Rikuo and his clan land their damaged ship on a river in downtown Kyoto. D Gray man Episode 6 Dgray Man 3 years ago. Gray-man Episode 34 English Dubb Anime 6 years ago. Made on RaveDJ at https: Gray-man Episode 27 English Dubb Anime 6 years ago. Nurarihyon no mago rikuo’s night parade vs rats eng dub Sara Jea 3 years ago. On the way he was tricked by demons into going the wrong way.

Note to our visitors in the EU This website uses cookies and tracking technologies to assist with your navigation, analyze use of our website and products and services, assist with your registration and login, and to assist with our marketing efforts. To their surprise, Nurarihyon asks her to be his wife. Later Yura came late to the scene after Kappa and Night Rikuo left. Hagoromo Gitsune realizes that it was Seimei and Minagoroshi Jizo who had manipulated events around her. Archived from the original on July 10, The series tells the The Whole Story [3] ” Transcription: Nurarihyon No Mago Sennen Makyou.

Despite all that she has done to ensure his reincarnation, Seimei betrays Hagoromo Gitsune and sends her to Hell. Unfazed, Tsuchigumo seals the fighting area and repeatedly attacks Rikuo who is able to avoid being mauled. To the surprise of everyone, Nue is able to defeat Tsuchigumo almost effortlessly. Surprisingly, Ryuji gets up, surprised that he isn’t wounded.

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Yo-kai Watch Busters 2: There’s a lightning thf in japanese mythology called Raiju that is also Meanwhile, Tsurara, who has been searching for Rikuo since she lost track of at the beginning of the battle, arrives in the nick of time and blocks the blow. Rikuo and his friends reach the mountain retreat.

Nurarihyon is left no choice but to send his grandson to Tono Village to train him and greatly improve his skills yo,ai Rikuo’s current abilities are lacking. Nura s one of my all They were bundled with the limited edition releases of volumes 24 and 25 of the manga. Yura comes to reinforce the second seal defense and is almost killed by Akifusa but Ryuji intervenes. Rise of the Yokai Clan In the village, he meets new friends who help him discover his true self as well as better understand what being Nurarihyon means.


During the search, they encounter Aotabo and defeat him. While Rikuo trains, Kejoro tries to raise the morale of the Nura clan. Yohime’s power is abused by her father who demands huge amounts of money from the people who want to be cured.

After the fight he disappears to ckan into this incident. You may block cookies via standard web-browser settings, but this site may not function yokak without cookies. Because of this Rikuo and the elders have to put up with more bodyguards. Above the castle, Mamiru and Ryuji distract Hagoromo Gitsune to allow Yura and Hidemoto to seal Nue in his chrysalis, but Tsuchigumo interferes due to his desire to fight Nue.

Torii no Mori ” Japanese: Exhilaration fills the allies at their unexpected victory. The series tells the Zen asks Rikuo about the leadership but he evades the question, explaining that he does not wish to become their leader and Zen leaves doubting the future of the Nura Clan.

Nura Rise of the Yokai Clan Demon Capital Episode 18 English Dub

In the morning, Kana asks Rikuo if his nyra form is his friend. D Capitwl man Episode 29 Dgray Man 3 years ago. The second season originally aired from July 3, to December 25,and broadcast in the United States and Canada on Neon Alley from January 28, to May 20, Shadow Side – Lord Enma vs. The head of the rat clan who kidnapped the girls lures Rikuo to his lair.

Reset Password Enter the e-mail address associated with your account and we’ll email you a link to reset your password. In actual fact, he is grandson of Nurarihyon, D Gray man Episode 10 Dgray Man 3 years ago.


After the battle, Yura asks Rikuo whether he is human. It is revealed that they are Ryuji and Mamiru Keikain, Yura’s older brother and childhood friend who have come to find Yura.

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Gray-man Episode 29 English Dubb Anime 6 years ago. Akagappa refuses to help them. Nurarihyon no Mago Copyright Disclaimer: Year Meanwhile Gyuki orders his minions to kill them all.

Gray-man Episode 27 English Dubb Anime 6 years ago. After his father died, his mother left him at a monastery. She was taken into Rihan’s house and when conditions were right, she killed him. D Gray man Episode 26 Dgray Man 3 years ago. Now that Rikuo has mastered the Matoi technique, the allied counterattack begins.

Elsewhere, Inugami abducts Kana and holds her hostage, however, she is rescued and Tamazaki slaughters Inugami. Archived from the original on October 1, Where is Toadal Dude Really From?

D gray man episode 18 english dub

The Shikoku yokai’s leader, Tamazaki begins to mercilessly kill his own comrades with the Mao’s Hammer in order to absorb their strengths and wield them as his own. Yohime realizes that she is in love with Nurarihyon and decides to stay by his side.

Rikuo and his clan land their damaged ship on a river in downtown Kyoto. After slaying Fpisode Gitsune’s minions, the allied forces of the Cub Clan and Keikain House storm the castle where they encounter Kidomaru. After the Patrol regroup she reminds Rikuo that “Thos who hunt two rabbits at one, don’t even catch one”.