Do not editorialize non-clickbait titles in any way, shape, or form. This is crucially not limited to affixes — lexically conditioned root allomorphs are regulated in the same way. However, Turkish 1 st and 2 nd person singular pronouns do show some phonologically unpredictable allomorphy in dative: Infl is the head that hosts the agreement features gender, number and case; it represents one terminal node. In 23a in which the suffixed auxiliary is omitted, the future marker in the first conjunct is expressed as a 2P clitic. Rather, VI does not apply at all in the case of elided element.

Thus, a condition like 65 can be motivated in a principled way within the framework adopted here. Nespor , for instance, shows that Phonological Word in Italian is based on a morphological word with its suffixes and only one type of prefixes, in particular, ones that are not analyzable as such synchronically. If the lack of the auxiliary indicates a simpler syntactic structure, i. Because of their political affiliation at the time she was faced with a variety of inconveniences by supporters of the new regime. There are two situations with 2P auxiliary clitics in which the first position in the sentence can be occupied by a verb: There are two types of evidence for this. On such analyses, the facts above are surprising if their underlying structure is as in 44 ; according to this structure, the reflexive in the subject of the second conjunct does have a potential c-commanding antecedent in its domain, namely, the subject of the first conjunct.

On the other hand, they are more ranju clitics and less like affixes in that they i have second position requirement, and ii never trigger or undergo irregular allomorphy. Now, it seems natural to assume that only affixes whose VI rules do not include contextual specifications i.

I do not claim, however, that the mechanism behind contextual allomorphy is the only factor that can prevent affix suspension, but just one of potentially many relevant factors; after all, there are affixes in Turkish which cannot be suspended, even though they do not show any contextual allomorphy.

Kabak ; Broadwell etc. After the Bulldozer Revolutionshe experienced media isolation and blockade. After all PF operations pwvam to the syntactic output in 76the representation in 77 is created; here we see the effect of the rule in 75which concatenates D with whatever follows, which in this particular case is n. In section 3 I spell out the details of my proposal. One of the important areas of inquiry within DM in recent years has been the issue of locality of morphological interactions e.

This reading jocu not entail that there is a single event, which could be taken to mean that at least some gapping constructions in English do not involve low v P coordination but rather TP-level coordination combined with ellipsis. In essence, this group of account claims that clitics move in syntax, but that the clitic orders created in syntax can be further regulated at the PF branch, either by filtering prosodically illicit orders, or by applying local PF operations in certain well-defined configurations to create prosodically suitable orders.


That is, the sentence initial position of this subject would not be a result dabju syntactic movement but prosodic inversion between the clitic auxiliary and the subject. Turkish also has a very transparent morphology, with very little true, phonologically unpredictable allomorphy. I suggest that given all the evidence a similar type of ellipsis might underlie the auxiliary gapping in Serbian. If the lack of the auxiliary indicates a simpler syntactic structure, i.

In other words, 11b shows properties of a close phonological unit, which are not characteristic for a group consisting of a 2P clitic and its host. Rules No racism or hate speech Do not insult other users, make personal attacks, flamewar, or flamebait. For instance, Boone argues that on this interpretation both conjuncts of 53 are TPs containing a modal and negation, which explains the possibility of the dual event reading.

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In fact, ordinary affixes are Subwords at every point of the derivation. Crucially, kovati has a completely transparent future synthetic form: Thus, it could be argued that there is no ellipsis in 43 ; instead, the auxiliary embeds coordinated v Ps from which the subject John moves to SpecTP:.

An example of LD comes from French.

For example, Bobaljikwhich on the basis of the cross-linguistic distribution of comparative root suppletion provides a dajnu argument for the general framework of DM, shows that root suppletion is not attested in periphrastic comparative constructions, but only in synthetic comparatives.

The crucial assumption that I will make, and which is not uncommon, is that ellipsis cannot target Subwords; i.

This explains the affix-like properties of the future marker in 78b. Both of these changes are obligatory and apply in that order. Here place assimilation is obligatory:. The paper is structured as follows: Because of their political affiliation at the time she was faced with a variety of inconveniences by supporters of the new regime.

Many details of such an analysis would have to be worked out, of course, but that is a completely separate npcu which I have to leave for future work at this point.

Thus, if the infinitive is a ti -infinitive, the future marker will first trigger ti -reduction e. Thus, oppositive coordination operates at a high structural level, responsible for discourse-related properties of the sentence.


The initial simplified syntactic structure of 95a is as in 96a. In general, cases suffixes can be suspended with pronouns, as shown in Kabakfor instance:.

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The question now is where does ellipsis fit into this story? The syntactic structure in 96b is linearized at PF. This is, however, not entirely accurate because i there are languages e.

The phonological material is added to morphosyntactic representations in the PF component of grammar, through the dqnju of Vocabulary Insertion. There I also clarify the formal distinction between what I have been calling clitic and affix. Since these are now two Subwords they will undergo phonological changes that typically apply across Subwords, but not across M-Words.

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It could simply be the case that Vocabulary Insertion rules for this particular sub-type of English morphemes do not involve contextual specifications like in 99 and thus allow for the possibility of ellipsis i.

Although such an analysis might have some plausibility for English I believe it is not tenable for Serbian. This is completely expected since LD applies after VI on this analysis. In 23a in hocu the suffixed auxiliary is omitted, the future marker in the first conjunct is expressed as a 2P clitic.

In this particular case, Embick argues, LD adjoins D to vowel-initial elements when they are concatenated, as shown Finally, the proposed analysis also accounts for why the synthetic future shows properties of a close phonological unit not observed with clitics and their hosts, and why the result of ellipsis of the suffixed future marker is the full infinitive, and not the truncated form. She has four children three daughters and a sonand became a grandmother in That is simply impossible:.

The allomorphy in present and aorist verbs discussed above is also determined at this stage. In this section I will first briefly summarize all the relevant steps involved in the derivation of 95b from the underlying structure in 95ain which the subject is pro-dropped and which I will ignore here in the interest of clarity.

Now, in order to present the full range of possibilities, we need to consider the following four coordination combinations of the future auxiliary and the infinitive. Log in or sign up in seconds.