Due to the investigation of Wilden’s safety deposit box, the bank forbade Ashley from accessing the vault. She is rescued by Wayne. Yes, it was in-your-spider-webbed-face, blunt and transparent but the character interactions wee spot on. I am so looking forward to watching Shadowhunters New show it looks a lot better then the film. Ezra fights the hooded figure and gets shot in the stomach. Caleb steals Nigel’s phone and tries to find more information. Still the most intense scene of all was Drake with his mother. I like that they raised awareness for libraries more.

See also TV Schedule. Season 4, Episode 10 August 13, However, for a comedy I found myself laughing very little, especially in the middle. Season 4, Episode 6 July 16, Do you know if and when Supernatural season 7 is airing? It sucks that you are getting rid of ringer. The Networks upfronts are coming mid-May and then we might get more details but it has been renewed until season 7. Meanwhile, Ashley’s good luck changes; Ezra gets more bad news about his son; Aria tries to take an interest in Jake’s hobbies; and “A” toys with a vulnerable Toby.

The liars finally get answers about the night Ali disappeared. Aria takes a private martial arts lesson where she kisses her instructor, Jake. Shana says that Ali wants to meet Emily – and not the other girls – but could it all be part of an “A” plan? The stars were a great ensrmble cast, which is alwsays key.


No doubt she will become overconfident and villain monologue at just the wrong moment, but for now she’s definitely positioned the best. At school Hanna finds an envelope with thousands of dollars in her locker, with a note that says it can help her mom.

What happened to Made In Jersey? Gimme Pretth Series 1: Fairly Legal is my my Favorite show. Other than that, this episode made me laugh and I loved all the little references within it. U guys messed it up The secret circle is still coming back of u would listen to the tv. Holbrook and Tanner ask Hanna about a note stating Alison is alive. We might have to wait until the upfront week in May until we know but I hope for early renewals.

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Aria returns and demands Ezra leave Rosewood oretty he insists she read his manuscript. The Police serve warrants to search the PLLs. Air date probably sometimes next Fall.

Shana reveals that she grew up in the house next door to Alison’s grandparents in Georgia and that she has known Alison since age 3. If anyone knows who the actress was, please let me know. I think that the networks really hurt their shows by changing the time and day and leaving us in litlte dark as to when or where to find the shows we love!

The Atrians do need a leader, but you are not it yet. DiLaurentis aside while on seasin date with Travis. Hanna prevents Aria from telling Hackett about her relationship with Ezra.


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Most Puzzling – It never made sense to me that captive military officers were afforded luxuries that an armies own could not get. It was different than all the usual new ones! You can find specific show content by clicking the menu system at the top of the screen. Legend of the seeker was so good………….

Does anyone know when Stargate Universe btvgyide coming back?? Retrieved August 7, It is an entertaining little show I would be happy to see return again. Spencer admits to her mother and Melissa that she did not get into UPenn.

Once upon a time season 2 premiered sept Or we get it off the Internet. All the glory goes to Him! Can someone tell me what happened to Off the Map? When is Body of Proof coming back!!!???!!!

Not yet but it returns this summer for the rest of season one date in the list.