This movie is worth looking at, despite its low budget. The acting is good and the shrews don’t look too bad. Not too shabby for drive-in trash. The plot isn’t too bad either, as 50s SciFi goes. Is something scratching at the walls out there? They consume their own weight in food every couple of hours. Some scientists on a remote island decide that they can save the world from overpopulation by drastically decreasing our physical size so we won’t consume our resources so much.

One problem is that the stronghold is made out of The giant shrews in this movie are actually dogs with shaggy coats and large teeth. I have to think about Dave Chappel or some other black comedian. So, it was with great anticipation that I watched this flick again for the first time in probably 25 or 30 years,with my 11 year old daughter – who, I am proud to say, apparently inherited Dad’s “SciFi” gene. The characters aren’t bad; in fact, they’re the bright spot of the movie, more or less wasted on a sad production. Personally, I prefer non-computer graphic generated movies. He holds one’s attention and has a lot of presence. Like macaroni and cheese it ain’t sophisticated but it’s still comfort food.

Mio Craigis, Bruch Lumet, and his colleague Dr. I also believe it to be under rated and well worth viewing. Neither effect was anything to be proud of, yet for some reason they do appear compelling enough given the nature of the film they’re being utilized in.

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And I have to say that Killer Shrews entertained me a lot! The mantel features a haphazardly placed set of candle holders, a beer stein, a clock set horizontally on the edge, and all to emphasize the focal point of the room- a picture hanging above the mantel of horse legs beside a lake. He is a very rational, mature man, who essential saves everybody from their insanity.


Look closely and you can see spots on some of the legs. However that may be, I seem to remember seeing this movie for the first time,when it first came out inand let me tell you, it scared the bejesus out of me, as I watched through the crack between the theater seats in the row in front of me.

In the middle of all this the skipper Capt. I guess that was A small time boxer gets a once in a lifetime chance to fight the heavyweight champ in a bout in which he strives to go the distance for his self-respect.

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But in the annals of B-grade or worse thrillers, this is definitely a must-see. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. I had nightmares about it for weeks, and still think of it as one of the scariest times of my life.

Now you just learned something new. TheUnknown 15 March One thing you might consider a flaw is that ten minutes in, you will know who is going to die.

As the shrews run out of smaller animals to eat, they move in rdaioactively the people in the house. Now, everybody in every SciFi movie should already know You know that black liazrd is going to be bumped off first. The Killer Shrews Not that the Oscars are any indication of a film’s greatness, and to prove that point this film was nominated for Worst Rodent Movie of All Time by the Golden Turkey Awards.

Does it seem simple and not as scary as modern horror films? It is liaard among horror movies all to itself. Both were directed by Ray Kellogg and both have gone on to be considered cult classics for being so cheap.

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They are known to attack animals larger than themselves. Still fun to watch and reminisce.

Watching the ‘pack’ gallop up to the compound in which the stricken sailors and scientists are holed up, and seeing them claw and gnaw at the timber and stucco as their tails wag in anticipation no doubt of meaty-bites on the other side, is always unintentionally hilarious.


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One thing that was interesting was the island not being tropical. Baines, Gordon McLendod, who were on he island with Dr. In spite of the acute food shortage that Ann’s father Dr.

They start trying to get into the house and gradually, members of the group are killed and eaten until there are three survivors and these escape to the sea by using old barrels welded mutatfd.

Shrews are primitive mammals with high metabolism rates. Not to mention the mpvie shots of the animals that appear to be dogs or maybe pigs dressed up in costumes, complete with tail. Gordon McLendon easily stole the show as the absentminded Dr. James Best though is a really good actor.

If it’s taken too seriously or is put under a microscope, it just won’t be able to stand the inspection. It’s speculated that one of jovie reasons that Shrews and Gila Monster did so well was the relative uniqueness of the two critters.

A disparate group are trapped on a remote island by a hurricane. At least one species is mildly poisonous. Even though the movie is very, VERY bad, there is something about it that I found entertaining in a silly way. I couldn’t believe the title when I saw it