Reese monitors Michael Cole’s family where Shaw finds him. Warden Hutchins Gregory Abbey Samaritan had Ethan’s friend Krupa killed because of her research and tries to cover up her murder and the existence of her work by extreme measures, including hacking ShotSeeker to engineer Garvin’s death via suicide by cop and having an operative kill Krupa’s classmate and possible owner of her research files. When Finch reaches out to her, warning against finishing the game, she does not listen and instead makes her way to the end of the game: Trask has bought a gun and Finch discovers photos of one of the tenants, Lily Thornton Kelli Barrett , in his office. A devastated Finch provides a soliloquy on how he intends to abandon the principles he has long followed and vows to kill Samaritan.

But is she guilty or not? When Fusco ‘convinces’ the family to terminate the contract, the cleaner decides to kill both the child and Sandra. However, as Reese tries to intercept Powell, Finch realizes that the evidence against him has been planted, and they are unable to stop the real assassin from killing Delancey. When Harold speaks to her, he realizes that Control herself has been kept out of Samaritan’s plans and tries to convince her to accept this fact, but to no avail. Walter is abducted by the gang that wants to know the location of the truck which Abel drove and then ditched, once he realized what he was smuggling. My News Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Wyler is forced to help with a robbery led by his former partners, as he is a master safecracker.

Reese is episide to protect Adam from assassins sent to kill him before he leaks the news too early, while Finch uses his unlimited funds to keep Tritak in operation, save the investors’ money, and expose the villains. Greer and Martine deduce that The Machine’s team is still alive and that Samaritan has a “blind spot” somehow caused by The Machine.

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Reese breaks in, a shootout ensues, and Carter apprehends Quinn. Meanwhile, Root tries to sell an application she developed at The Machine’s request, which she hopes 22pr aid in trying to defeat Samaritan. To keep Annie safe, Finch is forced to make a deal with Elias, who continues to run the biggest criminal organization in New York from behind bars, in exchange for a game of chess.


Finch receives 38 numbers, all members of HR. Reese protects an NYPD analyst named Ethan Garvin who works with a highly sophisticated acoustic surveillance system called “ShotSeeker”, designed to detect gunshots anywhere in the city. Carter and Fusco disseminate damning evidence about HR, anonymously.

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When The Machine decides not to communicate with Samaritan, Samaritan changes course, bringing New York City to a halt as it allows crime to dramatically increase. There they discover that the machine spread itself over the power grid in boxes attached to electrical poles after the events of two years prior, and that Samaritan has been causing the power surges to destroy the boxes. The Machine generates the number of watch repairman Lou Mitchell Ron McLartyinteresh is consistently losing large sums of money at a casino.

Epiosde Machine calls Finch in the precinct, having taken on the voice of Root, who has died from her injuries. Breaking with his preferred means of operation, Reese makes himself known to Gates in an attempt to stall the imterest while he uses Detective Fusco to process evidence from the scene of the crime.

Carter finds clues indicating the husband abused his wife, making her death suspicious.

Retrieved November 14, Meanwhile, Shaw is stuck on a subway train with a stock market exchange manager with a security code to the exchange’s server room. January 3, While working undercover as a high-school substitute teacher, Finch protects a teen genius who reminds him of himself. She was working for the government managing security clearances; Finch deduces from cell phone information that she was killed by Vigilance.

Gil then shoots Reese but Reese manages to shoot him back, killing him. Finch is reclaimed, but Root escapes before Reese can apprehend her.

Carter finds her friend, retired detective Bernie Sullivan, murdered in his apartment by Elias, who flees the scene. The transfer is intercepted by Vigilance, leading to a shootout. Finch and Reese then have the cab driver use the laptop to negotiate a deal eipsode the Secret Service to bring his family over from Cuba in exchange for the laptop.

But is she guilty or not?

Samaritan decides to bring an end to the hide-and-seek game that it has so far played with The Machine. Meanwhile Root sets her escape plan in motion with the help of the Machine when government operative Hersh tracks her down. Taking temporary refuge in a moving van, Shaw resists the fact she will have to go into hiding now that her cover is blown—eventually, Root injects her with a sedative and takes her to the team’s hideout. Retrieved March 25, With Greer in captivity, Shaw removes a USB drive embedded inside his arm which Finch is able to analyze, discovering it to be a kill-switch for Samaritan.


Retrieved June 1, Unwilling to remain a guinea pig, Shaw is about to kill herself when she receives the message from Root, regains hope, and allows herself to be disarmed. Root meets Jeff Blackwell and tries to open his eyes about the true nature of his new employer.

Person of Interest recap: SNAFU

It turns out that Owen Matthews Samm Levinea passenger on the plane is a witness being escorted by U. Retrieved August 30, Root and Reese travel to the remote and fictional upstate town of Maple in search of Shaw, with Finch theorizing that she may be in a truck he traced earlier. Reese assaults a group of dealers connected to a Mexican drug cartel, stealing their product pereon planting it on Benton to have him arrested before Tillman can catch him.

Reese and Finch deal with their latest number alone—Elias. McCourt is left alive, and peisode with Decima’s plan. Harold Finch Luke Kirby Add to Watchlist Added. Meanwhile, Shaw tracks Finch to the library, where she grabs a list of Root’s aliases from the wall, telling Epidode she has a new project.

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They are forced to play a game of Russian roulette, but Reese gets them out alive after Lou sneaks the bullet out before it enters the gun. But when they discover that Murphy has a son from a former lover who is now dead, they work to reunite the boy with his father and right the wrong set in motion by the boy’s grandfather, who wanted Murphy dead after he did not approve of him and saw him at his daughter’s funeral.

While Reese is busy with the doctor, she and Finch are left to deal with fallout from the investigation. Shaw agrees to let Mini go, and he is picked up by Link the following day, who has also located the DEA agent who was attempting to steal the drug money for herself. I thought you would want me to stay alive.