Bought this for the original theatrical version and I love it. It was all great fun. Most relevant reviews See all 23 reviews. The route to a complete Blu-ray boxed set complete with Fox logo and searchlights would be clearer. Like it or not, here are some of the major alterations: Wasn’t the negative permanently changed when the Special Edition was made? Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. But there was no sign of the announcement that some sources had suggested was imminent.

They flowed pretty well and I wasn’t bothered by them. On September 12, , the then-upcoming 30 th anniversary of the original Star Wars justified another re-release of the Special Edition version of the original Star Wars Trilogy merely two years after the films made their DVD debut with a hyped box set. Like the fact Disney can’t have Marvel Studios make an X-Men film, it comes down to the issue of rights. It surely can’t hurt the chances of us getting the release we always wanted. Dialogue would fade in and out, sometimes becoming inaudible or very jumbled. This is information that comes directly from Disney’s annual report:. And of course, prints of the film still exist, although people are reluctant to admit to owning one, because Fox has a habit of seizing and destroying them. I like s Star Wars, moustaches, sideburns and all.

Someone could change their mind in the future, but as head of Lucasfilm oroginal knows what’s happening behind the scenes. Fox would get theatrical and distribution rights to the film for seven years, and Lucas got all the merchandising rights back.

The approach to Yavin, as seen in the cut of Star Wars.

Disney’s Fox Acquisition Likely Won’t See Original ‘Star Wars’ Trilogy Released

Star Wars Trilogy Bonus Disc Currently, the highest quality versions of the unaltered films that exist came with a DVD release of the trilogy. Watch Artists Sketch Tag: Thank you for posting. The trjlogy George Lucas made in this version were not so obtrusive as they were in the other movies.

George Lucas was back, and he was on stage presiding over the festivities as though he hadn’t sold his company to Disney four years previously. Actor Temuera Morrison now provides the voice of Boba Fett.


Star Wars Original Trilogy Unaltered

Just one word of advice, don’t watch the DVDs with a 4K upscaling enabled. On the other hand, the Biggs subplot worked very well in the novelisation and the radio series, which could allow more time for it.

This item doesn’t belong on this page. For now, you’re stuck with the DVD quality versions or the legally-dubious fan fan-made ‘Despecialised Editions’. A New Hope” label before the opening crawl, in service to synergy with the later franchise entries. I love uncle George, unlike many of the toxic fandom, but on this issue I think he’s just being pointlessly intractable.

All of the films are distributed by a third-party studio in the theatrical and home video markets. Like the fact Disney can’t have Marvel Studios make an X-Men film, it comes down to the issue of rights.

Newer Post Older Post Home. It sounds as though the Special Edition is indeed the only version that survives as a negative. As one Lucasfilm executive recently pointed out, the issue surrounding their release wasn’t related to legal rights, but due to an adherence of Lucas’ unaltrred. However, the rqy for this temerity became abundantly clear upon triligy inspection of the description label stuck to the back of the tin brandishing the beautiful sub-header: It was all great fun.

I know I’m the minority and I recognize the flaws in story telling and execution but I also feel some of the same giddy excitement I felt watching the original trilogy as a child and I don’t think that can be discounted.

Alternatively you can listen to her response here There are plenty of them available on sites like eBay if anyone wants them.

I like s Star Wars, moustaches, sideburns and all. The cover inserts and the labels on the discs are great.

The imperfect, original arrival at Mos Eisley in Star Wars. You may also like. The transfers here are absolutely perfection, and put the genuine blu rays to shame!

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Return of the Jedi 1. Yet, like an evil genie — or, for Doctor Who fans, a magic haddock — the origianl wish of this precious content contained the aforementioned cruel caveats, which felt like a vindictive slight to raj purists who had mocked Lucas’s retroactive Star Wars releases.

Basically it sounds, from other reviews, like it looks worse the larger it gets. The best unofficial release ever Aside from 2 scenes in A New Hope being from the special edition first shot of Alderan and hlu sfx of the stormtrooper hitting his head this is a great restoration of the OG trilogy.

Star Wars Original Trilogy Unaltered:

Does the recent deal for Disney to acquire 20th Century Fox improve our chances of seeing the original trilogy? While unofficial maverick fan-edited releases like the popular Star Wars Trilogy Despecialized Edition do exist, we decided to use the 40 th anniversary of the May 25,theatrical release of the original Star Orjginal to look at the Original Trilogy box setthe only official DVD release of the unaltered original Star Wars Trilogy, presented in all its scruffy-looking, practical effects-exclusive, “Han shoots first,” “Clive Revill as the holographic Emperor,” “Ewok Yub Nub song” form that purists perpetually dream of reinstating as canon.

While Hidalgo doesn’t explicitly state what is keeping the original films from being released on Blu-ray, subsequent replies paint a pretty clear picture of the situation. I suspect it would just confirm that Lucas was right to drop those scenes, though, because as you said, they would have slowed down the film badly.

Why Hasn’t Disney Released The Original Unaltered Star Wars Films? | Gizmodo UK

They look like shite. Garrick could play his dad—or mentor perhaps! Disney might have the power to block a release based on ownership of the characters that appear in the movies, but I’m not a lawyer.