If you are a fan — or just want to discover the products sold by the famous Italian luxury brand -, then check it out while on Calea Victoriei. Overall, faculties are in 34 universities. North Railway Station Romanian: The gallery is close to Piata Universitatii and Piata Romana and close to Calea Victoriei, Biserica Kretzulescu and many other landmarks, so easily to get to it. The Romanian Athaeneum Society hosts the George Enescu Festival at locations throughout the city in September every two years odd years. Opened in and based on the plans of German architect Carl F. Or you can go to the tearoom and meet friends, chat while enjoying a nice cup of tea. Although the presence of street children was a problem in Bucharest in the s, their numbers have declined in recent years, now lying at or below the average of major European capital cities.

It is a brand to take in consideration if you want to buy some shoes and purses that are special — for you or as a gift. The thesaurus room contains notable marble decorations. Retrieved 4 July Danube Delta guesthouses, restaurants buy fish from the supermarket. The Bucharest-Ilfov development region is not, however, an administrative entity yet. As of [update] , a limit of 10, taxicab licenses was imposed.

Initially, these apartment blocks started to be constructed in the s, on relatively empty areas and fields good examples include Pajura, Drumul Taberei, Berceni and Ciphowever profram the s, they mostly targeted peripheral neighborhoods such as Colentina, Pantelimon, Militari and Rahova.

It didn’t matter if they demolished or moved it, as long as it was no longer in sight. Archived from the original PDF on 25 November It is located relatively close to the centre and the Drumul Taberei and Militari districts.


The famous Italian luxury clothing and accessories brand MaxMara opened a store in Bucharest on the famous Calea Victoriei. National Bank of Romania. Over public primary and secondary schools are in the city, all of cotrocenj are administered by the Bucharest Municipal Schooling Inspectorate. Or you can go here and buy tea or many tea-related accessories and gifts.

Bucharest has a growing cultural scene, in fields including the visual arts, performing arts, and nightlife. Its architecture is a mix of historical neo-classicalinterbellum Bauhaus and art decocommunist era and modern. The Romanian Cotrpceni building is considered to be a symbol of Romanian culture and since is on the list of the Label of European Heritage sites.

Retrieved 20 May Do you need a scarf? Inthe number of cars registered in Bucharest amounted to 1, As a side note. Archived from the original on 1 November Opened inthis was the first mall in Bucharest and Romania.

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Archived from the original on 6 October What started as a small company focused on the production of short-series shoe ware, personalized bags and leather goods turned out to be a huge success. Or you can go to the tearoom and meet friends, chat while enjoying a nice cup of tea. Another impressive art collection gathering important Romanian painters, can be found at the Ligia and Pompiliu Macovei residence, which is open to visitors as it is now part of the Bucharest Museum patrimony.

The company was launched in in Romania and is now a worldwide famous luxury shoes and purses brand. The products are good, accommodating many preferences and requirements.

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Works on the canal were suspended inbut proposals have been made to resume construction as part of the European Strategy for the Danube Region. Bucharest metropolitan area Kilometre Zero.


Friday, May 30 InBucharest’s urban situation vi; described as ‘critical’ by a Romanian Order of Architects OAR report that criticised the city’s weak, incoherent and arbitrary public management policies, its elected officials’ lack cinemz transparency and public engagement, as well as its inadequate and unsustainable use of essential urban resources.

Then you should check out the Meli Melo Paris shops. The most famous symphony orchestra is National Radio Orchestra of Romania.

One of the predominantly Greek neighborhoods was Vitan — where a Jewish population also lived with a population of 69, Yes, you got that right. City Compass Media and Officerentinfo. InBucharest was the first city in Southeastern Cotroveni to host the international CowParadewhich resulted in dozens of decorated cow sculptures being placed across the city. Victory Avenue Calea Victorieia major avenue in central Bucharest.

The mall also features an IMAX cinema 3D and a 20 screen cinema complex, plus an impressive parking space though you still might have some troubles finding a parking place on a crowdy day. P Come and discover what makes us exceptional. All in a single place, close to Piata Romana.

Bucharest’s public transport system is the largest in Romania and one of the largest in Europe. Always anticipating the new trends even setting themalways coming up with new and interesting designs, Mihai Albu manages to consolidate his top position.