But he contradicts himself by saying this in answer to the question below: Anyway, I’m pretty sure that if there is one thing Rolex does not make decisions on the basis of, it’s guilt, although I find the rhetorical flourish in your missive amusing enough to want to entertain the idea at least hypothetically. I’m sure your mailbox has been positively inundated with inane questions about banal Basel releases, so first of all my apologies for contributing to the flood:. The milgauss thing is a bit of a crap one though, in all my years in engineering, both aircraft and a lot of electrical countermeasures i’ve never had a problem with magnetic fields, mainly because we don’t go into the danger areas when the bloody things are transmitting and whenever they’re being used there’s enough shielding in place to stop anything bad happening, a milgauss, just like most anti-magnetic watches are pretty pointless as long as the watch meets the DIN standard, because the most hazardous thing you’ll do with a watch in terms of this is put your hand in a fridge: Originally Posted by Zirotti. That level of unjustified arrogance is often intriguing to watch, somewhat like a road side wreck that we know better but still cannot stop from slowing to view. I’ll read some it later when I have the time.

I warmed to the guy immediatly. Like it, makes his point in the process. There is far more to it than simply brushed or unbrushed centre links. Find More Posts by wantonebad. I’m guessing most people are familiar with the traditional size and think the significantly larger Deepsea is overkill. So does name dropping PP and VC. At the same time, far be it from me to become that curmudgeon who’s perpetually ranting against technological advancements and innovation of all types.

I think this picture will end the debate! Feb Real Name: Is it worth the investment? The first method has been done ad infinitum and the other can be polarizing at best. Whilst I know there are many TRF members who do use theirs for diving – it is well established that the vast majority of Sub’s and Deep Seas are not used for anything more than arm-candy. Written tongue in cheek for surebut he still puts the President DD at number 1 on the list of best watches so his taste aint so bad.


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A few of the watches are a bit more “out there” in appeal, but this Classic Hexagon GMT watch really epitomizes simple good looks. We went through all this in this thread: Dear Watch Snob, I just have a quick question. Texas on my mind Watch: Jul Real Name: Originally Posted by rolexnovice. It fits well with todays fashion of XL sized watches. Wahch Real Name: Definitely knows what he’s talking about.

I think both watches have too much writing on the dial but it does seem to move into the ridicules zone for me on the Deepsea. Unless you are James Bond, I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear any diver with a tuxedo.

I’m tempted to purchase a “novelty” Breitling or similar to last until I am able to spoil myself with the real thing. You will be ridiculed and discounted as a human being, and any would-be admiration will quickly turn to pity when your dirty little secret is revealed.

The Watch Snob is in. Not all new money, by the way, is devoid of discrimination, but the leisurely contempt for lesser beings on a hereditarily determined social hierarchy so essential to the development of the vicious disregard for basic human decency that forms the foundation of taste is foreign to the disposition necessary to green the fields of venture capital.

Who’s lurking in disguise? It never should have been made. The sporadic accolades you may receive from those who know nothing about timepieces will pale in comparison to the death by fire you will receive from anyone with the slightest insight into watches.

Janne and Horologic like this. The time now is Die Zeit verwandelt uns nicht, sie entfaltet uns nur. However this has been debated ad infinitum so better that we just agree to disagree. I most certainly support a fine watch on the wrist of any young man, but depending on your career, your superiors may not.

Even though the rolex deepsea price replica the event will cartier fake love bracelets go from Octoberthe 10th is probably the only evening with extended store hours. Find More Posts by Gagebuilder.

Originally Posted by petespendthrift It’s definitely meant to be funny and contentious but it does also accurately represent how many people feel. He’s like a well spoken old penis. Do yourself a favor and buy a secondhand Sea Dweller while you still can, as that is the last great Rolex diving watch.


And will I look like a complete tosser wearing one being my age? Striking Tenth Read More. I’m tempted to buy the new SD. I thought the the watchsnob wagch hilarious, I got a kick out of the article, so much so that I read a few more.

Apparel Reviews Style Guide: AskMen will still be snpb you great features on interesting watches to buy, both old and new, expensive and cheap. Take 2 I believe the Deepsea is on the left and the normal Sea-Dweller on the right. Originally Posted by wantonebad Back to the subject So does name dropping PP and VC. If rloex like it, sin-offering or cynical attempt to ensure market coverage be damned; buy it. Or if you want something a little bigger, find an old Sea Dweller.

Watch Snob: On The Deepsea & “Novelty” Watches

Originally Posted by omegaUK. The old Rolex sports watches, with their tiny bracelets and easily-scratched aluminum bezels, were sublime because they just were what they were: Unlike the larger Link Calibre 16 watches with base movements that are 43mm wide, the Calibre 18 watches are 40mm wide, and considered slim at rolez The main Western-backed coalition opposing Assad has suspended its participation, which was agreed ssnob days ago, over the UN Secretary-General’s invitation to Iran to take part, making the outlook murkier.

These new y drinks. Is this a sign of the prophesied End of Days?

Watch Snob: On The Deepsea & “Novelty” Watches – AskMen

I’m a little anxious because I’m now two for two on intelligent emails. You seem to have some strong, well-informed opinions about watch brands. Every now and then, you come across someone who wants only one timepiece in his life.

Neither are very constructive. Were the Mayans right? Find More Posts by smallcandle.