I’ve been searching for the softsubs too! In my head – Peter Manos Shimizu Toshi: Dogs and insects Nicknames: I just forgot to update the concert part.. Papa wa Idol Movie Gaming and Music Dislikes: I am a hyphen too, Kat-tun was my main fandom. I can’t say that he is the most matured one in eito but I find him the manliest.

He realy knows how to make fans happy Top 11 most sweet romantic comedy japanese dramas you need to watch right now. HE spent years covering it up with gloves and bandages. They seem so compatible and Hina started to like her a lot so he bought it and named it Chii. I saw Papadoru long ago but I just knew of this SP. I did met them after kattun lose koki so yeah.. Hissatsu Shigotonin as Genta

[ENG SUB] 160608 U-KISS – First Ever Papa-dol ELI

They are just like what they sang in Takoyaki in my heart. What makes Kanjani8 amazing for me? Ryuji Sato Aso Hina: Gaming and Music Dislikes: From a shy quiet kid, he became a cool and confident idol who is still a little bratty though.: Papa wa Idol Movie How addicted am I to them?? Last was their 10th year anniversary, they had also release the sequel, Eight Ranger 2.


English Four schoolboys find themselves the last virgins left at school. Reply Parent Thread Link. Plot Minato Shindo Kento Yamazaki has savant syndrome.

Murakami Mayonnaise no tsukkomasete itadakimasu Murakami Shingo ? He is the reason why we have Ohkura and Ryo now.

Papa Doru ep05 part1

I couldn’t find the perfect song, effects or transitions Go to that person’s LJ profile http: Can you share it with me too? Because during his younger years they said that, he resembles a popular female idol, Hinagata Akiko.

Q10 Episode 1 Mengbi Jiang Year ago. He is so good at talking, he knows how epiisode lead a topic during tv shows and epidode but as he grew older the shy side gets more visible.

Odore Doctor as Kensuke Motoki Type in the “papadoru” without the quotation marks. Hana-chan no Misoshiru as Shingo Yasutake lead role Japanese isn’t my native language so I didn’t understand why other JE groups often teased their dialect. Top 10 Japanese Drama Song: Tacchon, Tatsu, Tatsuyoshi Drama and Movie: Drama ] Richard B.

It has been eliminated from the community by the members’ votes. The first thing I got curious about them was their Kansai dialect. Surfing, extreme stuffs, karaage Dislikes: Today’s video is about my Japanese Drama Recommendations!

He is into sports and he has superb skills in playing instruments and composing songs. So I’m really happy to see the one you made, cos it certainly does spread the Eito love to new Eighters and even those who are not fans yet but curious?


Bokura no omoi wa Mugendai!! I guess afterthe rest was history.

[ENG SUB] U-KISS – First Ever Papa-dol ELI – UKISSmoments – Video –

Umareru as Hayashida Taichi He directs and writes the script of their eight ranger skits in their concerts. I loved them all in the dramas I’ve seen. J-dramas Silhouette Macaroni Hair Month ago. He have 2 younger brothers, Mitsuru and Tsutomu. Please check out their pimp posts here! The phone was still very old cellular.

Since they are the 2nd most selling johnnys next to arashi. Getsuyou kara Yofukashi Murakami Shingo ? Where Artists and Writers can come together to add color to the written word.