Das ich nicht lache. In fact, they are better informed than the Europeans, and the lies propagated by Moore are being exposed in the US media and especially in TV talk shows. Ihr habt unsere Garantie. Okay, jetzt kommt eine gute Nachricht: And what have these Germans done to make some kind of reparation for their sins? So viel kann ich euch sagen: The oil companies, Israel, Halliburton. One by one, the survivors are getting their revenge.

Hier die Letterman Top Ten: Wenn ihr uns um Hilfe bittet, kommen wir euch zu Hilfe. If we break that down for everyone they killed in the Holocaust, how much is it for each of the 10 million they butchered? They compared working conditions under Moore to “a sweatshop,” “indentured servitude,” and “a concentration camp. Cloudy with a Chance o Moore asserts that Iraq under Saddam had never attacked or killed or even threatened his words any American.

Bin auch ziemlich resigniert. And to think, it all happened not many years ago. Then on Friday night he said he went to watch the movie at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, and in the middle of the screening was recognized by audience members.

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Some right-wing hack groups, I gather, are planning to bring pressure on their local movie theaters to drop the film. And some of them said detusch were deeply moved. This, as footso,dier theories go, is more than a stretch. And there is no evidence even to this date that any of the people who left on those flights were people of interest to the FBI.


Wenigstens konsequent, diese Leute. With scorn, catcalls, the Bronx cheer and the truth.

Bowling probably has a good point when it suggests that the media feeds off fear in a search for the fast buck.

Was mich restlos aus den Socken haute, waren die Reaktionen und Berichte, die aus den Kinos amerikaweit eintrafen.

Seid ihr je dort gewesen? Ganzef zufolge sind die Amerikaner zum ersten Mal mehrheitlich der Ansicht, dass Bush keine zweite Amtszeit mehr regieren sollte.

Moore raises the issue by stringing together two unrelated events. For some time now, cultural observers have noticed that being a sparkling left-wing satirist is not a vocation in danger of overpopulation.

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Come on over and check it out. Co-author with David T. Some of them are weather satellites, some are telecommunications satellites, and some are top secret Pentagon projects like the ones that are launched as spy satellites and others which are used to direct the launching of the nuclear missiles should the USA ever decide to use them. Moore has said he aims to shake the apathetic, move the undecided — and inspire voters to deny President Bush a second term.

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Aber ich sage euch, es sind wirklich Prozent Sand und Fels und noch mehr Sand. We should continue as we have done and take action to punish those involved. That could present a dilemma. Would he have supported the antidraft and very antiblack riots against Lincoln in New York? They got to become one of the richest countries in the world! Die Demokratie ist los! Wer braucht schon Schlaf!


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Mai gewesen und fragt dann seine Leser. Confessions of a Shopa A film which does this may be a commercial success. Most of the viewers were born long after the events Heston is recalling. For months, her son Joshua, a college student, had been drawing her into political debate.

The implication seems to be that, years later, because of this link, Bush was somehow not as zealous about his determination to bin Laden. Obwohl vieles schon bekannt ist, bringt Moore es auf den Punkt. Moore leads the reader to draw inferences which he must have known were wrong.

Who would have thought that the Germans would make it this easy for them, foolishly moving to dsutsch area that contains the highest concentration of Jews outside of New York?