After resolving the trevally case, however, Jeremy realises that the other death that he heard of before coming to Fiji must be the fault of a different culprit, as it occurred too far inland for the giant trevally to reach. Mongolians are not keen fishers and believe that killing fish brings ill fortune. I must have that!!!! The search for the elusive tigerfish pushes Jeremy to his mental limit as he uses everything he knows as a fisherman, as well as some luck from a witch doctor , to find this terrifying monster and uncover the truth behind a number of violent attacks. Armed with this knowledge, Wade lands a series of large barracuda, culminating in a showdown with a barracuda big enough to break bone out of water. Wade then eliminates off all of the other candidates besides the goonch. Catching them in antoher. Following stories of “invisible powers”, he journeys all over Brazil, searching for the elusive fish.

Following stories of “invisible powers”, he journeys all over Brazil, searching for the elusive fish. Wade then finds a man who photographed an arapaima, but this man dropped his phone into the lake later on. Then, he turns his attention to the Dunkleosteus , which did have the size and dental hardware necessary to crunch through bone. Venturing to a country he’s never been to before, to face a fish he’s never heard of before, Jeremy travels to this river to find the killer: Giant freshwater stingray Himantura polylepis Mekong giant catfish Pangasianodon gigas Ocellate river stingray Potamotrygon motoro Giant barb Catlocarpio siamensis. After seeing the evidence that these predators can even attack race horses and drag people underwater in completely fresh water, he realises that he faces a creature even deadlier than a great white shark.

Wade eventually finds out of a little-known catfish species that can grow to human size or bigger, the goonchalso known payqra the giant devil catfish. Wade also brings up a Giant snakeheadbut dismisses snakehead after noting that even the giant snakehead can only grow to around 40 pounds, and could not jump into a boat and drag its occupants out and into the water to their death.

TV River Monsters S03E05 The Most Bizarre

Unlike most South American freshwater stingrays which usually don’t get very big and deadlythis creature is a true monster. Featured animals Giant snakehead Channa micropeltes Silver carp Hypophthalmichthys molitrix Bullseye snakehead Channa marulius Butterfly peacock bass Cichla ocellaris Florida gar Lepisosteus platyrhincus Mozambique tilapia Oreochromis mossambicus Alligator gar Atractosteus spatula Bluegill sunfish Lepomis macrochirus Northern snakehead Channa argus.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He then has one of his longest battles yet in a foot powered raft using a fly rod in a remote river with a pound tarpon.

Local fishermen are unable to provide information on the initial five deaths, but describe other victims suffering similar wounds from attacks in deep trenches. Casting his line out, he catches nothing but piranha, but his previous experiments in Season 1 proved that piranha won’t attack unless under special circumstances, so he immediately dismisses them as the culprit.


Bigtooth river stingrayshort-tailed river stingrayspeckled piranhagrey reef sharkbull sharkfreshwater sawfish. After the fall of the Soviet Union, a sudden surge of fishing nearly wiped them out, as they produce delicious caviar. The Rio Parana in Argentina is home to a giant, powerful stingray.

Wade learns of a series of attacks on swimmers in Lake Champlain and sets off to uncover the truth. Fishing for sturgeonWade soon faces what may be the biggest fish he’s ever caught although this episode was shot before “Death Ray”, which features his biggest catch in this season.

He immerses himself in the culture of the Mucushi and must earn the trust of these native people to gather their knowledge and hear their stories. Wade notes that this man had been a fisherman for around thirty years, and knew the species very well.

River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 9 – Lair of the Giants – Tank Terrors

After losing some tigerfish ;ayara hooked, he finally catches a real river monster, only to realise that it’s too weak to be released. The location turns out to be littered with skeletons of dead fish, and Jeremy discovers multiple mutilated shark corpses, leading him to believe that criminals may be illegally fishing for them.

One of them is even capable of swallowing a man whole, says reports. Giant Freshwater Stingray is one of the largest freshwater fish in the world, found in large rivers in Indochina and Borneo.

River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 9 – Lair of the Giants

Wade meets a man who was a little boy now in his seventies who was playing with a friend, when he met an interesting fish. As this goes against his previous findings on piranha behaviour, Jeremy suspects that there must be some introduced predator in the river system that is making the piranha turn to man-eating tendencies.

After several of his crew members suffer parasitic infections during their shoots, Jeremy decides to submit himself for testing by a prestigious Liverpool medical lab. Jeremy Wade’s journey into extreme fishing started in India, where he caught large mahseer, and where he later caught a massive goonch that had been killing bathers.

As time runs out and the episoce threatens to swell and become unfishable thanks to a storm, Jeremy finally hooks and catches the tapah, bringing closure to his pursuit of the one river monster to ever best him.

He escaped whatever the large fish was; however, the fact that he was unable to identify it surprised Wade. However, he was bleeding heavily, and the villagers had to make a makeshift Tourniquet out of leaves.

However, when Wade talks to him about the attack on the snorkeller, he says that it would not be possible for a fish as large as a Black marlin to enter water that shallow. Episde Read Edit View history.


Wade travels to the Cayman Trenchwhere a homemade submarine has been built.

Looking around, he uncovers its identity: Not only are the arapaima in the area far bigger and more aggressive than those he has ever battled before, monstrs are illegal to fish for. These fish are related to the piranha and are from South America, where they use their strange, almost human-like teeth to actually crack hard-shelled nuts and fruits and eat them. MahseerGharialSnakehead. The fish payaga the same description as the previous sightings, but this fish was encountered in fresh water.

Jeremy reflects on the Central American quest that monsteds him to the breaking point. The day starts out clear, but soon it reveals telltale signs of An approaching Arctic storm.

TV River Monsters S01E06 Amazon Flesh Eaters – video dailymotion

Wade fishes near Ascension island, first catching a Skipjack tunaand then a Dorado. The marine biologist concludes that it was not a stingray, because it would cause the area around the wound to change colour to a purple, green or blue.

Greenland sharkEuropean eelAtlantic codcoalfishEuropean plaicehaddockArctic charbrown troutNorwegian skateblackmouth dogfishAtlantic wolffishbottlenose dolphinPlesiosaurus episodd, minke whale. Jeremy knows the payarq is home to large, little-known giant mottled eel and tries to catch one in the reservoir location of one of the attacks, but comes out empty handed. His quest drives him to madness as he desperately searches for the fish responsible for the story, the muskellunge, until his own offering of tobacco and a remarkable turn of chance brings him and the fish together at the most unlikely of times.

He then travels into the jungles, where he meets up with a researcher who has set up underwater cameras to monitor the fish species.

Reports claim it grows 20 feet long and is responsible for the disappearance of many fishermen. A river monster unlike any other is patrolling the Congo river of Africa. In one of his most dangerous expedition in his life, he finds out that not the fish, but the interplay of the weather and the unusual fishing technique the locals use are the culprits of some strange disappearances. His investigation later leads him to Spain, where a group of catfish were introduced into the warm watered Rio Ebro.

He meets the fish monstrrs devours you from the inside-out. Saltwater crocodiles come into focus, but they also could not be the sole culprit because they do not typically go far out to sea.