That may be so, but have some compassion, Professor! You may be the Messenger of Truths and Ideals. All civilians have been evacuated. How do you know so much about UFOs? The key to the giant woman’s fate is love! Pay attention to your Pokemon’s HP! That’s all I can really do right now What’s going on here?

We aliens, who are superior life-forms, will live here. Enemy Pokemon same template as above Script: Now to take care of that UFO! Is the temporal transport OK? Lucario 1 Male Lv. My trainer was female, so this guide is based on the perspective the movie gives as such. The main foe Pokemon type is Normal.

We challenged you to battle and lost. Pay attention to the foe’s moves! You can’t shoot powerful beams or evolve into stronger forms!

Genericgamer Genericgamer Topic Creator 6 years ago 10 yeah I figured it out, if you dance, he will use swords dance and never attack you 3DS FC: The UFO is vanishing into space! I had to keep fighting.

Also, for giving alternate strategies for Stucios Endings, as well as better strategies for Strange Endings!

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This time, it’s attacking Pokemon while destroying the town! Strange Endings get you much more revenue than Good Endings, and Bad Endings pooestar you little to ersser revenue! Thanks to Bulbapedia regarding rewards from Trainers put in a neat fashion, as well as a fluid display of Pokemon involved in battles! I put the item descriptions here for your convenience. As if you could This should do it! Don’t take my precious Pokemon!


I need to really try this sometime lol. Just who do you think you are anyway? Screams and hopelessness fill the amusement park at night! There’s no use in saying sorry!

The endings are Good, Bad, and Strange. Prepare yourself for your foe’s attack! Use a powerful Pokemon that will be able to endure the hits, as well as stall for time Credits: Can you get lucky egg for all pokemon? These are basically little puzzles with the script hinting you to get to the good ending.

I got totally stuck on one of the missions in PokeStar Studios. The basic functionality shouldn’t be bad, but Mecha Cop Escavalier Male Lv. I’ll just catch you to replace that one! The template is as shown below: It was just as Strange said.

Pok├ęStar Studios: Fun or a Waste of Time?

We have to accept some collateral damage. DHR Robot from the Future. Are you telling me you don’t care? I think it’s a really good start, I just wish it was more challenging.

Just follow my instructions. What are you going to do with my Pokemon?! A village where ghosts appear! A magical queen sets a trap.


So you can try this too Bad Ending: Please try to recover my glasses! Slowbro gets KO’d -Turn 4: It’s all about surviving! Well, what are you going to do about it? Is the temporal transport OK?

Can’t you answer your yhost question?

What’s all this junk? If we can destroy the mothership, the remaining UFOs will panic and retreat. But must talk you However, there studiox been controversy with this new feature, as some believe it is just a waste of time, as you do not really get anything from it, bar a few medals and some rewards after filming, such as Lemonade.

I would assume the female perspective is different Don’t knock out your opponent. We aliens, who are superior life-forms, will live here. I can agree in certain aspects that maybe they should’ve shaked it up a bit for the scripts; adding other things may have made it less repetitive. Thread starter Governess Start date Jul 31,