Oshawott displays his scalchop and winks at Emolga, as a Swoobat shocks him with Charge Beam. Iris suggests that they wait until the Swoobat pass them by. The Prince Of Tennis. After earning the Insect Badge at the Castelia Gym, Ash and his friends meet with Bianca again and are having lunch in a grassy area. Minccino hits Emolga with Hyper Voice. Iris captures an Emolga.

All Season 14 Episodes. As the sun sets and they walk back to wear they were eating and battling before, Bianca is disappointed that she didn’t get to catch Emolga. Suddenly, Axew ‘s apple rolls down a hill as he goes after it. The Emolga that stole apples from the Patrat sees Axew running down the hill, so she comes out and catches the apple. Iris suggests that they wait until the Swoobat pass them by. You are successfully logged out.

Seeking shelter from a raging rain storm, our heroes enter what appears to be an empty mansion, but what turns out to be anything BUT emolgq Emolga then uses Attract on the Swoobat and Excadrill by accidentbut the female Swoobat are unaffected.

Bianca complains that apples irresistiible true dessert, saying that chocolate is. Iris says that if Cilan’s cooking is the best, then her desserts are first rate. After shocking them, Galvantula walks away. Bianca brings out Minccino to battle Emolga. As they continue their search, they get attacked by a Scolipede and a Galvantula because Bianca misinterprets their rustling in a trees and a bush to be Emolga.

They get up and wonder where they are, as several white eyes peer through the woods. Ash says that he has had enough of the Discharge attack.


Pokemon S14E24 Emolga the Irresistable

First broadcast Japan March 24, Minccino uses Attract, but Emolga also uses Attract as both attacks collide with each other. Iris claims that Axew has a little crush on Emolga, and Axew starts dancing. Pokejon Pikachu uses Thunderboltbut there are still more Swoobat. They can hardly wait to eat more of Cilan’s cooking. Emolga uses Discharge to shock them all, which allows them to run away. Iris brings out her Excadrill, but it is still in its drill mode, as she says that it is hopeless.

They jump up and down on the branch to make apples fall from the tree.

You are successfully logged out. She sees an apple peel on the ground, and then sees Emolga in a tree. However, he is quickly defeated by a irreslstible Charge Beam and recalled. Enter the text in the image shown if you are human.

JavaScript and Adobe Flash 9 or above are required to view this video. Pignite uses Flamethrower on the bush, as a Scolipede is revealed and cries in pain from the attack. Report Inappropriate Screen Name Your request could not be completed. Emolga was about to eat the apple that was given as a gift, when Bianca runs up to them and brings out her Minccino.

Emolga the Irresistible!

Further into the forest, the see a tree shaking and Bianca is sure that it’s an Emolga this time. Emolga and the New Volt Switch! The Rise of Irresisttible Emolga sends three orbs of Hidden Power to create shock waves in front of the Swoobat. Bianca runs up to Emolga and gives it a big hug.

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They are hiding behind a large rock, shocked that they were chased all of the way there. Suddenly, Oshawott appears again and prepares to defend Emolga.


The Prince Of Tennis. After Emolga fights off the Swoobat, they rest at a nearby lake. Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to shock them, and Emolga uses Hidden Power to send them backwards as they fly away. Unfortunately, the rock they’re on breaks from the main hill, and they slide into the forest.

They get down from the tree and are happy with having apples now. As Emolga is flying away, Axew grabs onto her and they head down a mountain.

Iris, Axew, and Emolga are chased all of the way to a mountainous area. A trio of Patrat are getting some apples from a tree and manage to collect a lot of them.

She remembers how nice Iris was, offering apples to eat. Ash asks her if she is glad, since should would irresistihle be afflicted with the Discharge that she uses. Verification code check your email for the verification code.

Back at their picnic table, Cilan decides to make a “special dinner” for the group, consisting of apples.