Yashwant Dev suggests Yuvi to throw a party in college to celebrate the festival of Holi. Quite a grand celebration, with all the hottest stars and real good Music! Episode – Apr 24, Jumbo calls Sonia to college and fires her for Ashi’s misbehavior Yuvi is off to a rather slow start but, Ashi gets a great response in the initial stages! Yuvi writes an email to his mother but gets no reply. Tia informs Ashi that Sonia has allowed Tia to stay at their house. Episode – Apr 17, Yuvi is very disappointed and angry with his dad as it is proved that the elections were unfair and that Yashwant Dev had actually got Sid to cheat and win the elections.

Episode – May 1, Ashi finds a morose Ranveer sitting all by himself. Ashi catches them doing this and insists on being told the entire story. Shy tells Tia that once Ranvir dumps Tia she can have him all to herself. Remix – Episode published 5 year ago Yuvrav fights with Nikhil to rescue Anvesha. Tia thinks about it for a while but agrees. Episode – Mar 20, Ashi is shocked to see her bed covered with blood and she immediately rushes out of the room. Yuvi is obviously shocked to hear all this and just leaves from there.

Yashwant has yet another secret plan to keep Yuvi away from his mother. She is also worried about Arjun harming Ranveer in order to hurt her. The students stand up for Ranveer.

Episode – Nov 29, Shyladevi tells Tia that if she wants to keep the angels united she would have to go through a complete makeover and spend an entire day in Maurya as her sister. But is not keen to have any conversation with him and Raghu mistakes him to be Ranveer. He punishes Ashi for her behavior and asks her to do some extra assignments after class.


Tia speaks to Meher and realises that Ranvir to her is much more than just a friend. Jumbo tells Yuvi and Ranveer that the mistake they have committed is a major one and that the management will needs some time to decide! Sid’s cousin is gets impatient and starts to misbehave with the kids. Ashi thinks she has may have started liking Siddhanth. This annoys the Maurya boys and they decide to teach them a lesson. Yuvi goes to his house with Ashi to meet his dad and get the money.

Sumeet Ahuja comes to Maurya High, gives Ranveer a phone and tells him to co-operate with the cops as and when required. Ranveer also wishes Tia and gifts her a rose. Are you sure you want to perform this action? Ashi agrees to go out on a date with Siddhanth. Ashi is inspired by Vishal’s lecture and decides to do something.

Thompson scores two goals through the first half. Shy encourages her to gain her trust and Pri is happy with her new-found friend. They all begin to argue and do not even give Ashi a chance to tell them about her plans. Varun informs Ashi and Yuvi about Vrinda’s problem. Ranveer agrees and talks to Pri. Episode – Sep 27, Ranveer confronts Tia for stealing his money. Tia tells Ranveer that her father is not responsible for his father’s death.

Ashi and Sonia reach the police station to rescue Ranveer but are shocked to find out that he is already free as Sumeet Ahuja has withdrawn his case. He announces Yuvi as the leader of this council.

Ashi confronts her mom, as she is upset with her making enquiries about Aditya. He comes to Maurya to enquire about her. They move for Nakul’s party.

The kids are back in Maurya High. The kids are very hurt to hear this. Sumeet and Sonia are shocked to learn that they have both landed up in the starobe resort. All the kids come for the party and are ready to rock.


He tells Mitra that he has come here to meet his son Yuvraj. Arjun gets frustrated to see that Ahuja is on Ranvir’s side. Starne is upset because of what happened with her dad and Pri cheers her up by saying that she will attend Tia’s party.

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Rajat promises to do the show for free on the conditon that Ashi goes out on a date with him after the show but Tia does not know about this! Nakul is re-admitted in Maurya High and all the students are really happy. Tags Separate tags by comma, will be used for searching. She tells Sonia who manages to calm her down.

Jumbo calls Sumeet to college immediately. Episode – Nov 7, The kids discover that the money collected from the concert is short. Latika tells Jumbo that the English papers were leaked and that he can complain about it to the school board to get Seema Jambhwal thrown out of school.

Yuvi proposes to Ashi and Ashi tells him to give her some time to reply saying that she does not want to repeat her past mistakes.


Mitra’s behavior towards Ranvir is different now. Yuvi tells Ashi that he has met Aditya’s girlfriend.

Episode – May 18, Sonia doesn’t recognize Vipul as he is in disguise and has also changed his name to Vishal.