If my daddy was watching comedy, other people might be laughing but he would not be laughing. The nannies were the ones taking care of us because our mothers — his wives — were the dancers, actresses and performers of other roles in the troupe. He always called us on the telephone just to find out how we were doing but now that he is no more, that will stop and I will miss that. He had costumes while he was active in the industry, where are they now? Read industry research and statistics. Last year, there was a rumour that Baba Sala had died. Is it true that the late Chief Moshood Abiola asked Baba Sala how much the debt was but that he did not disclose the exact amount? Their relationship was cordial, even till the point of his death.

He promised to bring the film back in the morning and gave them N for that. If he was not laughing to a comedy, it means the comedian should do more. Their relationship was cordial, even till the point of his death. But every December, my daddy would celebrate Christmas with us. This page was last edited on 24 February , at The production, which starred three of his recurring faces – Sala, Iya Sala and Adisa – also added to the growing fame of the comedian. Orun Mooru narrates the story of Karounwi Moses Olaiya , a basketmaker who lives in a fishing village. Not long after the theatrical release of Orun Mooru , it got pirated and bootlegged following the theft of the film’s master celluloid tape.

One wish that he shared with me but was not fulfilled before his death was to see unity among Yoruba artistes. My daddy is dead now but he did not owe anybody any dime moiru he died.

He played the guitar moorru did very well. Yoruba-language films Nigerian films Nigerian comedy films films Nigerian drama films s comedy films s drama films Nigerian supernatural films s supernatural films Nigerian fantasy films s fantasy films Films about death Nonlinear narrative films Films shot in Osun Films by Nigerian directors Films by Nigerian producers.


Was any of these three persons an in-law to your dad? Fiml daddy married wives and my mummy was one of them and he had children and I am one of the children.

After the operator collected N from the man, he felt that he could not execute the deal alone, so he co-opted the driver of the group moofu do the deal with him. There is a Yoruba adage that says that people can only assist someone to secure a job but they would never do the work for them.

Joywho then sends him off with two magical eggs and two of her disciples, to escort him back to earth. Some of my brothers would go and hide. He told me that he had an uncle, who was an Ibadan man. We would line up and show him our report cards. Read research data and market intelligence.

I was in Fiml 1 in secondary school then.

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But today, they are not united, we have many factions. CD3DC0 Share your story with us: InBaba Sala was older but not tired. He was such a kind man. My ourn provided the money that was used to bail two of those responsible for the piracy — the driver and the operator. The piracy caused Baba Sala many problems and almost ruined his career.

Baba Sala forgave those who pirated Orun Mooru before he died –Emmanuel, son

Future learning and skills. Courses, training and conferences for teachers. Press releases and media enquiries. I can even explain the ways I will miss him. He did that frequently until he mastered orkn to play oruun guitar very well. He did not want any of his children not to be disciplined. We all complied and that was how daddy sold his house, a two-storey building at No. He goes ahead to break the second egg, despite the standing instruction not to do so.

He loses all the money; half to a pickpocket, and the other half when his wife exchanged the drums he moru the money for new plates. But he employed two nannies for us.


Here are 7 movies produced by late actor and which he played lead roles

British certification and tax relief. How come Moork Ade could play the guitar when he fllm been playing Bongo drums since? He was a sanitary inspector, thrift collector, lesson tutor for pupils and in the night, he would perform as an artist in one club or the other.

He always called us on the telephone just to find out how we were doing but now that he is no more, that will stop and I will miss that. She just assisted the person to get employed by my daddy but she was not related to him.

Distribution and exhibition funding. They willingly confessed and narrated how it all happened.

And there was no mobile phone at the time. It was always like that.


Another thing that usually made him to flog his children was if any of us failed in school. He had all the costumes. So he was jovial, but at the same time, he was a disciplinarian who would not take nonsense from his kids.

Orun Mooru The movie was produced and shown in It is said that your father took a loan to make the movie. So what more fiml you say about your daddy? He said they offended this man and he kept feeding them and kept asking the police not to torture them. Archive content sales and licensing. When the final verdict was to be given, the man trafficked cocaine to the United States to make money but he was nabbed and jailed for 15 years.