He was unmovable in is decision. Retrieved 26 July Why did you send him with your bahu??? Punar Vivaah is a story about two individuals,. Vikrant goes to look for abhi. Yash asks her to miss it then, as she would the only person there along with him, and they can be with each other then. He adds very gravely that when I got married I promised myself that I will not let Ansh be neglected anytime and I will take care of Ansh as I am taking care of Payal and Palak.

Episode 55 – 14th April Punar vivah episode in hindi. Yash says that he has everything ready, and that the biggest of personalities hail from small towns, who made it big in big cities like mumbai. Hospital in Mumbai Yash finds ishita, carrying ayu, and taking him away in her car. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Trust him he will bring back your Ansh.

This season ended 17 May and Punar Vivah. Hope yash and aarthi straightforward about the truth.

Punar vivah 20th may 2013 written episode

Pratik enquires a detective if the phones 1th being taped and he said it has been done but still no clue from the kidnappers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Yash gives arti a message, welcoming him to bhopal. His mother asks her to be silent, and assuage his in laws.

Punar Vivah: Punar Vivah 15th May Written Episode

Thursday, July 18, Thursday, 24 May Punar Vivah 24th May This section does not cite any sources. Yash goes on to tell arti about divya, the girl he met at the event, saying that she too had left bhopal, and her love back to fulfill her responsibilities.

Meanwhile, they spot ishita getting into the car, and are shocked. They made season 2 with different actors.


G3 tells Arthi has gotten used to the riches of the Scindias and hence is unwilling to leave. Punar vivah th may full episode found at. Retrieved 26 July His wife says that he has gone out to get ready. Is it a relationship they can save or otherwise.

Yash asks her not to worry as everything would work out soon. They all leave, with ayu. Shobha goes near her and she says Ma I do not know what will happen but Shobha tells her that all will be well. She said he even went against his father whom he respects the most to bring back Ansh. He takes her suitcase aside, that caused the switch to go off, and asks her to be more careful.

He adds very gravely that when I got married I promised myself that I will not let Ansh be neglected anytime and I will take care of Ansh as I am taking care of Payal and Palak. Bua dismisses the nurse and tells Arthi to leave.

Written episode of punar vivah 15th may 2013

On May 21, This leads to many problems in Yash and Aarti’s relationship. Arti tells yash everything that he needs to know about his requirements. Sohan is very angry.

In spite of getting this behavior for the 1st time in his life… Pa Scindhia just kept quite until Aarati told him he is heartless… Oh man then episofe exploded and thunderously tell her to shut up and asked Gayatri to tell her to stop… Buvaji writtem in the kitchen with Paridhi and Vidhi and states that this was the 1st time in her entire life she has seen someone insulting her brother thus.

Pari says that she too would go with the child. This season ended 17 May and Punar Vivah. As sarita actually enters their room, and sees it romantically set, she is tensed with a wrotten of uneasiness. Yash says that she should be positive, as whatever happens is for the good.


To be able to spend some more time, yash asks arti to arrange his stuff again, but arti teases him saying that he too needs a vaccination.

Vikrant eyes her tensedly. This upsets her and she accidentally breaks the vase kept there, which alarms sohan and his family. Fear Files India’s Best Dramebaaz. But pankaj wrjtten that they shouldnt be sad, as their work is now shifted to mumbai, and hence they dont stay here punwr.

After she leaves, yash goes towards his laptop.

While yash is managing the entire event, the event head comes in and tries to throw her weight around on wrjtten. He makes them lie on the corners, and himself sleeps in the middle. Yash and prateik are unaware about her presence.

Soham asks kamla if they should take shiela. Aarti is on with her grief stricken speech and ask him as why did he informed the police when the kidnapper asked not to. She says that she too would be a good mother like arti. She rubbishes all other ideas also. Meanwhile, yash tells the girl, that the person who has waited so long for her, would wait for longer, if he truly loves her.