Aarti too wishes to marry Yash only for the sake of Ansh. Aarti and Shobha get apprehensive when Ansh asks her when he would meet his father. She shares her worries with Satyendra. Aarti asks, why a woman has to adjust everytime? Pankaj expresses his happiness to Yash. Aarti overhears their conversation and misunderstands them. Yash too is left shocked when he sees Aarti.

At that time, Aarti, who is also present in the same gaming zone with Ansh, goes to buy popcorn for Ansh. Sorry, but right now we don’t have any sources for this episode. Yash decides to call up Aarti and clear out his intentions behind getting married to her but he changes his mind as it was too late at night. Satyendra too gets shocked when he learns that Gayatri has decided to get Aarti and Yash married on April 2. Paridi wishes to thank Yash as because of him she can get married to Pratik. Looks like something went completely wrong!

Yash now goes back to his room and is running away from Aarti. Mansi, who punr excited about Aarti’s marriage, decks her up. He also asks Shobha to talk to Aarti about the proposal. He tells Shobha that Prashant would neither realize his mistake nor would return home. Yash too merely looks at the ring with disinterest. Ansh rejoices when Shobha introduces him to Yash.

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Prateik says, yes he got hurt before. Aarti was pregnant with Prashant’s child, when he deserted her and moved with Neha. Aarti, however, does not agree and disconnects the call.

His life can go in this competition.


I said that I love you. Yash is going for the fight. Yash gets emotional, when Palak questions him whether he miss Arpita. Aarti gets irritated when she finds a petal of flower entangled in her hair and curses the person who showered flowers on her instead of the bride and groom. Shobha gets furious and challenges Vimla that she would get Aarti remarried to a perfect groom.

Instead of pacifying Aarti, Mansi tells her that Yash is a flirt and asks her epjsode accept the reality. Aarti again misunderstands Yash and decides to teach him a lesson. Ansh says, you went to meet papa right? When Aarti was about to leave, Pratik stops her and requests her to join them.

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Shobha tries to make Aarti understand that she must forget her past and accept her future. Love only happens once in a lifetime? Aarti comes there now.

Aarti is left shocked when she sees Yash dancing with the female dancer. Both males and females have needs, but a woman only does this when she truly loves someone. Ansh is sure that Yash would help Aarti to restart the scooty. In the evening, when Satyendra and Shobha go out for a stroll, Satyendra expresses concern for Aarti. Aarti is surprised to learn that Palak and Payal were Yash’s daughters.

He decides to call up Aarti immediately and stop her from entering the caf. Next morning, Pratik visits Aarti’s house. Yash, who is in his car, is also on the same road.

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At the gaming zone, Ansh and Palak get into fight over a trivial matter. On the other hand, Mansi hands over a phone to Aarti and asks her to confront Yash. Yash is struggling but still fights.


Ansh wipes his hands to his shirt and tells Gayatri that his hands were clean. Aarti leaves from there.

Websites use cookies that have been placed epsode this site by its operator: They state that a woman was challenging them. Punar Vivaah – Episode 10 – Full Episode. She asks her, why everytime a woman has to suffer? She tells Shobha that she would not allow the family to so.

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After Yash leaves, Aarti tells Mansi that she has agreed to marry Yash for the sake of Ansh and that she does not expect anything else from him. On vviah that Pratik has asked Paridi to accompany them, Vidhi suggests to call Aarti as well. Aarti decides to participate in the three-legged race along with Ansh.

Yash, on the other hand, 512 that Aarti must have misunderstood him and so decides to clear the matter. Yash says, I have done a mistakeā€¦ I have hurt Arpita. Yash gets angry at Pratik as he did not go to the airport to receive some important guests.