This page was last edited on 23 February , at The Remains of the Day is one of the most highly regarded post-war British novels. Maurice, however, struggles with his identity and self-confidence, seeking the help of a hypnotist to rid himself of his undeniable urges. These three families are in complete contrast to each other. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Learn more More Like This.

Thompson stars as the estate’s housekeeper, a high-spirited, strong-minded young woman who watches the goings-on upstairs with horror. Forster’s Maurice is a story of coming to terms with one’s sexuality and identity in the face of disapproval and misunderstanding. Cohen Film Collection is proud to present a gorgeous new 4K restoration from the original negative, overseen and approved by director James Ivory and cinematographer Pierre Lhomme. The novel begins in , with Stevens receiving a letter from a former colleague, the housekeeper Miss Kenton, describing her married life, which Stevens believes hints at an unhappy marriage. With elegant savagery “The Servant” explores the relationship between the servant and his golden young victim. A Composite List and Ranking”.

Izposojena vsebina ni ustrezna. Darlington, like many other members of the British establishment in the s, is duped by the Nazis into trying to establish a rapport between themselves and the British government. A Room with a View But in the end, thanks to the moral strength of Margaret, who believes ostanko opposites can meet, that different kinds of people can connect, there is a dnefa that is almost a triumph.

Marvelously acted by a supporting cast that includes Christopher Reeve and Hugh Grant.

But while staying with Clive and his shallow wife, Anne, Maurice is seduced by the affectionate and yearning servant Alec Scudder Rupert Gravesosatnki event that brings about profound changes in Maurice’s life and outlook.

When Lucy Honeychurch and chaperone Charlotte Bartlett find themselves in Florence with rooms without views, fellow guests Mr Emerson and son George step in to remedy the situation. Start your free trial.

However, Stevens is never able to acknowledge the complex feelings he possesses for Miss Kenton, insisting only that they shared an “excellent professional relationship”. The pro-German stance of Lord Darlington has parallels in the warm relations with Germany favoured by some British aristocrats in the ostanku s, such as Lord Londonderry and Oswald Mosley. Do dnneva know what I’m doing, Miss Kenton? In a time when homosexuality is punishable by imprisonment, the two must keep their feelings for one another a complete secret.


Stevens starts to consider paying Miss Kenton a visit. Leonard Bast is poor and underprivileged, but with intellectual aspirations. Tony was rich, indolent, charming and a little stupid. Miss Kenton’s actions often leave Stevens bemused and puzzled, but his recollections of past interactions between the two reveal to the reader certain lost possibilities of their relationship.

Canon Tufnell Hugh Grant In the prologue, Stevens notes that his new American employer, Mr. Liverpool John Moores University. Even the Nazi angle was considered with a more fil hand than it is usually treated with. As such, Stevens constantly maintains an inward and outward sense of dignity to preserve his identity, and dedicated himself wholly to the service of Lord Darlington. He agonises over this, yet fails to realise that it is his delivery that is lacking. Considering that the car stalled because of fuel starvation due to an empty tank, the engine would be unable to start until the fuel pump has operated long enough to pump the gas from the tank to the float bowls of the carburetor.

A truly “great butler” does not abandon his profession, and, as such, Stevens feels that such choices are foolish in regard to the life of a butler.

the remains of the day podnapisi – zvlecite podnapise –

In preserving his dignity at the expense of emotion, Stevens in a way loses his sense of humanity with respect to his personal self. These three families are in complete contrast to each other.

Miss Kenton Caroline Hunt Julie Christie and Greta Scacchi star in this gorgeous restoration of James Ivory’s lush tale of romance and intrigue across two generations. The novel tells, in first-person narrationthe story of Stevens, an English butler who has dedicated his life to the loyal service of Lord Darlington who is recently deceased, and whom Stevens describes in increasing detail in flashbacks.

To Stevens, what defines a “great butler” is a constant attitude of refined dignity, especially under stressful situations. Producenti Ismail MerchantMike Nichols. He conveyed all the controlled subtleties of his character with great conviction.


After a friend is arrested and disgraced for “the unspeakable vice of the Greeks,” Clive abandons his forbidden love and marries a young woman. Stevens is arguably aware on some level of Miss Kenton’s feelings for him, but he is unable to reciprocate.

“V krvi britanske kulture” – Ishigurovi Ostanki dneva po filmski še z gledališko priredbo

On occasion the narrator acknowledges the potential inaccuracy of his recollections and this serves the reader by inviting him to question the pedigree of the information relayed by Stevens; the more the reader learns about Stevens’s character, the more we are able to interpret the sub-textual intention of the fragments of memory presented by him. During their time at Darlington Hall, Stevens chose to maintain a sense of distance born from his personal understanding of dignity, as opposed to searching and discovering the feelings that existed between himself and Miss Kenton.

Nor can Stevens bring himself to express feelings about personal matters, as to do so would compromise his dignity. Related News Oscars flashback 25 years: The story has become a tangle of opposites, and through the agency of Mr. Ultimately, Stevens is forced to ponder Lord Darlington’s character and reputation, as well as the true nature of his relationship with Miss Kenton.

In the mids, he takes a road trip to visit a former colleague, and reminisces about events at Darlington Hall in the s and s. Stevens’ dedication to his profession above all other considerations was both admirable and sad.

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