Find threads started by XxDawnfanxX. Ash and Gary look at each other, and Misty wonders if they could maybe be friends. Ash is about to leave when Gary asks him where the League meeting. Send a private message to Charaxes. Send a private message to False Flag. Thats just how I look at it when I watch this episode. The Sandshrew scratches her face, and flees. Ash asks about the other two, and Professor Oak tells him that they just didn’t have the skill to keep going.

Gary challenges them to a fight, but before the fight begins, Ash’s thirty Tauros stampede at them, sending them blasting off. Create an account to post a reply in this thread, participate in other discussions, and more! Ignore Posts by Charaxes. I don’t think either is wrong, however one way could definitely get you further then the next. Ash remembers the mysterious bird he saw the day he left on his journey. Ketchum tells her son that he only does things she tells him to do.

This episode is what made me think how unique pokemon actually is and how deep it can be if you think about it, there are many different types shoadown trainers and if we were put in these regions we would all have different looks on te our pokemon. He feeds them, and in the afternoon, he starts his research. This helps a very important factor between a trainer and their pokemon, a strong friendship.

Find threads started by XxDawnfanxX. Jessie starts to sob, when a loud rumble is heard. Shosdown also levels his starters pome to a very high level from using them constantly.

After all, he says, working together makes a people to be better friends. October 1st, 9: He then says that they are both Pallet Town’s top trainers, to both of their surprise. He takes them into another room, and they see Gary sitting there.


All times are GMT They get annoyed, however, that he is stealing the show, and beat on him a little. At this, Muk races up and jumps on the professor. Team Rocket runs toward the HQ and finds Giovanni, just as a helicopter comes for him. The Sandshrew scratches her face, and flees. Team Rocket then tells them that they are there to steal Pikachu.

Pokémon: Indigo League – S1.E65 – Showdown at the Poke Corral

Ignore Posts by XxDawnfanxX. Too afraid to see what he would say, they quickly declare their resignations before trying to run off. Send a private message to False Flag. Find threads started by False Flag. They rush over to see ppke Electrode and Voltorb sitting in a crater, with Team Rocket climbing out.

Meanwhile, outside somewhere, Team Rocket is making their way towards the research center.

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Unfortunately, he doesn’t know, and he begs Gary to tell him. Team Rocket jumps out, and Meowth tells Ash to hand over Pikachu.

Retrieved from ” https: Ignore Posts by False Flag. Professor Oak tells him that he’s a professor, not a referee, and refuses. Gary asks Ash if he wants to have a battle, and Ash consents.

Suddenly, several Kakuna come down from the branches. Gary treats his pokemon well but if he subs them out a syowdown he won’t be able to get as close to his pokemon as Ash did. Brock agrees, bringing up Togepi as an example. Upon arrival, they see that many Voltorb and Electrode have blown up because Team Rocket trotted onto their territory.

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The Rise of Darkrai! At Professor Oak ‘s laboratoryOak is excited to see Togepi. Professor Oak explains that instead of being so competitive with each other they should try and learn from each other.


He tells Jessie and James to do their jobs, and the helicopter takes off. Share Facebook Twitter Promote post…. Elsewhere, Team Rocket ppke up a mountain.

Ash and his friends arrive at Professor Oak’s lab, and he welcomes them inside. Jessie accidentally grabs hands with a Geodude. At Ash’s house, the doorbell rings and Delia answers it, finding Team Rocket disguised as a news crew.

However, upon throwing the ball, it comes right back at Ash, becoming larger. Gary mocks him, saying that it would be a bad move to match an Electric-type with a Rock-type.

It is important to make sure all of your pokemon are strong so you can be a good battler but it is also important to make sure you spend plenty of time with each pokemon and form a good bond with them, it makes the trainers feel happier down the line and it gives them a better connection in battle.

James and Meowth continue to complain, and Jessie puts her hand on a Geodude. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew!

MY E E00167 Showdown at the Poke Corral PikaProd

Gary continues to dump on Ash about how he hasn’t been a very strategic trainer, then asks him how many he caught. They try to get away, but run into a Snorlax blocking the path. Send epiosde private message to XxDawnfanxX.