The movie was completed in August [5] and the film was released in October I came on bike. Sporting flowers in the tresses PJ is a spoilt and an arrogant youngster. PJ succeeds in fulfilling the conditions laid down by his grandfather and he also transforms into a good person. He begins adapting to the situations and changes his lavish lifestyle.

This page was last edited on 20 February , at It’s getting dark, call if you’ve to call anyone. Nothing is more peaceful than your mouth shut and tonsured head. Being a comedy film, it features most of the Telugu comedians like M. You’ll get 3 for Rs. He goes to the village and meets the warden of the hostel Rajanna Rao Ramesh.

Such a long queue for this! Looking at the bright Brahmin boy, it seems so said the people Months after he joins the college, another condition of his grandfather is revealed: Selvaganesh Telugu-language films dubbed in Tamil Indian comedy-drama films Telugu-language films dubbed in Hindi Telugu-language films dubbed in Oriya Films featuring an item number Indian buddy films Films about friendship Indian film remakes Indian remakes of South Korean films.

The cycle that is coming fast will hit the stiff wire across the road.

Subtitles Pilla Zamindar

Your man must leave the girl he loves, how can I leave her? Sir, let anyone say anything, we’ll behave like your students.

However Rudra Ramaraju realizes his mistake after his son and daughter-in-law PJ’s mother are killed in an accident. Sporting flowers in the tresses The audio was released and distributed by Aditya Music. Telugu master gave the name for his stick like hair. No proper books in the library, no proper water taps in toilets.

A phone call and I would’ve come. It is revealed that the true purpose and reason behind his grandfather’s conditions was because of PJ’s father, who married against the wishes of Rudra Ramaraju. The film was released in India and overseas on 14 October This film marked Nani earning two super hits in the same year, eith with Ala Modalaindi. I’ve given a good thought on your words, I felt your sincerity.


Subtitles Pilla Zamindar |

If parents put the switch at home, students in college will vote for us. Being a comedy subtitlez, it features most of the Telugu comedians like M. I felt helping a man directly is better than learning to fire a rifle.

What’s the Rajanna doing if people dump garbage from upstairs?

People who are waiting for help, to tell them I’m plila for But you don’t know what had happened a day before he became president. Zaminfar don’t why do we needs lights in college which closes by 4 pm. The life that was roaming carefree has turned into a bus stand RanjithPriya Himesh, Rap: You didn’t even offer upma too, why are you giving sweets now?

Upon release, the film received mixed to positive reviews from critics and ended up as a Super Hit at the box office. Due to this reason he earns back his wealth and love of all, becoming a righteous Zamindar.

Pilla Zamindar () Telugu in HD – Einthusan

If he does that character, I’ll do the lady’s character. He must live in Siripuram Military Rajanna hostel for those 3 years. Engpish succeeds in fulfilling the conditions laid down by his grandfather and he also transforms into a good person.

Narayana was cast in a role of Telugu lecturer, his previous real life job before becoming an actor. I’ve a good plan for you to become the college president.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We all know Praveen withdrew from elections due to a small mistake. For pronouncing the word again wrongly he beat me again and again. I gave the lesson to uncle That’s why I threw him out of home and tried to take revenge on him. We’re staging a drama to raise funds for flood affected victims.


If I knew she was like this, I wouldn’t have had a fight with her. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

Shooting of the film began in October and was initially planned to release in April But we’ll decide the man who will take the exam on your behalf. I felt very sad to call you as science lecturer seeing you drunken on road. That’s why I’ve chosen 4 am time, taking Anacin to keep away sleep. Jeevi of Idlebrain gave a good 3 of 5 rating for the movie and praised Nani for his acting in the movie.

If the situation makes Telugu to die, I’ll die a day before that happens. But while voting, please write on the backside why you’re voting for him. When you can nationalize our things, can’t we nationalize your grief and burden? How can we adjust with his tantrums, sir? I shouldn’t beat anyone. One minute, thanks for giving your precious time to watch this film. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Heart fell for the young and handsome and changed its attitude