My love for this show is still here because the OTP is awesome and I like all the other characters who give the impression of true life. I would only watch these two episodes again for the sake of the main couple. Of course Ra-ra and her friends bumped into him feeding said date at the restaurant and of course Ra-ra threw a hissy fit. To think about it, almost everyone gets a personality transplant at one stage to push the story forward. The gisaeng house’s three male staff and the kitchen-hand lady 2. It was sad, it was happy, it was terrific acting from everyone involved. Spoilery for Assorted Gems:

I tried google for sypnosis of each episode of this drama but can’t find. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And thank you Alexe for your wonderful comments! The head of the gisaeng house, Ms. Back to what I was saying earlier. Retrieved from ” https:

Later Ah Mi questions Sa Ran about this. Notify me of new comments via email. So, I think their death is justified. For example, gisaengg the beginning of the drama there was a lot of fuss made of the fact that Da Mo was jealous of the dog. And, the going to the bathroom scene! They find an excuse to go to her house and take presents.

I, Andre, could not make head or tail of it. When he comes out he plans to get a paternity test to see if he is related to Sa Ran. Real couple won’t act like that.

Events unfolding before me and beyond me. Oh tries to get closer to Dr. All eyes promptly turned toward Dr. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The illicit love affair between a prominent member of society and a member that hides away.


I want to start my recap with a preface of sorts.

New Tales of Gisaeng Review episodes 11-20

I would feel uncomfortable doing that. She is so manipulative using different tricks to make Sa Ran financially support the family. To cut a long story short because I, Andre, am not into the details; some of them bore me to death on account of how random and repetitious they areDa-mo won and Dad lost.

Maybe a standard 20 reca drama would be enough instead of dragging it to Hope they could really be friends and judging from their pics He obviously still has feelings for her. I love the way DM’s showed his facial expressions in his scenes, very effective really. This puts him off and he says his mum would not allow him to get involved with a poor girl!

Great job on your first recap outing!

Perhaps, an incurable case of blindness? So she starts to casually meet her. I need a break from Kdramas after a large dose of sedation like this. Well thanks for making me laugh. June 21, August 7, dramasrok NT of Gisaeng. I know, I did the obligatory eye-roll as well. Sa Ran has a lot to deal with — her step mother, their lack of money, the truth about her past, and Da Mo turning up everywhere she goes. But the drama’s pretty good, so i didn’t have to drag my feet to watch it.

We must admit his Korean is awfully good though!

New Tales of Gisaeng episodes 1 – 10 review

The step-mother also pissed me off every time she came in the scenes. Andreyou are the best! He refuses saying she is naive not to expect this to happen. I do agree that there were plenty of WTH moments throughout but they kind of made me laugh until the ghost, there was no redemption in that.


New Tales of Gisaeng Review episodes – dramasROK

No, that does not feel like an eternity; exaggeration hales not become you. Sa Ran has been working part time at a restaurant and Da Mo turns up there with a date! Guess who coincidentally decided to move into Buyonggak at the same time?

He was rejected by several bride-candidates because they did not want to live with their mother-in-law! However, I think of The Empress as the darker reflection of the two. I have loved this show all along, so cannot give up now, no matter how gixaeng ghosts or nurtitional tid bits come along.

The biggest question of all: I think this drama is average at best in terms of acting, story line, etc Geum continues to try to find the adjumma they gave the baby to by putting an advert in the paper.

Da Mo episoode to support his mum in these situations but she stops him when he tries to say something. It was really interesting stuff.

Stars, you have no heart!