You have exceeded all limits. He thinks, ‘Why this Shankar is wearing ladies clothes? Arnab, You can love someone and still hurt them. Abhay stops the car. Scene moves to Kabir and Angad at Kabir’s Home wearing girl’s dresses getting ready for the Pajama party. Angad tries to silence him but Kabir keeps talking. But it is his role in Balaji Telefilm’ He was concerned for Panchi.

She told me that I helped Siddharth to set up the romantic date and you know all the planning and everything Ms Dasgupta asks the class if they are alright. We do hate you Danish gets up from the chair. You go to College. Shaurya suggests Shankar to call him Mom for the weekend and that way she can talk regarding Shankar’s alliance Shankar: She hears someone calling her name and recognizes the lady as Pintoo’s Mother. Piya hugs him tightly and buries her head to Abhay’s chest. Rithvik Dhanjani as Jeh Khurana.

Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani [Episode ] – 4th April Part1 – video dailymotion

I am already very irritated kahzani add to it okay? Kauaani knocks on Abhay’s Car window and Abhay slides the window down.

Just look at the colors man! And I don’t think that he will ever wish bad for Panchi. After today if Pia has any trouble I am there to take care of her.


I am sorry I did not see you here. Priya Chauhan as Alina Khurana. Pia is unable to bear heat’ Kabir reaches the Car Parking lot in his Car.

Piya is angry and jealous seeing Abhay with T. He then bends and kisses on her burned skin. Just believe it Pia. Abhay cups her face with both his hands. Piya says, ‘Now I don’t want to meet anybody.

Dad, One more thing! Piya tells in the next hour.

No…no…no…Of course…This is your college. You trusted on a wrong girl He then run his hand on the skin healing the sun rash completely.

Can I read it? You know I think that sometimes Papa-Momma also may have felt what if life was different.

Kabir takes a cup and gives to Danish and takes the other himself. Misha is running through the Corridor and Piya catch holds of her Pia: Subscribe To Posts Atom. Pia thinks, ‘What belief Wirtten has on my words. I know what you mean.

So all we have to do is beware! She sees Abhay standing outside the room by the window.


Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani [Episode ] – 4th April Part4 – video dailymotion

Misha tells Pia that it is an awesome Business Idea and that she will go and make some plans. Misha makes fun of her. Abhay appears from behind. Who is that Ramonova? Panchi goes from there and Epiode sarcastically tells, ‘I need you Panchi! Haseena gets into the Car and drives off.

Pyaar Kii Yeh Ek Kahaani [Episode 139] – 4th April 2011 Part4

Shaurya says in mind, ‘But he is in love with some girl’ Piya thinks, ‘Oh God what is he saying Misha tells that since the photographs are old they would scan it and modify it in the Computer to make a Collage as an surprise gift for Parents on their Anniversary. The girl gets concerned and asks Piya what happened. Abhay who is standing behind her leaning on to a pillar calls her.