At the centre of the plateau there is Roccaraso, lying just at the beginning of the big valley of the River Rasine, tributary of the River Sangro, at the foot of Monte Zurrone. The beach just below is easily reachable going down few steps. Getting to Maratea By car: The origin of the order had its motivation in the desire for a return to uncorrupted Christianity, renewed in its spirituality. This restaurant is also recommended for the good balance between quality and price. The cooking offers a wide choice of dishes mainly of fresh fish, fished nearby and cooked with rare ability by Giovanni, the owner. Darfo Boario Terme P. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments.

Typical Piemontese dish with garlic and anchovies that the Nizzesi are used to eating with the Cardo Gobbo. Since the Commune of Darfo has changed its name into Darfo Boario Terme, which sounds more attractive from a tourist point of view, and has become one of the most important thermal and industrial centers of Valle Camonica. Also very important are the frescoes of the fourth bay: Open from Wednesdays to Sundays – 11am to 1pm – 5pm to 12 pm Wine is served on the same days from 5pm to 12pm. At the centre of the plateau there is Roccaraso, lying just at the beginning of the big valley of the River Rasine, tributary of the River Sangro, at the foot of Monte Zurrone. It is furnished with care, elegance and simplicity. But also rabbit flesh, chicken, game, hare and wild boar flesh must not be missed.

Open all the year round on Saturdays afternoon from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Now Claudia has decided to lend to FAI the most important nucleus of the private collection she has gathered with her father, in order to expose it dsrfo Villa Necchi Campiglio. In the town center you can admire the Church of San Michele, dating back to the 17th century.

The consumer himself will be welcomed by the Andriola family in the warm and familiar atmosphere of the farm, surrounded by a characteristic environment, and will have the opportunity to taste the oil. The oraru black truffle is also used to make sausages, oil and flavoured cheese. A glimpse to the library from the Veranda. Bernardo, the monastery as a whole has many similarities with that of Chiaravalle: It lies at an altitude of m above sea level and is ,6m long and m wide.

The savoured second courses propose: Siviano is drafo by medieval narrow lanes and flights of steps, with a group of houses rising up the hill. The first lift, dates back toa fundamental year for the town.

The interior of the church, sober and linear, has a rectangular shape with a nave and two aisles of five bays each, divided by brick.

This is why on the one hand the producers have agreed with strict regulations of production and, on the other hand, Slow Food has established an Institution to protect this particular vegetable. They were called Humiliati because of their simple way of dressing and also because they led the humble life of workers.


Around thje year Roccaraso was a quiet village with inhabitants and a flourishing economy based on the breeding of animals and pastures as well as an ancient textile art. Starting from the 16th century Nizza was called Nicia Palearum,with reference to the tradition of covering the houses with straw.

Ristoranti Bergamo – Roof Garden

Wholesome walks and long excursions among the beauties of the surrounding nature and National Parks, characterize Roccaraso as one of the gardn appreciated mountain resorts of Abruzzo throughout the year. The four thermal waters of Boario are real sources of full wellness, since they flow slow ly from Mount Altissimo to the valley through rocks rich in varied hydro-mineral strata. Howeve r, it differs from the other Cistercian churches of the twelfth century because it gzrden features some elements of Gothic style that give it a heightened sense of verticality.

Cardo Gobbo The Cardo of Nizza Monferrato, a vegetable rich in nourishing and healthful substances but low in calories, is called Cardo Gobbo because of the shape it has after having been peculiarly hand-worked.

In the Park, gqrden in the s, three different routes lead to various engravings that feature scenes of hunting, wa r, religious and daily-life about the ancient population of the valley: This restaurant is located next to a beautiful pine forest, on the Isle of Giglio and boasts a breathtaking view: The sons have treasured their fathers’ experience, preserving the natural quality, the cinena, the genuineness of the wines and apertuta the connoisseurs with high quality products.

Napoli-Reggio Calabria railway line By air: Cuisine PRO LOCO of Nizza Monferrato The Pro Loco of Nizza Monferrato o rganizes events of many kinds conferences, shows and exhibitions, celebrations, sporting events and fairs and promotes the typical local agricultural, handicraft and trading products as well as the cultural, historic and artistic heritage.

The altitude, the richness in water and the good quality of the pastures favour both agriculture and farming.

A lways included in the menu are the salami of Monte Isola, the dried sardines and chubs, tasty first courses with lakefish, such as the risotto with perch; the main courses vary from the roasted or fried lakefish to the meat with polenta or sausages with cabbage, along with the excellent wine from Franciacorta to complement any type of meal.

But also rabbit flesh, chicken, game, hare and wild boar flesh must not be missed. The right wing of the transept leads to the sacristy and a door on the left gives access to the cemetery.

Cento White Park

However, the year is usually r egarded as the date of its foundation: From the early Middle Ages until the beginning of the last century, there were the boats to ferry people and goods: In fact this exceptional fishing boat was able to sail long distances in every season with good or bad weather.

These waters are also low in sodium and suitable for special diets. Walking through the narrow lanes and along the lakeside not all the roads are asphalted, but there are also unpaved roads and mule tracksyou can enjoy its peaceful atmosphere, due to the lack of car traffic. Unfortunately only small quantities of Orarii Gobbo are now produced and it has become as much in demand as the truffle. Single and double rooms are available for guests loving quietness, no longer easily found.


This big Park features a rev ival of prehistoric times and allows you to discover the ancient Camuni and the populations of the Alps and the Po Valley, through years. Roccaraso, at the beginning of Altopiano delle Cinquemiglia, is the best-known winter resort of the Abruzzo region and of SouthernCentral Italy.

Since FAI have saved, restored and opened to the public sites of historic, artistic and sarfo value thanks to the generous help of many individuals and companies who have supported his work. He worked at Padova, Mantova, Brescia, Cremona, Trento and in the end in Valcamonica, at the peak of his artistic aperyura, expressing a personal, anti-classical and popular language. Located among the rice fields of the “Basso Pavese”, this restaurant, exquisitely run by Sig. The restaurant is run with ability by Santi Capitani chef and owner, with the collaboration of his wife Silvana skilful confectioner.

Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Some of his remarkable works can be seen at Breno Presbiterio della Chiesa di S. To nature-lovers, we would suggest walking or garedn cycling along its various paths, especially the carriage road that links the villages of the island. Aperturx origins of Maratea seem to date back to the times of ancient Greeks, in the eighth century BC.

Very interesting is a visit to Villa Garren, built in thethat belongs to the Ferrata family. A legend tells about the impossible love between a girl from Monteisola, betrothed, against her will, to a nobleman from Franciacorta, and a fisherm an gwrden Sarnico.

After a long period in oblivion, they were rediscovered in the 19th century. You can taste their own products, such as salami, home-made pasta, barbecued meats and roasted “scamorza”, from which the Farm Guest House has taken the name.

The Park of Boario Spa today.

It is also an ideal starting point for pleasant walks. The inhabitants did not surrender but rebuilt their town, which is n ow the new guidance center of the Abruzzese ski, the oldest and the most developed in the southcentral Region of the Apennines and first-rate in Italy.

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For Nordic-ski lovers, there is a remarkable variety of cross country slopes and training courses are organized by qualified ski instructors. It still preserves some architectural buildings such as the Palazzo Baronale with the facing Chiesetta di Sant’Anna and the nice 18th-century Chiesa del Suffragio.

He started his activity at Torino, at the very moment that the unity of Italy was being formed, and caught the opportunity of transferring his preserving industries to the south of Italy.

You can find it in the butchers’ shops of the town.