I actually thought the humanization of the characters post credits was a nice touch and led me to believe that the lack of time spent building the characters during the movie was conscious and not an afterthought. The Fan services for the fans of the web series were great, but the rest of the movie was a try hard, generic, formulaic and trying to be all too accessible. Just wanted to share my opinion but I’m not going to write a full review because I agree with pretty much everything you said, so I’m piggybacking on this comment. I think the main struggle of making the movie was trying to find a balance between including non ‘hardcore gamers’ to gain new fans, and keeping it niche enough to appeal to old fans. Further screenings took place around the US and in the UK. No major content exclusives, maybe access to SOME not a lot bonus content.

I guess this is also kind of a self reflection for jarett, bcuz in the forums there was sometimes word about him having a burnout. The ‘new’ jeremy is pretty genius. Was this review helpful to you? That is impossible and I felt cheated in the film’s ending and resolution. His toxic approach to communication transforms from benign comedy to a serious detriment to his chances of success. The recordings of each episode are linked in a post Archived at the Wayback Machine on the forums. When you announce your new thing next month, my wallet will open up again in a big way.

I heard that the PP guys were gonna evaluate the future of their project after spending some time checking out the response online, so I thought I’d weigh in with my perspective. It’s not the easiest game to immediately and intuitively grasp simply by looking at the screen.

teb The sort of mockumentary charm doesn’t translate well, or at least when character motivations and story are slightly lackluster. A lot of my complaints about the movie have already been made. I really enjoyed the porn filming jokes. Is there anyway I can donate money to you guys aside from buying the film again?

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Also, Jarrett confirmed to me and a few other friends in person pyre the EP 13 premier here in Houston that he is a strategy game fan more so than any other genre. Don’t forget that they are first time film makers and I am sure Insurance was not cheap. I can’t believe this has never been brought up, it’s so blatant. I never question the writing of Geoff and Jarett.


Jarett was so right to characterize his creation as the only genuine window into the world of a gamer. Very well played, GG guys! The next biggest game is CS: The timeline in the film starts a few years after we left our characters in episode As for the actual episode and TV episode. It’s still magic to me.

Of course it also comes to perspectives. IMO the trashing of the office and Jeremy on the bridge moments seemed a bit forced and reminded me of the acting methods in the TV show, and too much focus on LoL without much other air time with different games was a damper. My initial thoughts on the film were 9. It’s a dick move if it was hidden in there but there’s also blame on Kyle’s part.

Also, please visit Australia! Jeremy plays skill games, and he played WoW for Anastasia and then got addicted and the joke was that WoW is like a drug and so addicting no one can resist. Share this Rating Title: It started off great, the first 15 mins were very solid, but it sort of fizzled pwnae into nothing.

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Jeremy, Kyle and Doug as characters all impressed me. Maybe you picked up on something I missed, would love to hear. Nothing occurred at all which is kind of disappointing. I respect the decision because he did make plenty of jokes at LoL’s expense and pretty much just used it for the atmosphere.

I really hope one negative movis doesn’t stop them from continuing to destroy the suck in the world! It’s clearly an attempt at a “Serious” movie, and it fails miserably since the source material won’t allow it fundamentally. I highly disagree that it was an attempt to appeal to a wide audience, rather it’s the logical conclusion of what would happen if wpnage plugged back into gaming as an adult at this current time.


The way they touched on pharmaceuticals, the material culture, the movie business, friendships, relationships, jobs and how we change as we grew older was all very well done. Loved PP since I discovered it in Apparently set in the “real world” rather teu in the fictional world of Pure Pwnagethe comic breaks most of the fourth wall of the show.

A huge production makes things more difficult and they definitely did a great job production wise, but I think we’d all prefer mre personal stories in an episodic format. Moviee hasn’t equipped a Spine so he was hard-countered by a friendzone and he eventually counters it with some basic honest verbal communication, much like how Doug finally countered Jeremy’s defenses with a ragequit movid could finally talk to him and be heard.

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I’m pretty tired and to be fair have used a lot buzzwords to say very little, but I think a lot of old school fans will understand my viewpoint, overall the web series was something truly special, one in a million and it was always going to be difficult to replicate, but I feel the movie was way off the mark.

As far as actual accomplishments go this movie was a BIG one. They don’t have to be feminists, they just need to quit acting like degrading women is contributing to their series. Again this has to do with the fact it’s a movie not the web series where they can take more time to pad this stuff out.

It’s like they kept all the worst aspects of the TV show and dropped all the best ones from the web series.

Was I let down with the final product?

Centering the plot around esports is incredibly relevant.

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