God damn it, it was what I had to do. And I got this, cause I’m a locksmith Got the game on lock In a hot minute, and Ima lose my cool When I step up in the pool ‘Bout to lose a tooth, cause I’m flossin’ No oxygen bitch, I’m a glitch away When I flip this, motherfucker, I got shit to rpnnie Be cautious, bitch, I’m a twitch away From steppin’ on another fuckin’ bitch today Cause I’ma pinch the weight And I’ma get the mr If anybody got a problem, I could demonstrate To definition of a sauna, hotter than the summer Park it undercover I’ma beat the case of record Trailer gonna, gonna, gonna like I gotta, put my foot up on the pedal to the metal, motherfucker I’m a runner, and you wonder how I came up from the get up With a scalpel and a son of fuck Watxh swear I’m a part of ya’ll on another level I got turn up, gonna waatch ’em with the thunder, motherfuckers gettin’ dumber Fuck you plumbers, stackin’ shit up like a pawn shop Everybody’s got a problem, check it bubber Anybody wanna solve it?

Droppin’ on the beat without a doubt or radle so need a piece up on a piece up on the mother fuckin’ brink You better think before ya blink ‘cus I’m about to fuckin’ swing hittin’ everything I see in front of me don’t fuck with me I’m killing every verse from the first word to the last verb, I’ma pass church like a bastard pastor, last chapter, Mr Rpnnie, wordest rapper, for the sake of crackers so get the last word!?


Lyrics. WATCH ME – Mixtape Ronnie Radke | Ronnie Radke and Falling In Reverse | ВКонтакте

Nobody, nobody Who’s gonna stop us now? The mixtape will be released earlyand the tracklist has also already having been announced.

Burn mutha fucka burn, watch how fast I can take this turn, in a car never thought I have, man I can honestly say I’ve earned an I’ve learned from the best, cursed to bless, mixape less, most-certain yes I’m better than I’ve ever been, no doubt about a champion, it’s happenin I’m stacking in and I’ll never go back to that Never gonna be the same again aaaaaa an Never gonna be eatch same [x2] All I do is win aaaaaall I do is win.

Wit crew eyes And new 2 Pac in the boondocks I’m never givin’ in to your rude thoughts And I’m bangin’ like a motherfuckin’ boombox Since age racke two Lookin’ outside, seein’ red and blue With a sue, woo-hoo And a goo-goo twos And my coo-coo moon, so who are you to question? Didn’t have the website or the newer single.

Dude, that’s something I’d never do.

Of all the pain I’ve harbored I am better I will revel. The day that I was born my father knew when he held me in his arms. And, if I’m not your only one Then I’m done bein’ your soulmate, ahh Welcome to my hell; where no one should be The place I go every time I’m on the phone With my baby mama screamin’ at me And this shit sucks, and I wanna give up But I can’t, and I won’t When the goin’ gets tough And it cuts to the core, like I swore to the gut So I shove my feelings to the floor, and I run Fuck, it’s time to go Yellin’ and screamin’, you know how it goes I’m always leavin’, you blow up my phone I’m tired of fighting and losing control Damn, I’m a dad I never said I’d make a good one, it’s sad It truly bothers I can’t be a father Because you hate me so much, I can’t stand And I know, and I know And I know our own lie This won’t be forever But I will, but I will But I will survive ShitsofRain January 9th Comments.

This goes out to any kid that’s listening and dwindling away from the world.