I give them the rightful human respect that people deserve. Another thing that fascinates me is the cinematography of the series but I don’t know how you would structure a discussion around it. And I think it’s that hunger that drives the zombies more than anything, which overrides any latent memories they might have. Episode – Inmates. Episode – Thank You. Yes, my password is:

Episode – Inmates. My First and only topic thus far is “What is the difference between rick now and shane in season 2? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Episode – Some Guy. Its called genre blindness , it stops any of the characters having advanced plans or being able to learn from zombie culture. Episode – Remember. This discussion might be a little to close to home for many of your students, though.

PS I think you should read the first few issues of the comic if you haven’t. The writers already mentioned these things in early seasons were a mistake and shouldn’t have been done.

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Video Games Discuss everything about video saeson across all consoles or PC. Perhaps this is why we saw them traveling in packs early on, too — humans congregate and live in groups, so it makes sense that on the most basic levels, herds of idle zombies might do the same. Or Thriller, by Michael Jackson eh Survivor Help If you have ideas, suggestions, or just have a question then let us know.

Mark posts that contain spoilers by including [Spoilers] for the show and [Comic Spoilers] for the comic within the title of the post. We see Morgan’s wife walk up to her front door as if she had some recollection of the place.


Did anyone else notice this about the walkers and memory retention? Whoa that makes a lot of sense. Episode – Brother’s Keeper.

Think like the college classes that offer on zombie lore and walking dead. That would explain Morgan’s wife and all the other walkers. Episode – Episode – Teotwawki. Fear The Walking Dead Season 1. There is also the idea I’ve seen floated around and this is really just to cover up what the writers were doing that all of this was in Season 1, so the virus was newer, and so most people were less rotted then so it’s plausible they are more decayed now, therefore more stupid.

Episode – Monsters. The obstacles are 1 does he have enough people to support this 2 does he have few enough people to disagree that he could overcome them? Episode – Infected.

Episode – Spend.

Walkers, biters, rotters, roamers : thewalkingdead

Episode – Blackjack. Episode – No One’s Gone. Episode – Killer Within. Episode – Time for After. They were at a neighbor’s house, but that’s where she died I just rewatched it to make sure! Episode – The Well.

Episode – I Lose Peopleā€¦. What other things can we discuss?

Anyone notice how Aaron calls them “roamers”? : thewalkingdead

Episode – Say The Word. Episode – Twice as Far. Episode – Mercy. I don’t really mind it, I just think it’s a strange decision. Episode – This Sorrowful Life. I like Walking Dead, so why I can’t I come here? I actually like it best when they just call the zombies, which they do a lot in the comics.


Forum Games Forum games, word games, or any other posting game for us to enjoy. So “why did Andrea’s sister try to eat her face?

Spoiler Rules Always use the comic spoiler tag unless it’s in a [Comic Spoilers] post. Tech Talk The world of computers, gadgets, mobile phones and apps. No bitching if your spoilesr is removed for being a shitpost. Episode – The Grove. Why is Michonne a slut int he comics? Zombie Playing Cards AbakusJul 6, Apr 12, at 6: Woodbury uses biters in both show and comic I think?

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Mark posts that contain spoilers by including [Spoilers] for the show and [Comic Spoilers] for the comic within the title of the post. Thats not how marriage works. Episode spoioers Thank You.