It confirm that less eco-driving behavior indicated by higher answer’s score has a close relation with risky driving behavior. Indonesia has been extensively expanding its road networks to support the economic and the population growth. Therefore, the architects began to endorse the concept of ecological architecture and green building design. The infrastructure selection methods is based on the logic that wireless infrastructure is preferred to avoid costly installation and aesthetics reasons. This treatment exhibited beneficial impacts of modified flour on resistant starch formation by In the recent years, architecture and engineering are one of the driving forces of sustainable development.

Nowadays plastic bottle recycling is one of promising businesses in Indonesia. The workflow could become the basis for the development of architectural forms that appropriately address the requirement of maintenance of architectural spaces. The study developed a digital design workflow that incorporates skeletal implicit modelling techniques as an attempt to develop the forms of surfaces. Based on the result of the categorization, 3 risk factors were categorised as high risks. The container yard, which facilitated the Container Terminal of the Jakarta International Container Terminal Terminal Peti Kemas Koja , at Tanjung Priok Jakarta is located on a land which the subsurface soil is predominated by a compressible clay layer, from 5. The impact of this project during construction is make the road narrowing bottleneck and cause longer travel time of vehicle and decreased average speed. Furthermore, the using of energy recovery is beneficial as it not only reduces energy consumption, but also gives cost saving for the product that are made. Vertical jute fiber-drain is a Prefabricated Vertical Drain PVD made of natural jute fiber and coconut coir designed to accelerate consolidation of soft clayey soil.

To tackle this problem, we develop a crowdsourcing system to annotate image for object counting dataset. Yogyakarta has problems in water availability. This study investigated green products consumption behaviour among Industrial Engineering undergraduate students who got courses related to the environment and green products based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour TPB.

Static Structural used to simulate the structure of the material changes when a load is applied. The problem is many sensor node for indoor air quality should not always send data to server in normal situation.

The different decisions made at particular points show how every object of cues relate to each other affecting the decision to be made and action to take.

IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, Volume , – IOPscience

MCU values for motorcycles is 1. Abstract The construction works of flyover is tsunnami in a developing country as well as developed country all over tunami world. Horopter used to match another distinctive of our visual ergonomic: My sincere hope that these proceedings will bring more benefits to all participants and can contribute to advancing our awareness of ecological knowledge and more importantly to remind our commitment to always consider eco engineering applications for more valuable achievements.


SPSS version 24 was used to test validity and reliability, descriptive data, cross tabulation, multi-response calculation, independent t-test.

The assessment models is an evaluation of the river regime condition using inspection and other direct measures to determine the effect of river condition related with deterioration.

Wayfinding design needs to incorporate the mechanism of object-searching and object relations, which will define the configuration of objects as a part of architectural spaces. This research uses descriptive method through survey and field observation. The risk concept in the realm of natural disasters in several countries such as earthquakes, fires, floods and volcanoes shows the difference between the perspectives of the population on the risks and the principles of the normative decision theory.

The objective of this study is to develop a scouring assessment based on the river flow regime.

To attempt this goal, samples were analyzed for various physico-chemical and bacterial parameters such as pH, Electrical Conductivity EC sefies, nitrate, Fe, E.

The simulation uses Ecotec and Winair program to meet the wind profile inside the building. By using Monte Carlo approach, the established neural network model is evaluated. Although the government and the companies already put their efforts to produce green products, the consumption behaviour needs to be changed to be greener. From this study it could be said that the plasma-based oxidation process is promising for the application in the decomposition of textile wastewater to support sustainable industry with environmentally friendly orientation.

For that, we need WBS Work Breakdown Structure and its dictionary as a project implementation reference in order to define project activities to the resources. The elements of climate that affect the growth of plants are one of them is intrudef. This regulation was emphasized in by the European Parliament report level. The phylogenetic analysis showed that there were two main groups with the coefficient similarity between 0. In line with the development of knowledge, vacuum preloading was used to replace embankment preloading to produce stress in soil.

PMS warehouse were their disorganized warehouse system which has no fixed layout design. It was found from the finite element model that he effects of temperature on the cable force is linear and the girder and pylon stiffness has significant contribution to the variation of cable tension force due to temperature change.

Agathis, Mahoni, Puspa, and Ulin is moderately polluted, and Salam is lightly polluted, resulting a hypothesis that the conditions of the UI riparian affects most to the diversity and abundance of macroinvertebrates Fadillah, This problem will be increasing as higher population leads to higher water consumption and food production.


Furthermore, the project that pcc previously embedded in the production system class as an obligation for all IE student, now become a voluntary and independent project organized by student association HMTI. The requirement of N in Indonesia serve non pioneer route of 23 units.

This recycling plant produce polyester synthetic fiber PSF. There were 12 questions that similar with an eco-driving behavior on the adapted MDBQ as variable 1and the remaining 33 questions treated as variable 2 which represented a risky driving behavior.

It is very important to ensure that tsunxmi road networks perform well and last to their designed life. Furthermore, the using of energy recovery is beneficial as it not only reduces energy consumption, but also gives cost saving for the product that are made. Getting this massive data in reasonable time requires a proper strategy such as crowdsourcing.

The selection process has tsujami done until the 8 th generation and obtained 14 somaclonal mutants that have higher bioactive compounds than control plant non-mutant.

Only a small part of the traditional architecture of the residence and the Jami mosque are still sustainable following the values of local tradition. From the results for cable C7 located on left side of bridge needs to be re-tested. Therefore, this study aim to understand the current situation and long-term projections of water sources, and demands in by using water balance concept. The definition of them is very valuable for the education subject matters.

This study positively proposed a model which is not only able to show the effect of road traffic congestion ecologically, but also can recommend the strategy for road traffic engineering with methodically elaborating the environmental attributes as a dominant aspects considered.

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It could be seen that on the recycled materials had silica as their highest chemical tsuhami. As for shorter cables in cables C2 and M2, the bending stiffness of the cables affects the calculation of the cable force.

The online data that been collected will be analyzed to determine the perceptual construct from each category of sensory and look for components that designers should be concerned with in classroom design.

On the one hand its existence must remain part of the natural landscape but on the other hand it will still function as part of the settlement area. Therefore, it is vital for architects to apply sustainable design principles.