And it’s a really interesting read when you consider the interplay of cultural and traditional beliefs and destiny and free will and deities. I wanted to read this book because of one thing: There they meet Agwoturumbe, an equally powerful but boastful dibia, who tells them the same story as Anyika has done. This makes him remember Ihuoma a lot. Ihuoma in the Concubine is treated with respect by her elders and comtemporaries alike. In the traditional African life, superstition surrounds individuals like plague, especially with regard to their health. Ihuouma is ill fated and loses her husband prematurely.

Now that he was one of them, he felt confused. My husband loves this book. Despite his awareness of the position of custom and tradition of the land that a betrothal marriage must be sealed, he goes ahead to propose to Ihuoma, the beautiful widow. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Lisa Hill on Dinner with the Dissidents, by…. Anyika, the famous dibia, has barely helped him overcome the injury when again he decides to harass the young Ihuoma at her husband’s farm. I see it like yesterday though it is 22yrs ago. Other proverbs allude to free will , and taken together the two types of proverbs on destiny and on free will reflect the duality in Igbo thought.

Her little bare body showed disappearing marks of indigo which her mother had put on her some eight days before. It doesn’t get more than an “I liked it”, though, because it just didn’t move me as Achebes book did.

Does love between two marriageable opposite sexes always end up in sexual intercourse, in the form of boyfriend and girlfriend or in the form of married couple? But that is not the end of the trouble with the poor Ekwueme.


Feb 14, Churchill Osimbo rated it liked it.

The Concubine

Anyika, the famous dibia, has barely helped him overcome the injury elechk again he decides to harass the young Ihuoma at her husband’s farm. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

Elechi left a legacy of African writers of which it will take ages to find another to replace. However, the Great Ponds stands out to be my greatest novel by Amadi. Jun 17, Dora Okeyo rated it really liked it. A book about a young woman with man trouble eelechi the traditional, spiritual kind is a story not uncommon in these parts and has made many a spiritual man whether pastor, prophet or village priest wealthy. Home Arts Culture magazines The Concubine.

The summary on the concubine by Elechi amadi? On a particular day, Madume tries to stop Ihuoma from harvesting crops on the plott of land that had caused an argument between him and Emenike.

Lisa Hill on February 27, at Quite naturally, the rumour has spread that Emenike could not have died naturally; that Madume tue definitely have killed his enemy with the use of juju. What a great lost. It leaves the reader with thoughts on the irreversible power of destiny.

The Concubine by Elechi Amadi, Summary and Book Review

And there are still plenty of men who think like this and expect women to do as they say, even when they are foolish like Big Eye. They think Madume had a hand in it but dare not say so. I found it a bit less critical, or maybe just with less insight than Guds pil which is the latest Achebe I read. So, the marriage ceremony that is supposed to take a year is speedily arranged in six months. Aug 24, KennedyEzumah rated it really xmadi it. Therefore, the tradition dictates that he must neither be mourned nor be given a grand second burial.


But he prospered some say he performed the sacrifices later and founded Omigwe. The storyline of the novel revolves around the main character- Ihuoma, a beautiful and attractive lady in her village.

The Concubine by Elechi Amadi: A Plot : African Reviews

It is what the highly celebrated African literary icon, Chinua Achebe demonstrates in his award-winning and widely translated novel, Things Fall Apart. Mortified by the sudden proposal, Ihuoma refuses outright. Hte man always finds himself in quite a fix. Lisa Hill on Dinner with the Dissidents, by….

Puh-leaseyet loving you can tell that the author is concugine of his culture, bumps, scars and all. The action takes place in a pre-colonial West African village. Madume becomes blind when a cobra spits in his eyes and eldchi hangs himself. In the novel the village of Omokachi corresponds closely to this model. Ekweme’s love for Ihuoma grows daily but his parents frown at the idea of his marrying a woman whose womb has born another man’s children.

She would then move to a secluded house in the family compound, where no man could see or speak to her for three Igbo weeks 12 days.

Betrothed when Ekwueme was five years old and Ahurole only eight days old, they have little contact until their conucbine start marriage negotiations, a circumstance complicated by their living in different villages.