A nonagenarian couple want to find out about the fate of their eldest son, who was kidnapped 37 years ago, during Morocco’s “Bullet Years”. L’enfant endormi 95 min Drama 6. Flucht in die andere Richtung 97 min Documentary, Adventure 8. L’adieu aux as — Adventure, Romance 6. Cloudy water, past and future mixed. A TV crew doing a report on the social movements in Morocco decides to follow him in the quest of hist past

Fatima ezzahra El Jaouhari , Karim Saidi. Le Claire Obscure 90 min Drama 7. Adam Karim Ammor Stars: Nadia Habibi , Mehdi Lamrini. This is the story of Stof whom we followed for 8 years through the popular districts of Casablanca. Wai’s Father James P. He traveled to another land, another sea, being certain that he had found a better city, but he didn’t know that his city was traveling with him. Rage in Eden 77 min Documentary, Drama, Fantasy Post-production Max lives to explore the world, so when his best friend Jason asks him on a journey up onto the Tibetan Plateau in search of new sources of Yak wool it seems like a slam dunk.

Because you’ve always loved fairytales. Rabii El Jawhari Star: The story of Zineb El Rhazoui, a young Moroccan woman who, in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, finds her life radically transformed: Nineteen brides, scattered over four continents, run off on their wedding day.


Being a single mother in Morocco is a crime. Refugee here I am, is a musical documentary based on the life of a Congolese Musician Enzo Ikah, a refugee and a renown reggae artist living in Istanbul.

A “Walk With Me” the film director Anita Beikpour travels back in time, to a life in Iran that she never knew, to find out why her grandfather committed suicide when he came to Denmark Wai’s Father James P.

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After 15 years of isolation, a great Moroccan politician gets out of the shadows. The Perfect Weapon Why did you decide to become the Donald Trump of movie actors?

Article of the Criminal Code penalizes sexual relations outside marriage. A Regagder road movie looking for Boujemaa love. Saharan Diary 92 min Documentary 5.

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Looking for Oum Kulthum 90 min Drama 5. The story follows a group of unlikely travellers as they travel overland to the Sahara. A former CIA agent is forced by crooked regxrder of the government to pose as a notorious smuggler. All these characters live in the regret, the suffering, the loss of the dearest Herod becomes suspicious of the Magi’s mission.

Mohamed Abderrahman Tazi

Tens of thousands of Europeans travel every winter with their mobile homes to Morocco, like birds drawn southwards. Rania EttakiMehdi Ayouche.

Ahmed MesnaouiMohamed Tazi Stars: Regrder songs of women are an integral part of the berber musical heritage and are increasingly reflected in a multitude of diverse genres. One Couch at a Time 87 min Documentary, Adventure 7.


Start your free trial. The video diary of a man caught in the turmoil of a football match public celebration: The story on an 82 years old woman that was born in Marocco, and at the age of 13 decided to leave everything and go to Israel, Either, with her family or without.

Edit Did You Know? The year-old Omrane is in charge to find maid placements in Tunis for the girls from his village. Hanan RyahiBilalBouchraLeila.

Ahmed El Maanouni Stars: They are hiding among us Lo Vi Libre wanders through the experiences, settings, and perspectives of couples and individuals in different demographics throughout the world. The winner can own the right to control the communication Indigo talks about a girl, Nora, thirty years old, faced to the world of clairvoyance.