This was a film I was eagerly waiting for, after reading TP Rajeevan’s novel , on which the film is based. Mammootty’s performance in multiple getups may seem to be ego massaging for the star. As the reviews have been proclaiming across different media. It is important to note that these subversive sub-conscious strategies are not alternate historiographies. Walter de Gruyter, His re-initiation only further complicates the case. This paper attempts to analyse the movie with close focus on the way in which the narrative unfolds. If the centre is fluid then so is the margin and all their possibility of recuperation lies in locating this fluidity.

Renjith has paid great attention to the portrayal of a Kerala village of fifty years back. Madness can be one sub-conscious articulation of extreme repression. After watching Raavanan I had to see an actual Mani Ratnam movie to remind myself how great his movies are. He is the ultimate outcast. If we accept theoretically that the world is amoeboid, then pushing the limits of frontiers becomes a paradigm in essence and presence. Meeting his half-brother, the inter-link or the missing link to his father, after his own mother, also brings in the missing link to his investigation. Some fine details like for example Srinivasan’s makeup were so messed up that it felt like a “thatti koottiya padam”. The identification of Khalid as the killer of Manickyam was a pretty straight forward deduction once we are told the killers spoke Hindi and we are also told Khalid studied in AMU and was an Urdu aficionado.

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Is his performance similar or better here? Moving On Find me on medium. I liked it better mankiyam way! But every loose end is perfectly tied up in the end. The only place where the movie lacks is that there are a little too many characters and thus a lot of loose ends.

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After watching Raavanan I had to see an actual Mani Palfri movie to remind myself how great his movies are. Remember me on this computer.

And I am glad to hear my slang spoken in the movie. Renjith has paid great attention palei the portrayal of a Kerala village of fifty years back. It is important to note that these subversive sub-conscious strategies are not alternate historiographies. Penguin Books, 4; ; ; The supporting characters, backdrop might have their own story and significance, but the better movies do not make them larger than the core. Either the character should have been more developed and that means a more capable actress would have had to play the roleor the character should have been removed altogether and the producer could have saved some money on at climxa two dozen sets of costumes.


Out of fear of being murdered or tortured by Haji, they resorted to rumours. It is agreed that writing may also be subject to interpretations over time, and that it is not hand-cuffed to fixation and infinity. But still its a directors movie.

It was not clear how Haridas deduces that Manickyam was raped again by Velayudhan and his friend before she was hanged. Nothing said, nothing done. Shweta Menon is oomphy while newcomer Mythili does not have enough screen time but she leaves an impression. Therefore these find their uncanny home in the sub-conscious, articulating themselves, not fully aware and often ambiguously to the point of making one go mad or be treated as mad. Haji, who was notorious for his insatiable lust and his roving eye, became the suspect.

It is only when he meets Khalid, his half-brother, for real, that all the pieces of the persistent puzzle fall into place, or say, seemingly fall into place.

In the movie, the investigator calls himself as Haridas Ahammad. I attempt to bring lives, experiences and beings from the cultural fringes of Paleri in north Malabar, Kerala; beings bullied to the boundary, unimagined, untouched and undesired. I too watched the film yday. The narrator relies on an interesting array of sources for his investigation, which includes old newspaper reports, case files, eye witness accounts but more importantly on rumours hearsays, and above all, his own subconscious figments of imagination.

So the subconscious is not any random representation or theory; it is an imaginary projection of what is plausible and probable. Haji was the typical exploitative landlord who oppressed with an iron fist and fornicated with insatiable lust. Mammooty is excelled as Ammadaaji. It is, as we know, a homogenous and homologous imagination.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Manikyam Mythilibride of a poor low caste Pokkan is brutally raped and murdered soon after her marriage. Almost fifty years after the murder, he travels paaleri to Paleri to meet anyone still alive who can shed some light on the case.

Haridas having an extra marital relationship too carries the Ahmad haji tradition- perhaps this could be an interpretation for the sub plot involving Haridas and sarayu-These were my thoughts after watching the film I would rate this a a well made film. NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on.


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The problem, it seems is not of the inevitability of translation, but of the impossibility of translation, for it is not a difference of language but a distance of episteme. Connecting dots himself, Haridas bluntly accuses Khalid of his brutal crime.

Scholarship on the marginalia, be it the Dalit, the subaltern, the religious or the political minorities, has always attempted to question the centre in the obvious logic of undoing the system. I wished to see much more of those scenes from the village! Does it hint at anything specific that I could not catch? Two remarkable threads run parallel to the actual investigation of the murder: Siddique is his usual self, who does not have anything to experiment with.

Praanthan Kumaran brings the narrative manikyma a standstill with his testimony which leaves Haji innocent and three mysterious men who speak Hindi as the culprits. Some fine details like for example Srinivasan’s makeup were so messed up that it felt like a “thatti koottiya padam”. Khalid demands to be left alone and shoots himself. On the whole, Ranjith’s take on the first recorded case of sexual harassment in the state is rich visually as well as in content.

The conscious subject is related to Kesavan, the rebel, he who protests against social injustice. December 25th, The subconscious mode of imagination brings the delicious ambiguity of lying in between the real and imagined. But he peals the mystery layer by layer, fighting roadblocks at every turn. The novel had two layers in it – One, an excellent portrayal of mankkyam s Kerala village, and the second, the investigator and his colleague trying to unravel the mystery surrounding a murder, which I felt as pretentious at times.

Interestingly, even the eye-witness accounts of Kesavan, which are the longest and the most detailed, contain many instances which are rumours and hearsay. Skip to main content. Most often than not, a movie disappoints the reader in you. Here then, all utterance is restricted to a sub-conscious phonetics; the task is to understand its grammatology.

They were the absent presence in it. Interesting, fast paced, quite gripping, well executed.