Two villagers find a box of incriminating photographs belonging to King Jellybean, which they burn to preserve the king’s legacy as a benevolent ruler. Channel 6 News Alien Announcer. Behind The Voice Actors. Morty’s Classmate 1 John DiMaggio. Tammy Gueterman Cassie Steele. Archived from the original on July 13, They have been using Mortys’ low intelligence brainwaves as a way to conceal themselves. Johnny Depp Adam Ray.

Season 1 Episode 7. Stu the Alien Maurice LaMarche. Agency Security Guard 3. After discovering that the Gazorpazorpian females are the dominant gender on the planet, Rick and Summer learn that the males of this species mature in only days and are, by nature, extremely violent. Unity Police Guard 3. Ghost in a Jar.

Channel 6 News Alien Announcer. Alan Rails Lance Reddick. Morty becomes a father to an alien baby, while Rick and Summer get trapped in a dangerous dimension. Eli’s Girlfriend Laura Bailey. Alien Doctor 1 Gary Cole.

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Tammy Gueterman Cassie Steele. Meanwhile, Rick is left in charge of Morty and Summer, but they have xast large party. Alien That Captures Beth. Masters of Spinjitzu Fullmetal Alchemist: Members Who Shout This Out! Morty’s Classmate 3 1. Pichael Thompson Justin Roiland.


Rick lands the vehicle on Gazorpazogp demand and passes out. The giant dies by accident, Rick and Morty are charged with murder but are ultimately acquitted. Agency Security Guard 1. Poncho Gary Anthony Williams.

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Xenon Bloom John Oliver. Morty is interested in going to the dance at his school with his classmate Jessica, so he asks Rick for a love potion.

Rick’s Automated Spaceship Voice. Retrieved April 9, Unity Alien 16 Dawnn Lewis. Agency Security Guard 4.

Insurance Gazlrpazorp Jeff Bergman. Back at the family home, Jerry’s parents visit, and the family attempts to bond without electronic devices. Titanic Tour Guide Tom Kenny.

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Waiter 2 Maurice LaMarche. Federation Tech Bug 1.

Rick and Summer go to the sex robot’s planet of origin, Gazorpazorp, to find better suited parents for Morty Jr. Pawnshop Clerk voice Maurice LaMarche List of Rick and Morty episodes.

The Devil Alfred Molina. House Hunter Justin Roiland. Eventually, they are chased by a dream character named Scary Terrya parody of Freddy Krueger.


This prompts Gazorpaxorp to rethink his priorities, resulting in him taking his army to another planet. Alien 2 2 Kari Wahlgren. Morty’s Classmate 1 2.

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Rick informs the Council about the real killer, thus clearing his own name. Unity Alien 14 Rob Paulsen. The first season received critical acclaim. Military General Maurice LaMarche.

Jerry is fired on the spot after debuting his new advertising slogan for apples bazorpazorp the real world. Presidential Advisor 1 Tom Kenny.

Gazorpazorp Female 1 Virginia Hey. The family goes on vacation into an alternate reality where rqising live in human rectums that they saw on the interdimensional TV. Rick and Morty then descend from the Giants’ beanstalk realm and stop in a fairy tale pub on the way down. Dale the Giant Steve Agee.